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Pin Numbers and Passwords for Online Anything

Updated on June 18, 2013

One of the greatest annoyances of the Internet is security related issues. Everyday it is subjected to viruses and malware. Software is fairly good at keeping most computer safe. Because of websites being hacked, most websites now require one to create a login and password. This is fine for any sites that deal with financial transactions, I get it, but many sites do not have this yet require a person to sign up, create an account, create a password and login. Why?

If you have been unemployed for any sort of time, you know that nearly all job hunting is online. It use to be that many sites allowed you access their jobs available without creating account, many of the most popular require you to create one now-just to see what they offer. I suppose all this for data mining and other marketing schemes because there is no relation to searching for a job. If you are hunting via many sites, you soon will have a nice collection of passwords and logins to recall and if you don't, sorry. It is a real nuisance. The only other way around it is to use the same password and login for those sites.

Another annoying feature is many job sites will allow you to post and upload your resume. Then, they want the exact same info filled out online in their application form. So, what is the point of uploading the resume? The automatic filling feature to save time usually does not work well enough.

Depending your situation, a person can be inundated with passwords and pins and logins to remember, I have a full page of them now because nearly every website requires you to register and create account, even if you use just once or twice. All websites should provide an option either to register or not, and if you choose not to, still apply for that job or buy something or do whatever it is.

That is my personal gripe of how the Internet has evolved.


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