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Pink Laptop Computers - Revenge of The Netbooks

Updated on April 24, 2010

Netbooks have been the great hit of the last 2-3 years, everyone heard about them but have you considered getting one? I hear you, I had been in the sceptic bunch for a long time as well, had my pretty cool white Fujitsu-Siemens pi3540 with dedicated video card, dual core 2Ghz Intel processor and 2gb memory and it was fine for playing WoW and browsing the net day in day out, but priorities have shifted a little towards work.

I realized that the 2 hours battery time on the notebook just won't be enough for me and even though I had nothing against the 7 pounds weight I started wondering about getting something smaller, that would be really easy to carry around and I still can browse the net and work just fine.

I started looking around and found out that netbooks are made for me. I was sceptic about the power, therefore I wanted to buy that new Lenovo S12 with Nvidia ION platform so that I can play WoW, but I realized how much time I was spending on it instead of something productive. I made the call and bough an Asus eee 1005HA for $398 and I've been in love with it for 4 months. Don't tell my girlfriend though!

Asus really hit the sweet spot with its netbook series a while ago and every other manufacturer jumped the bandwagon trying to get a slice of the cake. It induced some competition, and that's good for us, the customers, right?

Some tried to make it lighter, add a finer resolution screen or include more memory and storage. Ramping up the performance is a one trick pony though, and it led a few brands to realize what they were missing out on.

Have you noticed that most netbooks are if not ugly, but not an absolute looker? It jumped at them as well so they though they'd spice it up and try some design. Some went for the sanded corners, seashell design, some made it minimalistic and some made it pink.

Yes, a pink laptop. I don't think I would ever buy one for myself because I consider myself more masculine than that, but I have a few female friends who would happily use a pink netbook.

They have 15" laptops and use it as a desktop replacement. In other words they think that a laptop is only portable so that they can take it with them easily when they move, otherwise it's bolted on their desks.

Pink netbooks try to change that point of view, they want to let the ladies know that their laptop is not just for their desks, they can take it wherever they go. Obviously they won't carry a 7 pounds laptop around so they're given the option to carry a 2.5 pound device instead.

Asus EEE PC in Pink
Asus EEE PC in Pink

Samsung has been on the north American and European market with its monitors and memory chips, but they thrown their laptops in not that long ago. European market is still a new playground for them.

Their first go at netbooks was the NC10, a pretty popular model on it's own, and now they've added some shinies and made it pink (and other colors too, fortunately). It has the default parts as far as netbooks go, 10" screen for convenient net browsing, 160GB hard disk to hold all series of Sex and The City(don't ask me, I have no idea how many were there, but it will still be able to store it all), 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom processor and a gigabyte DDR2 memory.

It's fairly rare in netbooks, but they've included a 802.11n network adapter, the fastest wireless standard available today. For a $349 it's a great gift for an occasion with the missus but don't rush to buy one, as it is out of stock in most web shops. I suspect they'll make a great comeback just before Christmas, so stay tuned.

ASUS Eee PC 1001P-PU17-PI, the name gives it right away, this is a pink netbook. Asus is really taking this market seriously, I haven't seen their revenue numbers, but mini notebook computers might make up for a great portion of it.

They've updated their 1000 series, 1.66 Ghz N450 Intel Atom processor, 1 gigabyte memory, a 250GB hard disk drive(It can take Desperate Housewives as well), and up to 11 hours of battery runtime.

Now that is quite something, and the last time Asus claimed 10.5 hours between charges their netbook really could do 10 hours in normal circumstances so I don't think someone would break a sweat if they left the charger at home. For $329 this netbook is really awesome, I'll have to check if they sell it in white.


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