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Pink Pad Pro Overview - A Menstruation App for Android and Apple

Updated on March 24, 2015

Pink Pad Pro

Pink pad is made by Alt12 Apps and is available for both Apple and Android. The only version available is the "pro" version which no longer costs and is free to everyone. This app is for women to track their menstruation.

Estimated Next Period
Estimated Next Period | Source
Estimated End of Period
Estimated End of Period | Source

Home Screen

With Pink Pads simplistic home screen, navigation is easy.

You are welcomed with a customizable front page. You have the option to add a photo of yourself and you can even change the theme of your app to on of the seven presets. Underneath your photo there is a display of your next estimated period or an estimated end of your current period, the amount of days until your next period or the days left in your current period, and lastly and estimate of your fertile days.

From your home screen you can access your settings which is the button at the top left of the screen and looks like a gear, you can access your calender which is the second button on the right side of the screen, you can access your charts which is the third button and lastly you can access the community which is the last button on the screen.

Month View
Month View | Source
Daily View
Daily View | Source


When you view your calender you have three different options as to what kind of calender type you would like to see. You can view your calender by month, day, or in a list form.

By month you can check any months you would like and you can see your when your period is expected, when it came in the past, and when you are fertile. Expected period is shown by pink dots, when you had your period it will be a red droplet which has up to three droplets dependent how heavy of a flow you had, and when you are fertile it will show up as a flower which has petals that correspond to how fertile you are (full flower being most fertile.). Hearts marked on the calender are days you were intimate (if you log it, of course),

You also can touch any day on the calender and it will bring it up to you in the "day" format. In the "day" section you have much more options. Here is where you can put in all the details of your menstruation and any other details about your body.

The list view is simply a list of everything that you recorded that month in a much harder to read - but simpler format.

At there very top of the screen you can set your flow to none, light, medium, or heavy. Following that you can select if you're spotting or underneath that if you're intimate. Next you can choose the mood option and you will get a popup and you can choose from thirty moods ranging from angry to insecure to happy (you can choose as many moods as you want). Also like the mood option, there are symptoms. You have nineteen menstruation related symptoms and can choose as many apply. You also have to choose the intensity of each being none, mild, moderate, and intense.

Following the symptoms you also have an option to put in details about your fertility (this option is for women who closely follow their ovulation but anyone can use it.) . You can select if you ovulated that day, what kind of cervical mucus you had, position of uterus, firmness, open-ness, results from and ovulation kit or from a fertility kit and lastly ferning.

Lastly you have the options to put in body weight, temperature, and notes.


Charts are a lot simpler and are just there for viewing purposes so you can track the weight you lose and gain and your fluctuation in body temperature.

The screen starts on the weight screen and there is a tab at the bottom that you touch to view the temperature screen.

If you don't enter anything it will just show you an example of what the chart with record would look like.

This feature is great for anyone trying to conceive.


In the last of the tabs, you have the group options. If you signed up for an account with Pink Pad (which is free) you can access the forums. You can post your own or comment and view others. This is a great aspect to this app as it allows you to find a support group of someone going through what you are going through. It is very easy to find a group you would like as groups are organized by category. Most of these groups and forums are very active with several hundred to several thousands of members in these groups.


Health and Wellness has fourms on women's health, birth control, menstrual health, PMDD support, PMS support, Pre-Menopause Support, Menopause support, weight loss, mental health, nutrition, wellness, alternative medicine, and general support.

Health Conditions has forums for both PCOS and Endometriosis.

Pregnancy has forums on trying to conceive, TTC and charting, TTC 35+, Pregnancy, 35+ Pregnancy, TTC after miscarriage, miscarriage and grief, IVF and assisted conception, and lastly infertility.

Postpartum has forums on general postpartum, and parenting.

Fitness has forums on exercise support and running.

Relationships has forums on adult relationships, divorce and breakups, marriage support, and military families.

Special Interest has forums on off topic talk, 35+ social, stuff and nonsense, spirituality and religion, makeup, beauty and style, and fashion.

At the bottom of the screen you can touch "mine" to see any replies you have and see what forums you posted or posted on.



Pink Pad has a lot of customization and there is even more of it in the settings tab.

First off you can customize your app to have one of seven looks ranging from cheetah print and a winter theme.

You can change your cycle length, period length or luteal phase length. In this section you can also see the averages of your cycle length and period length.

If you like privacy on your apps you also can choose to password protect your app.

Depending on where you live you may need to change the units on the app and you can easily do that for temperature and weight.

You can choose what notifications you want if any.

There is an account button for easy signing out and signing in.

If you have a lot of information imported into the app and you need to backup everything, you have the option to do so here.

Lastly you have an option for pregnancy which allows you to put in a due date and gives you a link to Alt12's Baby Bump app.

There is also an app info where you can email Alt12, tell a friend about Pink Pad, follow on facebook or twitter, read FAQ, or view the terms of use and privacy policy.

5 stars for Pink Pad

My Thoughts

I have used Pink Pad for probably about four years now, it is very accurate and my favorite menstruation app. I would never use another menstruation app because this one just knows my body so well and helps me know my body. Pink Pad gives me what I need plus more. Pink Pad is bound to make any woman more aware of her body and health. This is great for any woman.

If you're ever in the market for a menstruation app, check this one out.


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