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Pink Phones

Updated on February 22, 2010

People these days are used to getting their electronic gadgets in almost any color they want. Some marketers realized years ago that people not only wanted functional items they wanted them to be personal. That's why we now have pink mobile phones, pink laptops, mp3 players, you name it. Of course if you're talking about pink anything then it's probably going to be marketed to women or girls. It's hard not to find a teenage girl without something pink in her wardrobe or in her purse.  There's even been a huge boom in pink aftermarket products.  You can get pink laptops bags, pink skins for your cell phone, or cases in any color of the rainbow.

If you wanted a phone in the early 1950's you had one choice - the Bell Model 500. It came in basic black and nothing else, and of course it was a rotary model. It was kind of like what Henry Ford said about the model T, you can have any color you want as long as it's black. When 1953 rolled around Bell finally introduced phones in different colors, brown, beige, yellow, and dark blue - still no pink phone though. Finally in 1957 pink and white are finally added. Back in those days, technically you were renting the phone from Bell, and were supposed to give it back if you discontinued service, in fact some of them say "Property of Bell Telephone, Not For Sale - in fact you couldn't buy them until 1983.  When Bell was deregulated they offered many of their customers the option to buy their phone, which many did.  Of course by that point you could buy other types of phones to use in your house. Today though, you don't have to wait to get a pink phone, you can get home phones, and pink cell phones.

You can now get the old Bell model 500 replica for your home, of course it doesn't have a rotary dial any more instead it's got push buttons in place of the dial. Of course you could get a model 2500, it's basically the old model phone with touch tone buttons added. In fact this model which was added in 1968, is still in production by some companies, and a lot of the originals are still working. The Pink Princess phone was first offered in 1959 as a smaller footprint phone for the bedroom. As it was primarily marketed to women it came in pink as one of it's options. You can now get an updated model by Crossley, of course now it uses touch tone dialing.

Pink Mobile Phone

If you're looking for a pink flip phone there are a ton of them out there. The Motorola Razr was one of the first flip phones to come in pink, back in the day it was "the" phone to have, but now it's become ubiquitous - remember all those pink phones? It's one of the free phones that's commonly given away with most phone plans. Back then if you had a phone that was thin you were in. Cell phones have continued the thin trend, but pink fell out of favor for awhile. Well, it's back now, you can find a pink flip, or pink slide phone from quite a few makers. On Amazon the pink Razor phone is the most popular seller and the pink LG phone is the second most popular. These are both unlocked phones, service is extra, both are from the Verizon network. When you sort the cell phones by best selling the Razor and Pink Samsung phone (the LG) seem to dominate the first page. If you're looking for a pink home phone the Princess phone is the most popular by far.  The only pink touch phone is the Samsung shine, it looks a little bit like the iPhone.  The only pink flip phone on the first page of results is the Razor, the LG isn't a flip phone, it's a slide phone. The pink Sony Ericsson is the only other pink slide phone on the first page of results.


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