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Pixlr Express For Android Review

Updated on February 12, 2013

Pixlr Express is the most advanced and powerful image editing tool ever made for a mobile platform.It is developed by Autodesk - creator of Pixlr-o-matic, which was one of the most popular image-editing App on the android market.But their latest tool is far better than it.

The start-up screen allows you to choose your image.You can either take a new photo or choose from the existing ones to edit.After image selection, it will redirect you to the editing panel, which is mainly divided in to two parts- Adjustments and effects.

The Adjustment menu is a huge collection of editing powers, involving brightness & contrast, Noise and sharpen.These all sub-tools have their own settings, e.g you can control the radius of sharpen tool.Other feature includes Focal blur, color splash,autofix and border. Autofix is one of the most useful tool in Pixlr.With a single click, it can fix the exposure problems and adjust contrast levels.

In the effects menu, you will get more than a hundred filters including vibrant colors and vintage tones.Each filter has its own regulator to adjust the opacity.

There are a number of overlays packed with Pixlr Express to provide shape-based effects for your images.For instance, you can add smoke of fade to your photo.

Finally, Pixlr has a huge collection of "Borders", each of them is has its own unique shape and size.You can also rotate and re size your border to make it suitable for your image.Borders offers opacity and re positioning settings just like overlays.

Overall, pixlr`s easy to use interface and huge collection of effects and other editing powers make it different from other photo editors.There is only one problem with it that, if the "Back" button of your phone get pressed accidentally while editing, you will lose your whole work.So be careful about it.


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