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Platform Scales - Our Top 3

Updated on December 18, 2012
Ohaus Defender 3000 Platform Scale
Ohaus Defender 3000 Platform Scale | Source

The Best Value Platform Scales for your Money

High quality platform scales in mild or stainless steel no longer need cost the earth and in fact have at least halved in price in the last ten years. There has been no significant reduction in functionality, and the materials used by the best global manufacturers are the same, however labour costs due to manufacturing location and increased automation have reduced production costs significantly. Here we review our top three models available today. You can see further details of these platform scales at

In Third Place…..

Ohaus Defender 3000 Stainless Steel Platform Scales, 1500kg – 3000kg capacities

A stainless steel washdown platform scale, big enough to weigh pallets (1250 x 1250mm) for less than £2000 is a real bargain. In either 1500kg or 3000kg capacity variants with a host of ramps and mounting accessories, this Ohaus scale is a tremendous asset for those that need high quality but are conscious of cost. A well featured IP66 weight indicator with internal rechargeable battery, IP67 loadcells and an IP65 junction box positioned for easy side access, make this the sensible choice for those looking to weigh bulk loads in industrial environments

In at Number 2…..

Salter Brecknell WS500 Platform Scale, 500kg x 0.1kg

For light industrial usage, this scale is incredible value for money. Built to last with a sturdy welded sub frame and stainless steel top plate this platform scale suits many uses requiring weighing up to 500kg. It is just short of 1m x 1m so won’t take up too much room and being both mains and battery powered is fully portable. The stainless steel indicator comes with a bracket allowing the indicator to be either wall or bench mounted. For those that don’t constantly need use of the scale it has an auto off feature to preserve battery life.

And The Winner Is…..

Ohaus Defender 3000 Mild Steel Floor Scales, 1500kg – 3000kg Capacity

This platform scale is the perfect example of quality at a great price. A 3 tonne platform scale, delivered to your UK door pre wired and ready to use, for under £750.00 from one of the world’s leading manufacturers, Ohaus, is just a great deal. For all general weighing tasks up to 3000kg on a variety of square and rectangular sizes this machine offers a unique blend of value, quality and dependability that your company can rely on. It comes with IP67 loadcells, an IP65 junction box with top access and a durable ABS construction backlit weight indicator. The mild steel black painted treaded surface is built to give you many years of trouble free use.


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