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Play External Audio Track With VLC Media Player

Updated on January 18, 2014

Just downloaded videos clip from with a poor audio quality, I can hardly listen to what they were saying in it clip, so I started searching the internet for an sound computer file of same movie and fortunately I got just the sound edition.

The first thing I examined was the playtime and they were an exact coordinate, then I was experienced with a task of how I can perform it clip computer file together with the sound computer file I downloadable, I considered consolidating them both, I finished up installing a lot of programs and they all could not give me just what I wanted. Then I kept in mind VLC Media player can do a lot of things, so I made the decision to try and see how i can perform movie with different sound track on VLC.

How to play a video with a different audio track

How to play a video with a different audio track
How to play a video with a different audio track

Play Dual Audio Movies with VLC Media Player

1: Launch your VLC Media Player

2: Simply just click Media > Advanced Open File

3: On Computer file tab, under Computer file Selection, click Add and locate it clip you want to perform. Then check ‘Show more options’ as indicated in the image below.

4: Simply click ‘Play another media synchronously (extra sound file…)’, and browse the sound file you want to perform synchronously with it clip you added earlier.

5: Another open media tab will open, add your sound file just like you added movie earlier. And then click ‘Select’ below.

6: Then click ‘Play’ to perform your movie with different audio track in VLC Media player.

If you are facing any difficulties in VLC media player, feel free to mention your problem in the comments below. I would search, learn then explain you on that.


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