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Podcasting Voiceovers

Updated on January 23, 2009


 Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you find the information you find on this hubpage informative and interesting.

This hub is a collection of my articles regarding professional voiceover artists and podcasting.

I am a female voiceover artist with a British accent and have provided companies world-wide with podcasting voiceovers and solutions.  Please do visit my website to hear my voice samples.

What should I include in my company podcast?

The key to a successful podcast is to make it as entertaining and informative as possible.  Here are four elements you can include to give your podcast series structure.

1. Music intro - select a track that creates the mood and feel of your corporation or business. You can find Podsafe, copyright or royalty-free music on the internet.  Many websites let you purchase individual tracks and arrange their listings in mood/styles/applications to help with your search. 

2. Verbal intros and outros - introduce yourself and the company at the start and thank your listeners at the end of each podcast.  Some companies prefer to outsource these lines to a professional voiceover artist . They will provide a standard intro/outro which you can add to each of your podcasts.

3. Theme - it may help to choose and stick to one theme per podcast. Don't try to be all things to all people.  Target a specific theme and then you will attract listeners interested in that particular topic.  Multiple topics areas may just confuse people and stop them listening before they reach the topic that they're interested in.

4. Guest interview - Choose a guest who will attract listeners to your podcast.  A well-known expert in your field or business who can impart helpful knowledge and information to your listeners can definately improve the desirability of your podcast.  Interviews don't have to be carried out face to face, but can be easily conducted over the telephone and recorded using Skype.

5. Verbal call to action - Make sure you include information how listeners contact you, give out your website address, especially if listeners can download a free e-book or any other incentive or offer you can promote.  A podcast is a marketing tool to help you sell your products and services, once you have got your audience interested and excited about your business, make sure they have all the necessary information to contact you and make their purchases.

How can a Voiceover help with my company podcast.

If you're thinking of creating a podcast series to promote your products and services why not consider using the services of a professional voiceover artist. They can offer their services in a number of different ways:

1. They can fully-produce the entire podcast. If you send them a script, they can record and edit the podcast, mix in royalty free music and deliver you the finished mp3 often within a couple of days. If you would like guest interviewees on the podcast, they can arrange an interview and carry out the interview recording over the phone using Skype. They will then be able to integrate the edited interview into the final podcast recording.

2. Record Intros and Outros. If you decide to create the main body of the podcasts yourself, you may like to employ the services of a voiceover artist to produce a standardized welcome greeting. A couple of lines that could be used at the beginning of each podcast, to brand the show and the company. It may also be worth using a similar "thankyou message" at the end of each podcast - for example, "You have been listening to an XYX company podcast. We hope you have enjoyed the show, for further information please do visit our website at www dot XYXcompany dot com. Thank you for listening."

3. You may decide to keep all the recordings in-house but feel that it would be helpful for a fresh pair of ears to edit down each podcast to a more manageable length. Many voiceover artists will be happy to edit out any ums and ahhs and edit down interviews or articles to a size that keeps all the relevant content, but keeps the broadcast tight and to the point.

Whichever route you decide to go down, I'm sure you will find podcasting a useful marketing tool to promote your business and create more sales.

5 Tips for Effective Podcasting Interview Techniques

1. Prepare Questions in Advance  Prepare a list of questions prior to the interview, think ahead to possible follow-up questions based on the expected responses. Create a list of notes along with the questions to keep to hand during the interview and will help you direct the conversation and ensure the interview flows smoothly.

2. Research Interview Subject Do your homework about the individual or individuals you are interviewing. Search the internet for the interviewees name, product, or company, and build a background. If they can send you some information in advance that would be helpful.  Read any blogs, websites, articles that you interviewee may participate in.  All this research will help you create interview questions and anticipate their likely responses.  Which in turn will help with your follow up questions.  Treat your interviewee with respect  - An interviewee will quickly pick up on an interviewer who has failed to do their research and may well not provide you with as good as interview you were expecting. 

 3. Confirm Pronunciation  Confirm the pronunciation of the interviewee's name prior to beginning the interview and any other words or company name pronunciations that may arise during the interview.  It will save you from any potential embarrassment!

4. Test  Test equipment prior to beginning the interview. Check sound quality, and volume levels to make sure that the settings are correct. If your interviewee needs to install equipment prior to the interview ( such as Skype )  make sure they are happy installing and using the equipment.

12. Thanks Thank your guest on and off air. Provide them a copy or link to the interview. Encourage your guest to link to the show, this could potentially bring your show some additional publicity for your show.



4 Benefits of Podcasting in Elearning

1. Available 24/7 -The basic advantage of podcasting in education is the portability and convenience of listening to learning resources anytime and anywhere without requiring extensive technical knowledge. Podcasts can be downloaded to all kinds of mobile devices, such as MP3 players,mobile phones, PDAs, and mobile computers. Learning materials downloaded into mobile devices can be listened to by learners in their own time and place.

2. Student Review - A podcast of a lecture that can be downloaded by students,can become invaluable study aid for the student. At any given point in time, the student has the podcast available for reference. A student who had difficulty understanding initially, and may not have grasped a topic fully in the classroom, can now learn the material at his or her own pace.

3. Missed Classes - There are certainly many e-learning situations that would benefit from the use of this type of tool.  For example, a  sick student being able to download a podcast of the day’s lectures he missed at school, or if a teacher or professor is unable to attend his or her class for some reason, they could make a podcast of their lecture available on a website where students can easily download it.  This procedure could easily be implemented to ensure no students miss any lessons or lectures.  It is a solution that could be feasible from the primary school level to the university level.

4. Appeals to audio/visual learners - Perhaps, one of the most important pedagogic characteristics offered by podcasting is learning through listening. For many people, listening may be more attractive and less tedious than reading. Listening may motivate and encourage students who do not like reading. Podcasting is also particularly useful when a visual impairment make traditional learning methods more difficult.



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