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Podcasts and Blogs: Why Every Biz Needs Them

Updated on April 8, 2009

One keyword to better success

 Podcasts are audio files like Mp3 on a server location. They can be anything from a full college level class on a subject, a slick audio show trying to sell something or present information you are interested in. You can download the file into a device and listen to it whenever.

Last year, the use of Podcasts grew from 22% to 40%. Podcasts are targeted at a specific audience and not really about how many listeners you reach. Those that listen to them have an income of over 100K per year and very tech savvy. They all have computers and well educated. The audience who listens to your podcast often has influence within their fields of expertise, they blog, they may do their own podcast. A discussion that begins in one place will reach listeners you never knew existed. These listeners are passionate about technology since they look for a specific type of Internet radio show about a specific topic they are interested in. The listener knows what they want that is why they have downloaded it and are checking it out! They fast forward when a commercial comes when watching digital TV. They use their computer to stream video or other internet video shows.

For your biz, the audience reach is global, but is major in the US and UK. Create a podcast, even if basic, to discuss a topic related to a product you sell, perhaps its construction, how it is used or create one on hot topics that interest you--odds are, it will interest others also! You never know who is listening.


Originally, they were online diaries about their lives, travels and hobbies. There are zillions of them. Having a blog is just another way to sell a product and directing the user to your website. For a biz, write about your biz, upcoming events, new products, reviews and anything else that may interest your customer that can be used to lead them to your product, even in the most subtle terms.

Make certain you use Keywords correctly. These are words that the major search engines use to locate a site relevant to a search request. The more key words used on your site, the more likely your site appears in a search result. Your post is a free ad that never expires and is visible to every search engine user seeking your keywords, Every time you appear in a search result, the potential exists that a customer will buy something.

Tips: Avoid stuffing extra keywords into your post. Repeating a keyord 25 times provides no additional benefit as search engines have intelligence. Use clear, simple grammatically correct writing. Post at least twice a week to keep your blog "fresh". Posts should be useful with relevant information about your biz or product. Do not blog about some personal event in between new products or upcoming products. Be consistent. Tell your existing customers about the blog and provide the address.


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