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Pokemon Go Has to Go

Updated on August 15, 2016

What has happened?

Ok, if you don't always go deep into research on games you probably are wondering whats the big deal with all this Pokemon stuff? The big deal is, people are dying and this game keeps growing! I've done a little research and have many many times people have died or almost died. Also one time someone witnessed a murder. He saw someone was playing at a church parking lot and was wandering why someone was playing at the church. He drove over and saw a man kill a young teenager girl. The man who just murdered someone started chasing the player. Luckily he got away.

Next off a guy with a group of friends was not paying attention and ran over a no trespassing sign and then they heard someone open a door and yell "hey!" Then the guy took a shotgun and started to shoot at them. Luckily though they escaped.

Now lets face it. The major part where deaths are coming from, is people not paying attention on roads and people get ran over. Many people have died from this.

Now the last part is just ridiculous if you have common sense. Pokemon Go has permission to pretty much everything on your device. Yes a lot of people are going to say that lots of games have these permissions but there is no game like this. It has permission to camera, it always knows where you caught a pokemon. It needs access to contacts, billing services, wants to connect with any Bluetooth. Now, I could go on and on with permissions it wants but now is the worst part of it all and not many people know this. Pokemon go was made in Japan.

I hope you guys all enjoyed this blog, it was my first. I think this whole Pokemon thing has gone too far and is a scam.

Should we stop playing Pokemon Go?

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No Pokemon :(

© 2016 Tyler Gladieux


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