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Pokémon GO (why?)

Updated on October 11, 2017

My Nintendo Era

I started "gaming" at 90s, when a game could be described by some bits. An era who a teenager couldn't exactly understand why was so wonderful. I feel, and I am a digital immigrant. Fortunately, I was born upon this changing and I am totally adjusted to it.

I remember those years when I was playing my NES or my SNES and I can recall two things; my need to play and my mother to yell at me to go outside to play with other kids.

Of course, there weren't as many as she thought of and there weren't as many as she remembered from her era. So, after 20 years there is a game which makes you go outside to play with others... not kids this time but grown-ups. And this is the problem of Pokémon GO.

The same mothers who yelled at their kids now they fear of going out, playing this dangerous game. And the nowadays mothers are afraid of it, as well.

I can think many "whies"

As it was said before, this game ain't for kids. This game is meant to be played by adults. It has got some features that a kid can't do. For example, going out any time you like or you need. You can't allow your kid to be alone in a park playing on his/her device.

This game was doomed by the day its release. The society won't let adults play with "monsters". An adult need to work 5 days per week and relax on the weekend. This is what society knows about adulthood.

We live in an era that obese people are getting more and more. If we'd just think of it, a game which makes you go outside, in the real world, would be blessing. This is game is real but what is new is demonized!

A sign welcoming players of Pokémon Go to the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge
A sign welcoming players of Pokémon Go to the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

My experiences...

I played for a while this game. You know, I lived in 90s and those monsters were so famous. I really liked them back then. Before the game was released I already had started walking with a friend of mine (who liked them, too) and it was an oppurtunity for us to keep walking.

You can't walk every day in the same places with the same pleasure. You will get bored. So this game was an escape of my neighborhood which is so known to me; every turn, every corner, every street of it is so known!

So I kept playing when I was walking. "No biggie". It is difficult for some people to maintain this gameplay but I did it. I always could do it. I can say stop to myself when it is crossing some lines.

What have I earned by playing? I kept walking which was very important to my health. I enjoyed every walking because I was playing a game in the same time. I actually explored some places that I wasn't aware of that. And in general it helped me to keep walking until today.

And, finally, I didn't need to be told not to trespass! This is serious. And whoever did it he could do it anyway. Today it was game's fault the other day will be something else. Don't curse the mean, we are those who make choices. As a saying says: "speed doesn't kill, stupidity does"

Logging out

There are also some researches that shows that this game can benefit your health. Cardiac problems are common! By walking you can only benefit. You just have to know to be the master of a game and not the opposite.

If an adult man found a way to go outside to walk then let him do it! It doesn't matter if it is because of a game which includes monsters. You should encourage him to keep doing it. If you find it immature then just pretend. Soon or later he will get bored by this game but there is a possibility to keep walking and this is a big fat win!

I can't even think of discouraging someone to walk!

And to be honest there is not something like "immature"-thing. People used to call immature what they won't do or something they don't like. Some people can find immature believing in God, you know... Some could call this God-concept as a fairy-tale... And fairy-tales are for kids (?)...


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