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Poll/Discussion: Hubs monetized with Adprogram or Adsense Directly?

Updated on September 1, 2015

Aprogram or Adsense Directly?

Would you rather use the Adprogram or get paid directly through Adsense?

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I've been a writing on hubpages for over a year now, and it took a bit over a year to get paid the first time through the Adprogram here at Hubpages. It does work, and I did get paid $50 and some change for my 30 something hubs. Yet, since it took so long the first time to get paid, I decided to opt out of Adprogram and get paid directly through Adsense.

This has been working well for me so far. I've been doing this for about three months now. The first couple months I made about $1-$2, but this last month I made around $3. That's good considering if I were with the Adprogram I would be making about .70 cents a month maybe. Although I hardly ever make money with Hubpages on Adsense, every once in a while I will make a couple dollars with some random click! Plus this works out for me because I need help trying to get to the $100 payout with Adsense.

I would recommend people to at least try making money directly through Adsense before making decision to be in Adprogram. Although I think the Adprogram is a generous amount considering, it still would take me a couple years at a slow hub creation rate to make $50. Slow is a hub every month or so. Can't expect to make a living here, but it's still the best quality revenue sharing site there is on-line. I prefer my blogs, but this is second best.

What do you think? Take the poll, comment, oh and I hope your successful either way.


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