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Popular Virus Protection Software

Updated on January 1, 2014

Virus Protection Software is the same as Anti-Virus


What is Virus Protection Software?

Popular Virus Protection Software in this regard has to do with anti-Virus that have been proven to be very effective over the years.The knowledge of good virus protection software is vital as it has become imperative to have one installed in one’s Computer and similar gadgets that invariably need its installation due to preponderance of computer virus. What make a concept popular with respect to the subject of this discourse is a pointer to quality and consistency over time.

Virus protection software is designed to combat the malicious intent of electronics virus such as Computer and Phone Virus from achieving their nefarious intent. This software most necessarily be installed in the device.

There are numerous anti-virus software in the market and a number of them though relatively new are very effective. One may need to take a risk for trial, in most cases there are proven evidence of trust worthiness.

However, when talking about popular Virus protection software in the Market there are number of household names that readily come to mind. Some of these vendors have been in existence for decades and have remained consistent.

This consistency over time has brought about users loyalty; it is very difficult to dissuade such loyalists even when other vendors offer better incentives. This is a good lesson, never compromise quality on the platform of more profit or greater sales.

These listings are not in the order of which is first of last. I have personally used some of them and they have proven to be good. The testimonies of other users also corroborate this fact.

Virus attack prevention, is better than curative measures
Virus attack prevention, is better than curative measures | Source

Some Popular and reliable Virus Protection Software

1. Norton: Norton is accredited to be one of the five top and most popular anti-virus software. It is owned by Symantec with headquarters in Mountain View, USA. Norton offer one of the most comprehensive coverage which include anti-spyware, anti-malware and one of the most effective online and internet security against virus invasion. With this Software your privacy is secured.

Norton will notify you in case of any suspicious invasion of your privacy and any download that is not worthwhile if not secured. Norton will not border you with incessant pop ups and notice for scanning. It scans your computer or gadgets when not in use.

2. Kasperskey: Kaspersky offers a comprehensive protection against malicious virus designers and can easily identify sites that have ulterior intent and consequently block their invasion. It prevent identity theft which is very rife online and ward off any suspicious sites from taking advantage of users privacy.

A highly reputed anti-spyware, anti-virus against Trojans and have won a number of awards especially in remote parental monitoring which checkmate activities of wards online when parents and guardians are not available .

Kaspersky 2013 cloud based anti-virus is able to detect new and emerging online security threats and combat all forms of viruses even when basic Symptoms of Computer Virus are not obvious.

3. AVG: AVG is global award winning virus protection software and reputed to be one of the three most downloaded anti-virus programs. The 2013 version is top class with a number of innovations ranging from the installation time and packages it came with. It takes an average of five minutes to install it. It offers comprehensive online security coverage especially for those who do Shopping and banking online. This also include all related transactions that could elicit invasion of personal details is blocked by AVG.

Its free antivirus package that basically deals with with disk and registry errors via the PC Analyser is a high incentive that perhaps account for its high patronage. However this is a onetime offer, the all encompassing PC Analyser tool is a paid version.

4. Avast Antivirus: This is one of the World leading anti-viruses and highly reputed for its auto sandbox. The auto sandbox places suspicious downloads in a virtual state for scrutiny and indicate which file may pose security threat by blocking it from opening. Users can decide to deactivate sandbox or customize it for selected action.

Avast offers a free and paid version of anti-virus. It has a strong force for detecting fake web certificates and malicious web sites. Any time one performs web based financial transactions or something similar, Avast posses a demand whether to switch to low, medium or high risk zone with an intent to safeguard such transactions from being hijacked.

5. Microsoft Security Essentials: Microsoft Securities essentials as the name implies is a Microsoft software met to combat Viruses, Spyware and other similar threats to windows based Computer system such as Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Microsoft Security Essentials is free, easy to download and automatically get updated as at when due over the air without bordering you with pop ups and other suggestions. It has been accredited as one of the best virus protection software.


The foregoing is just few but popular virus protection software in the market. It is a matter of individual or corporate choice born out of built trust over time and general acceptability. Other Virus protection Software vendors such as MacAfee, Bitdefender, Trend Micro, Avira and more have also carved a niche for themselves in the ant-virus market.

This discourse is met to serve as a guide. One anti-virus at a time. It is not advisable to use more than one as this may lead to another problem entirely. It is advisable to contact certified anti-virus experts when confused as per which one to resort to or when you experience strange phenomenon on your Computer system.


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