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Portable Internet and Travel Internet

Updated on May 12, 2011
Satellite Internet
Satellite Internet

Portable Internet for travelling

As many of my close Hubpages friends will know, I am travelling the UK in 4 weeks so naturally I wanted to know about portable internet devices, I couldn't bare to be without the net for longer than a couple of hours. I have an internet dongle and I plan to use that for part of my trip, however, you may have experienced the high cost of using the dongle constantly. It is fine for browsing webpages and £10 often lasted me a week or so but as soon as you watch Youtube videos you will see your data allowance diminish.

Obviously 3G is the fasted WiFi connection you can get readily for a reasonable price at present but 4G can be purchased on very expensive models, I have discussed this on my hub regarding cell phone mobile internet devices. You can buy a contract or pay as you go laptop dongle from many service providers, mine is with 3 Mobile but Virgin, Orange, T-mobile, O2 and Vodafone also offer plans.

Photo courtesy of chrisdag

Internet Traveller

If you are looking for travel internet, you will hear lots about internet cafes and internet booths such as the airport one pictured above, but if you are like me then this probably isn't enough and you like to spend almost 24/7 online. However, these may be handy to save money that may be deducted from your internet dongle data allowance, so don't totally dismiss them.

Another useful piece of information I read about was that if you are travelling abroad, you can get advice at airport mobile phone shops when you arrive at your destination. Apparently you can plug your mobile phone into your laptop via usb and use this as a dongle since buying dongles plans native to the country you are in can be hard work.  The salesperson at the airport will sell you a local sim card prepaid and you can then insert it into your phone, you may have to have a phone unlocked to work on any network.

Photo courtesy of naotakem

Bamboo Internet Cafe
Bamboo Internet Cafe

Portable Satellite Internet

The latest service to emerge is portable satellite internet and this requires you to attach a small satellite dish to your computer, when your are surfing webpages your computer software attaches a piece of code to your request, instead of requesting the information directly from the web server the request goes to the satellites network operations centre. The network operations centre then sends the webpage information to the satellite orbiting the earth which in term beams it back to your receiving satellite dish.

Photo courtesy of footfun

The Internet Traveller

It surprises me how the internet traveller always seems to accumulate stickers on his/her laptop as though it were a surfboard or suitcase! can anybody spot the super cool 'Wordpress' sticker in there?

Dongles have come on leaps and bounds since this photo obviously and with the introduction of 3G we can now find internet dongle sticks which are only a few centimetres long.

Photo courtesy of whiteafrican

Fast Internet?

I hope the information that I have gathered and shared has been helpful for anybody travelling abroad and looking for portable internet packages, I have tried to include up to date photos that I had permission to use however I know that some of the devices displayed are not the latest models.

Buying a local prepaid simcard at the airport like mentioned earlier and placing it in a dongle liked pictured above or even using your cell phone as a device to pick up the wireless network are good options for reliable internet since WiFi service providers abroad often leave you struggling with 2-3 bars out of 5 in regards to signal.

Photo courtesy of whiteafrican


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