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Best Portable Laptop Keyboard

Updated on May 12, 2009

Portable Laptop Keyboard

Because you probably use your laptop for a number of things- school, work, and pleasure- you probably want to make sure that you have the easiest working station. And, it can be hard to ensure that your productivity is at a high level if you're comfort is not .

A great way to ensure that you stay productive is by using a portable laptop. These come in a variety of sizes and portability options- fold or roll.

The portable laptop keyboards are a great alternative to use if your regular keyboard is broke and it's either not fixable or it's too expensive to fix. Instead of purchasing a whole new computer, you can easily just buy a portable keyboard so that you can continue working without having to pay hundreds to fix your current keyboard or to buy a new computer.

Remember that these portable laptop keyboards are used best as an alternative to your regular keyboard. They're not the ideal main keyboard because if used constantly, the lightweight materials will break faster than a regular keyboard would.

Matias Folding Keyboard

The Matias FK205 is a small, compact keyboard that you can use as an auxiliary keyboard for your PC. It can help preserve your notebook's keyboard so that the original keyboard lasts longer without needing repair.

The Matias portable keyboard is very comfortable and folds in half with ease.00

But, you will find that the Matias keyboard doesn't fold completely flat, and it does leave a slight incline when it's opened, but for the convenience of a portable keyboard, this one is definitely worth it.

Flexible Keyboard

This flexible, ultra-thin, and compact keyboard is perfect for travel, school, or work because it just rolls up and fits nicely in any briefcase, backpack, or laptop carrying case.

It's made of a soft material and features reflexive typing action that is silent and more comfortable than the traditional, plastic keyboards. And, because this keyboard has a flat design, it eliminates negative angle stress on your wrists.

There is a USB connector and a USB to PS2 adapter that you'll need in order to connect to your computer.

The main downfall is that because the keys are smaller, it can lead to more mistakes for those with larger fingers. Some people claim that you do have to hit the keys a little harder because of the flat design and lack of angle on the keys.

Portable USB Tablet Keyboard

The Toshiba portable notebook keyboard is a plastic keyboard that folds in half. It's great for on the go students and hard working business people, but because it does fold in half, the middle cut line can get in the way when typing fast. But, because the portable laptop keyboard has a low price, it's much more affordable to most.

Just watch out for the USB cord that you need to connect to your laptop. If you lose yours or if it breaks, it can be a pain to find a new one.

Flexible Silicone Keyboard

The silicone based keyboard is durable and soft. It's actually a washable, roll-able keyboard that is one of the best portable keyboards. Because of the soft material, you'll have more comfort than using a hard plastic keyboard, and typing is silent, which makes it less of a nuisance when you're typing fast in a quiet room.

Because has a flat design, it eliminates negative wrist Aangles that can cause stress on the joints.

This keyboard is virtually indestructible as the material is impervious to water, coffee, and cleaning solutions, as well as most anything else.

Many have said that if you type really fast, this portable keyboard may slow you down because you do have to hit the keys a little harder because of the flat, no-angle design, but that it's ideal for slower typers.


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