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Portable Projectors Online: Buy Portable Movie Projectors, Television Projectors, And More

Updated on August 3, 2010

When creating a home theater, sometimes it pays to outside the box and onto the screen instead. Using a projector instead of a typical television set is a great way to save space, get a big picture for cheap, and add a unique ambiance to your room. Purchasing a portable projector is an easy way to get a versatile media device for cheap. It might not sound like much, but the portability can make all the difference: whether you want to use it as a television projector in your own home or to take it into the backyard and have a neighborhood movie night, buying a portable projector is a great investment.

Most portable projectors do not have a direct cable hook up. They will have USB or firewire connections for laptops, portable DVD players, video game consoles like the Xbox 360 or the PS3, and MP3 players. If your laptop can hook up to you television providers, you will be able to watch television normally with a portable projector.

It is important to note that portable projectors are different from the typical TV projector. These are not designed to be attached to the wall or ceiling and typically project at a lower resolution. A stationary TV projector is very expensive whereas these are for the more budget minded.

Epson PowerLite Presenter Portable Projector / DVD Player Combo

This is the most expensive of the bunch but also the coolest. The Epson Portable Projector isn't just great for playing hooking up to your laptop for on the go presentations or impromptu YouTube videos on the wall of your friends apartment. As the name implies, it also works as a portable DVD player, projecting high quality image onto whatever surface it is pointed out.

This is great because it cuts out the middle man. If you take this out to an event or someone else's home, you can instantly turn a normal gathering into a movie theater quality good time. You don't need your lap top, you don't need a cable connection, you don't need anything but a DVD of a good movie and a white sheet to hang up in the back yard.

The high quality picture also makes it ideal for gamers who are looking to create a unique wide screen experience. Whether you play on the PC or the console, this can be connected to your gaming device. This DVD Projector is top notch stuff.

FAVI RioHD-LED-2 LED Projector

This FAVI HD Portable Projector is a little clunky but still small.  Hook this up with some HDMI cables and you can expect real HD quality images from this projector. What makes this especially great for home theater enthusiasts is the brightness of the display: this is one of the easiest to see projectors on the market.  Even during daylight hours with all the windows open, the screen is perfectly visible indoors.

It is also worth mentioning that it is usually sub-$300.  For the quality of the product, this is an excellent deal.  HD quality big picture for under 300?  Sometimes a projector can really pay off.

Portable Outdoor Projectors

Many people prefer their portable projectors to be entirely for outdoor use. A portable outdoor projector is a great investment, especially if you have a great screen and comfortable chairs to watch them in. Whether you like to spend a summer night alone with your family or you use your outdoor movie projector to entertain the neighborhood, you'll love all of these different options.

The Epson outdoor projector is a great way to get it all in one shot. This is compatible with just about everything you could think to attach to it and comes with a built in DVD player. It is very sturdy and a great value for the cost.

Projecting your movie onto a simple white sheet is a great way to play a movie on the cheap outdoors. But if you're really serious about turning your backyard into a movie theater, be sure to pick up one of the amazing screens available online.  Check out a few of the options below to see what's available.

Read more about all of the great home theater tools available to you.


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