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The Top 10 Selling Portable Breathalyzers for 2016

Updated on March 10, 2016

You Can Save a Life with a Portable Breathalyzer - Act Now

Have you ever stopped to think what a DUI or other alcohol related offense will do to your life? What about the life of your son, daughter or spouse? I'll tell you what it will do - cost you a lot of money, time or worse, your life.

What better way to tell the love in your life (or yourself) that you care by giving them a small, inexpensive object that could save their life. We have all been there - coming out of a restaurant, bar, or even a party - wondering if we've had too much to drink. The answer is a portable breathalyzer.

Have you been there?

Why not give yourself some peace of mind to either take a cab or call a friend by knowing what your approximate blood alcohol content is? Take it from me, Review Dude Jake - these are worth EVERY penny and could save your life and the life of a friend.

A huge party hit also! I have given these away as gifts for my family and friends and I suggest you do the same!

These are one of the hottest gadgets this year!

Prepare now and please, avoid a run-in with the police. It's about the ones you love, so be smart.

For those of you who have purchased from me before, a sincere thank you! If you find my lens helpful and informative, please rate it!

To purchase any of these AMAZING breathalyzers, shop the ONLY online retailer we trust, Amazon, and get the best prices anywhere online guaranteed!

I thank you for helping my website rank #1 on Google.



BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer Professional Edition

The #1 Seller

The BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer is designed to meet the rigorous standards of expert alcohol screeners--from roadside law enforcement to hospital workers and treatment professionals. Approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the S80 has also been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for personal use, making it a top choice of safety-conscious individuals.

The S80 Pro features simple one-button operation that allows you to begin testing in just 10 seconds, with a refresh time of 10 to 20 seconds between tests. Providing accurate four-digit results on a bright LCD screen, the S80 is capable of detecting trace amounts of alcohol, an important feature in zero-tolerance environments such as treatment centers and alcohol-free homes.

Compact and convenient enough to take anywhere, the cell-phone-sized breathalyzer fits easily in pockets, purses, or glove compartments, and it accommodates 1,500 tests per set of AA batteries. Please Note: While this product is a useful tool in determining your BAC, it does not take the place of common sense.

To purchase any of these AMAZING breathalyzers, visit Amazon HERE and get the best prices anywhere online guaranteed!

"Better safe then sorry", is the reason I picked up the S80. I used the analyzer a couple of times and the results have always been consistent; even with three people using it with different BAC during the same period. The S80 comes with it's own case and 6 individually wrapped mouthpieces. So it is best to pick up the 10 pack of mouthpieces BACTRACK Select Breathalyzer Mouthpieces (Pack of 10), because as soon as your friends find out you have a breath analyzer at a party they are going to want to use it. Also, you should get an extra set of battery and put it in the case, just in case the day you want to use it and the batteries are dead.

According to the instructions, do not use breath analyzer until it has been 20 minutes since the last drink/food has been consumed. Following that rule, should provide you with accurate and consistent results.

NAlcoHawk Pro: Professional Edition Digital Alcohol Detec
NAlcoHawk Pro: Professional Edition Digital Alcohol Detec

AlcoHawk Pro: Professional Edition Digital Alcohol Detector

Designed for maximum accuracy - used by hospitals, schools, and law enforcement as an alcohol screening device. The AlcoHAWK Pro is one of the most accurate semiconductor-oxide breathalyzers available. This new model takes a deeper breath sample from subjects and provides more accurate results than similar models. This model is trusted by many professional organizations for employee screening, emergency room care, and roadside testing. The semiconductor sensor accuracy is ±0.01%BAC at 0.10% BAC and is DOT / NHTSA approved as an alcohol screening device. The AlcoHAWK Pro is also 510(k) Certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The AlcoHAWK Pro now includes innovative FlowCheck technology. An important aspect of breath testing is ensuring that subjects blow a large volume of air through the tester. FlowCheck will verify that enough air has been blown through the AlcoHAWK Pro before displaying a test result. If the FlowCheck engages and recognizes that not enough air was blown, an error message will be displayed and a retest should be performed.

Upon receiving the unit, I was immediate struck by the this breathalyzer's attractive case and solid weight, which indicated a quality build. Installing the battery was simple and I turned on the breathalyzer. The unit calibrated itself in seconds and was ready for a test.

I had consumed a heavy beer (4.5%) alcohol 30 minutes prior and I expected a mild reading from the AlcoHawk. Blowing into the unit was simple and I like how the mouthpieces aren't too large or too small to use. The breathalyzer beeped and in just a few seconds, my reading of .02 was displaced on the clean looking display in red.

More drinks were poured over the course of the evening and after four drinks in two hours, I knew a new test was needed. I blew a .10 and knew I was too intoxicated to drive.

The unit works. It's clean. It's inexpensive and can save your life.

Highly recommended.

BACtrack Breathalyzer - Polished White
BACtrack Breathalyzer - Polished White

DRIVESAFE Breath Alcohol Tester

We Have a New Champion

Protect yourself and the ones you love with the DRIVESAFE premium breathalyzer. This police-grade breath alcohol tester provides accurate BAC results in seconds, giving you the facts to make an informed decision before you get behind the wheel.

DRIVESAFE breathalyzers are easy to use and come with a color coded display to show your BAC and what it means: green (ok), amber (caution) and red (over the limit). Comes with a compact carry case complete with batteries, user guide and disposable mouthpieces to get you started.

We have thoroughly tested and reviewed the DRIVESAFE and it's hands down a huge value for the money. Law enforcement professional grade, sleek shell and incredible ease of use makes this breathalyzer one you should consider for years of quality use.

The easy to read color coded display and .01% accuracy makes it impossible to not understand the reading, plus, it recharges in under 30 seconds making it one of the fastest breathalyzers on the planet.

BACtrack BT-M5 Mobile Breathalyzer Smartphone Alcohol Tester for iPhone
BACtrack BT-M5 Mobile Breathalyzer Smartphone Alcohol Tester for iPhone

BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer Smartphone Alcohol Tester for iPhone

It's Finally Here!

The BACtrack mobile breathalyzer is the world's first breathalyzer that connects to your iPhone wirelessly via Bluetooth. This revolutionary device quickly and easily estimates your blood alcohol content (BAC) using a highly accurate professional-grade alcohol sensor. And by connecting to your iPhone, the free BACtrack app can save your results, estimate when you're BAC will return to 0.00%, and provide powerful sharing capabilities.

Open the app, and when it says `take a reading', a clock appears and gives you one minute to prepare. Simply `BLOW NOW!' by taking a steady deep blow into the analyzer while watching the eight blue bars fill up - then you stop. There is a slight `click'. The test results are shown on your phone via a large number, such as 0.004 (which means it is likely you are very sober). Click 'OK' and you are shown a `graph' that indicate the times between `blows' and your alcohol level. 0.08 is legally drunk and you should test again in fifteen minutes.

It takes only seconds to pair BACtrack mobile with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Click "take a reading" on your phone and blow into BACtrack mobile. The app visually guides you through the test process, displaying results on your phone. BACtrack mobile offers features never previously available on a breathalyzer. Its unique Zeroline estimates how long it will take your BAC to return to 0.00% based on your last test result. Want to see your bac from last night or last week. It's easy just save results and view your history on the tracking graph. Attaching pictures, notes, and drinks to your readings is a snap. And safety information is always just a click away. Learn how 0.05% BAC may impact your vision, motor skills, and coordination. BACtrack mobile breathalyzer uses powerful Xtend fuel cell sensor technology for highly accurate test results the same technology trusted by hospitals, schools, and law enforcement.

Your BAC results can be as private or as public as you choose. Simple privacy settings put you in control over what data is saved, if any. Choose to share readings privately via text message, along with photos, location, and time. Feeling social? Share results with your network and spark a dialog about responsible drinking. Everyone will want to try testing themselves. Packed with features that allow you to gain insight into how your body processes alcohol, BACtrack mobile empowers you to make more informed decisions. BACtrack mobile change the way you think about drinking.

Your Opinion Matters

What Pro Model is Your Favorite?

See results

Premium Lifeloc Lifeguard - LifeGuard Uses Platinum Fuel Cell Technology at a Great Price

The Lifeloc LifeGuard Personal Breathalyzer uses the same Platinum Fuel Cell Technology that powers our globally recognized Law Enforcement alcohol testers. Most consumer breath alcohol testers are not accurate because they use inexpensive technologies. LifeGuard’s full size fuel cell is the most reliable and precise portable breath alcohol testing technology available.

LifeGuard is easy to use, reliable, accurate, and is the first consumer breath alcohol tester that delivers professional level performance without a professional level price.

LifeGuard is a fuel cell breathalyzer that provides accurate measurement of Breath Alcohol content (BAC) for those concerned about alcohol intoxication or abuse in themselves or others. Popular testing includes family, self testing, home and office parties, DUI prevention, personal education, morning after testing, and anywhere that alcohol is a potential danger.

Easy to Use

LifeGuard prompts you with easy to understand icons on a high resolution screen – making it easy and fast to get BAC readings.

Alcohol Specific

LifeGuard is always and only alcohol specific. Common semi-conductor devices can give positive readings even when no alcohol is present.


LifeGuard uses the same fuel cell technology that we put into our law enforcement breathalyzers. No other portable breath tester is more accurate.

BAC Management

LifeGuard charts your last three test results so that you can see if your Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) is rising or falling. This screen is used to learn about your unique ability to process alcohol.


The combination of long working life, BAC management, alcohol specificity and high accuracy adds up to a device that can be trusted to perform.

To read more or to purchase, visit us here: Lifeloc LifeGuard and help save a life.

Watch the Lifeloc LifeGuard Promo

The Lifeloc LifeGuard is a Premier Breathalyzer

BreathKey Breathalyzer
BreathKey Breathalyzer

BreathKey Breathalyzer: The Digital Keychain Breath Alcohol Tester with Professional Features

BreathKey is the smallest and lightest breathalyzer in the world, but it is big on features and quality. Unlike other bulky breathalyzers, it easily fits on a keychain so you can take it with you wherever you go. And it is the only consumer breathalyzer at any size or price that has a fuel cell alcohol sensor, the same type that is used in police equipment. The BreathKey breath alcohol tester is FDA certified, and has a lifetime battery that is good for many years of daily use. It also has an advanced backlit display with simple plain English prompts. One button operation gives results in seconds.

BreathKey Breathalyzer: The Digital Keychain Breath Alcohol Tester with Professional Features

The "Breathkey" is a very compact, light and convenient device. It seems accurate and gives me a reading in line with how I feel. It reads out in thousandths of a percent - there's a world of difference between 0.081% and 0.079% in terms of a DUI. I like it more the longer I own it. I have just purchased a second BreathKey to keep in my car, whilst the other one lives in my briefcase. I live in the Sonoma Wine Country and go on a lot of tastings. I now find I spit much more wine than I'll swallow.

BACtrack Select S30 Breathalyzer
BACtrack Select S30 Breathalyzer

BACtrack Select S30 Breathalyzer

Featuring a lightweight, sleek design that easily fits in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment the BACtrack Select S30 Breathalyzer is designed to enhance your personal safety wherever you may be. It has a wide test range, maintains low-flow error detection, and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for personal use.

BACtrack Select S30 Breathalyzer

Nice product. The reviews are a little mixed. I think it's because the directions are not complete. The things that affect all breathalyzer tests affect this one as well. The 30 min wait time is not the important part, outside of the fact that it takes about that long for the alcohol you just drank to get into your blood stream. What is important is that absolutely no alcohol can remain in your mouth. This includes burping. The directions should say rinse your mouth with water, swallow and wait for a couple of minutes. If you burp, start over. If you follow this procedure, the device is accurate to 0.01 as it claims. Do a couple of tests until you get fairly consistent results. It's great for "peace of mind" and well worth the money.

Passionate About Portable Breathalyzers - A little love goes a long ways

You can probably tell I have a passion for what a portable breathalyzer can do for the drivers of the world. Even if you think a DUI won't happen to you, there's still a chance. On the flip side, perhaps it's the other guy on the road you should worry about.

Wouldn't you prefer the guy next to you was sober and perhaps used a portable breathalyzer to make a smart decision about driving?

I would.

AlcoHAWK Ultra Slim Digital Breathalyzer
AlcoHAWK Ultra Slim Digital Breathalyzer

AlcoHAWK Ultra Slim Digital Breathalyzer

The AlcoHAWK Ultra Slim contains advanced semiconductor sensor technology and is one of the smallest units in the AlcoHAWK series of personal breathalyzers. In fact, the Ultra Slim is 20% smaller overall than the original Slim. Operating on a single button, simply blow into the folding mouthpiece for an accurate BAC reading in seconds. The AlcoHAWK Ultra Slim also includes removable mouthpiece covers that allow you to test multiple individuals in a sanitary fashion. The sleek design also makes the AlcoHAWK Ultra Slim very compact and easy to carry for personal use. It is the ideal solution for someone looking for a portable tester with professional quality with a consumer design and feel, and an excellent choice for personal testing and screening of guests and family at social gatherings.

The AlcoHAWK Ultra Slim contains an electronic airflow sensor to ensure the user continues to blow through the unit. This is a vital new function because only samples of air from the deep lung are proportionate to blood alcohol content. This new innovative sensor ensures the user exhales through the mouthpiece over the 4-5 second exhale. This is an important feature for professional screening to prevent an intentional short exhale which could affect accuracy.The Ultra Slim also contains a software upgrade to allow the unit to track if an even alcohol concentration is detected in the sample. This cutting-edge technology provides another method of ensuring breath sample integrity.

AlcoHAWK Ultra Slim Digital Breathalyzer

Don't let this unit's size fool you into thinking it's cheap or doesn't work. It's the real deal and provides highly accurate results like it's bigger cousins. It's the perfect size for a purse or a pocket and is ideal for a single person. It takes slightly longer to reset, but if time is not a concern, then you have no worries my friend.

BACtrack S75 Pro Breathalyzer
BACtrack S75 Pro Breathalyzer

BACtrack S75 Pro Breathalyzer

The S75 Pro's front-facing mouthpiece has numerous advantages. First, the front-facing mouthpiece makes self-testing easy and convenient. There's no reason to rotate, twist, or turn the product after the initial countdown. With a front-facing mouthpiece, users can watch the screen and simply move the product forward towards their mouth when the countdown reaches zero. This helps eliminate flow errors - where users do not blow quickly enough after the countdown. After completing a breath sample, users can clearly see the results displayed on the screen facing them. Replaceable mouthpieces easily attach to the breath intake port. Mouthpieces can be reused or replaced after each test.

The S75 Pro's Xtend sensor technology enables this device to provide trusted results every time. The BACtrack S75 has been tested by the DOT/NHTSA and meets their requirements for a breath alcohol screening device. The S75 Pro is also FDA 510(k) cleared for personal use.

This device uses a miniature air pump to more accurately collect a breath sample. During use, you can actually feel the "click" of the pump collecting the breath sample. The BACtrack S75 Pro will not show a false positive for someone who is diabetic or on a low calorie diet. It provides accurate and more consistent results for up to thousands of tests.

BACtrack S75 Pro Breathalyzer

I have been delighted with the device. It reliably produces the same reading if measurements are taken within a few minutes of each other, and its readings are in line with the numbers expected according to software BAC calculators found on internet websites. It allows the user to read the results in several different units of measure: mg/L, BAC (which is g/210L), ug/L, mg/100mL, and promille. BAC is the unit of measure used in DUI laws here. The unit of measure on my BACTrack had been set to mg/L for my first test, which produced a reading of 0.18 - more than twice the legal measurement of 0.08 - after a single beer! After digging into the user guide I discovered the problem, set the BACTrack mode to display BAC units and obtained the more reasonable reading of .037.

BACTRACK Breathalyzer
BACTRACK Breathalyzer

BACTRACK Breathalyzer

The BACTRACK Breathalyzer uses advanced BluFire Technology in order to give you a quick, easy and accurate way to test your blood alcohol content (BAC). With its portable, lightweight design, you can easily carry the BACTRACK with you wherever you go so you'll always be able to check your blood alcohol content (BAC).

BACTRACK Breathalyzer

At first I was skeptical, but after learning how to use it, I don't go out without it. The key is you must wait 15 or so minutes AFTER your last drink, or it will give you inconsistent results. Too soon after and the alcohol won't be in your lungs, or there may be a drop right on your tongue which sends the reading too low or high. This is in the instruction booklet which I'm surprised I actually opened.

Anyway - this has become a great conversation point at bars. I've had plenty of people come up to me and ask to try it. It turns into a nice social item for getting to know people who you would have never met before. It also keeps me in check as I get close to leaving any bar. This isn't the cure to DUI's or dangerous drivers, but it certainly helps.


Don't Forget Extra Mouthpieces

BACtrack Select Series Mouthpieces

These are small plastic mouthpieces that fit the BACTRACK Select Series digital breathalyzers. They are easily removable and washable.

Individuals should not drink alcohol and drive, or use any machinery after consuming alcohol. There is no safe way to drive under the influence of alcohol. Even one drink can make you unsafe.

Insert a disposable mouthpiece into the BACTRACK S50. Press the power button to turn it on. When the countdown reaches zero, blow hard continuously for 5 full seconds. The unit will then display the test result.

BACtrack Select Series Mouthpieces

These hard plastic mouthpieces fit correctly the BACTRACK analyzer. Since they are hard plastic, I will probably mark each one for the person who has used it in our family. Had the BACTRACK description been complete, I would not have ordered an additional package of 10 mouthpieces since it came with a sufficient quantity for our needs. They CAN be cleaned after use.

Amazon Spotlight This Item - Hey, Stay Home Instead and Watch...

Even the DA of Austin Isn't Immune


We work hard to bring you up to date information on portable breathalyzers and have a fully dedicated website called that you should visit. Breathalyzers aren't meant to be the final say in whether you should drive or not, but simply a guide that can help you understand your level of sobriety.

As always, be safe so you can come back and check out what we're up to!

To purchase any of these AMAZING breathalyzers, click above and shop the ONLY online retailer we trust, Amazon, and get the best prices anywhere online guaranteed!

Jake is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

What else are we working on?

Lastly, please visit our other site selling incredible Tommie Copper compression sleeves for your knees, arms, hands and wrists:

© 2010 OliveHouse

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    • Wei Ho profile image

      Wei Ho 14 months ago

      I would like to recommend the best iPhone breathalyzer I've used. It is the ViseeO's Doctor V DV-1 which is a very unique 3-in-1 heart rate monitor and fitness tracker has a built-in breathalyzer that comes with the unit. The unit is specifically designed for the iPhone and it is a very compact. It doesn't need battery as it use very small power directly from iPhone.

    • profile image

      sgrimes 3 years ago

      I am required to utilize a Smart Start interlock devise and I have used the Alcohawk ABI since discovering that I can blow .03 at any given time regardless of consuming Alcohol. It is critical that I am .00 or face two years in prison. (Zero tolerance probation) If I test .03 with my Hawk, I drink water or wait 20 minutes after meals, to clear my mouth before Utilizing the Interlock devise. Suddenly (6 months later) I am testing .00 on the Hawk and .05 on the interlock devise (since the last upgrade). I have been told that the interlock is not detecting Alcohol but they won't tell me what or why it is giving me a False positive. Scary to think I could go to prison after all these years of sobriety as a result of a Machine that is reading everything from spices to Acid Reflux.

    • aminebombom profile image

      Amine 4 years ago from Doha, Qatar

      well done, nice lens buddy

    • profile image

      texancouple 4 years ago

      Hey Jake! I wanted to tell you that I checked out your three new websites (just 3 right?) and I have to say that they're really helpful.gobobstroll.combreathalyzercity.combargainwingman.comThanks for writing great content. Peace and success to you!He-Man

    • OliveHouse profile image

      OliveHouse 4 years ago

      I love my alcohol tester. My wife bought it for "us" at Breathalyzer City after reading a lot of great reviews.

    • OliveHouse profile image

      OliveHouse 4 years ago

      @KittyDidIt: Hi KittyDidIt - by far the best value for the money is the BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer Professional Edition listed above. It has accurate features seen mostly in police issued models and is around $100 if you can find it on sale. My links above will take you to the best prices online. Thanks for writing!

    • profile image

      KittyDidIt 4 years ago

      Great reviews of the testing devices; still leaves me with the question of: Which is most accurate, 'approved' by necessary interests, and best quality? Which is the best value? Is there a comparison graph somewhere? Thanks!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      the first one looks like the the very first one i bought 10 years ago. Can't believe that is the best selling one. Don't bother with the semi conductor type... spend the extra and get the fuel cell type.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I was unaware that you could purchase your own breathalyzer. It would save you tons of money compared to the price of drunk driving charges, Thanks for the info and keep it up

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @anonymous: None, these all are "Blow" only.The "Blow and Hum" required by SmartStart IID's is designed to prevent someone using a can of compresed air or other pressurised air source to "fool" the system.This aspect of SmartStart is the feature that mostpeople complain about. I'ts very difficult for a newcomer, or any other sober driver to use.

    • Geoff Magee profile image

      Geoff Magee 6 years ago from Belfast

      Are these big sellers

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      wow! i didn't know there were a lot of breathalyzers. kool.

    • profile image

      DMVAgent 5 years ago

      Drunk driving is not a very good idea. But there are actually situations wherein drinking is inevitable. In that case, breathalyzer will best serve its purpose. Nice lens! Thanks!

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Which breathalyzer would be comparable to that of a SmartStart ignition interlock device for a vehicle, that actually requires you to "hum" so the sample is from the lungs?

    • OliveHouse profile image

      OliveHouse 6 years ago

      @Geoff Magee: We sell most of these almost every day. Yes, they are big sellers.

    • OliveHouse profile image

      OliveHouse 6 years ago

      I'm not going to write lenses anymore....this is incredible:

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Gosh so many choices, I think I like the AlcoHAWK best. Everyone should have one of these in their car just to be sure you're safe to drive and to avoid any disruption of your life. Believe me, you don't want to get a DWI/DUI especially in Virginia. Virginia DWI Attorney

    • profile image

      AraceliP 6 years ago

      Better then a police officers? I believe it! I think this is a great device for personal use, it can save lives and I just don't mean the lives people that can be killed in a DUI accident. DUI's ruin many lives, most of the time it's people that didn't even think they were legally drunk. If everyone that has gotten a DUI had your breathalyzer before hand, it could have saved their lives, jobs, people. Good job.Oakland DUI AttorneyNew Jersey DWI AttorneySacramento DUI Lawyer

    • profile image

      ThomasNKlotz 6 years ago

      Portable breathalyzers are small compact devices that can provide you with a rough figure of your blood alcohol levels from your investigating your breath. There are many kinds of portable breathalyzers.Family Attorney Chicago

    • profile image

      ignition-interlock-devices 6 years ago

      Our site is a great (related) ignition interlock devices resource.Thanks and nice lens!-brian

    • danny79 profile image

      danny79 7 years ago

      Very important lens, everyone should keep one in his car,I'm sending it to some of my friends,Drink responsibly

    • profile image

      Mikayla 7 years ago

      Not that I ever drink and drive (ok, I admit, I don't have a driver's license) but it seems like a good safety item if you're unsure whether you can legally drive, even if you FEEL fine.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      This is a novel idea that can really become life -saver.

    • OliveHouse profile image

      OliveHouse 7 years ago

      @junecampbell: I agree - no matter how much they're used, in the end, a choice whether to drive or not has to be made.

    • junecampbell profile image

      June Campbell 7 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      I think these breathalyzers are an excellent idea, if they work. Not everyone would use them, but a certain segment of the population wants to be responsible and these gadgets will help.


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