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Possibilities and solutions to your blinking laptop screen

Updated on December 24, 2012

Is the screen of your laptop blinking or twinkling? Do you get to view the screen smoothly without any glitches? If your answers to these questions are no and yes respectively, then you are probably doing fine with your laptop. However, it is very likely that the screen of the laptop might flicker a bit for reasons known and unknown.

The Possibilities

There is a range of possibilities why the screen can blink or flicker. Let us have a look at them in short.

Mobility of your laptop

I have noticed that the more you carry the laptop around, the more are the chances for the screen to act weirdly. From my personal experience, I can vouch that the screen is likely to twinkle as if it is decorated with dancing lights. I have been using a laptop for exactly three years now, but due to the space problems, I have to shift the laptop from one place to the other. So, there is excessive and unneeded movement of the lid of the laptop. So, that could be one problem why the screen fluctuates.

The placement of the mobile phone

Mobiles have become an integral part of our lives today. Many of us have to depend on this small device for our work. For the pro, a mobile is a must. I too have a mobile phone that I generally keep near the laptop for easy access so that it is within reach and I do not have to leave my seat when I am working. My vendor told me that the blinking problem would be due to the presence of the mobile in the vicinity of the laptop. Interestingly, I never told him that I keep my mobile near the laptop. So, I have a strong doubt that mobile could be a culprit here.

Loosening of the RAM

When I dug deeper to see what more causes I could find, I came to know that a loosely fitted RAM might also cause the screen to flicker. I was advised to remove the RAM and fit it in its place once again. It is possible that the RAM could become loose from its place while the laptop is being carried around. The loosely-fitted RAM might just have moved just an iota from its place.

Corrupted Windows

This possibility came like a shock when I heard this. I came to know that the Windows OS can load even if it is a bit corrupted. It might not show the problem of having gotten corrupted and might still function correctly at face value.

Graphics Driver

One of the prominent reasons could be that of the graphics driver. The graphics driver is either acting crazy for unknown reasons or it needs to be updated. But one point to remember is that if the problem were of the graphics driver, the screen should flicker every now and then. However, such flickering of the screen is not constant on many occasions.


Finally, the problem could also be traced at the motherboard. As the motherboard is the mother of the bulk of the hardware in the laptop that makes it function the way it does, it is very possible that the problem could be located at the motherboard.

The solutions

It is time, we take a look at the possible solutions to the possible list of problems mentioned above.

A permanent place for your laptop

It is very crucial that you allow your laptop to sit at one place for the bulk of the time. The more you carry it around, the more it is likely to act weirdly. When you lift and carry the device here and there, there are many unnecessary movements of the hardware. Who knows, one might even hold and carry it in the wrong way. It should be enough to cause it to have problems.

Placing the mobile phone away

As the mobile phone is magnetic equipment, it is very likely that it will ‘attract’ the laptop or even vice versa. Even speakers kept near the laptop can cause the screen to flicker. Though the percentage of this problem and the likelihood can vary, it cannot be said for sure that the speakers will always make the screen to act in a weird way. When I used to keep the speakers near my computer earlier, I didn’t experience my screen of the computer to fluctuate of blink. But it might be a cause in laptops.


According to some suggestions that I got, the fastening of the RAM could stop the screen to blink and twinkle. However, it was the advice I got from a person whose has put forth his opinion. I am merely conveying it through this hub. I am not sure if this could be a problem, though I am mentioning it here as a sheer prospect.

Reinstallation of Windows

This is probably one of the most serious solutions if you have to give it a shot. If you have to follow this step, you first need to make sure that you have taken all the backup of your drive where you have installed Windows, which on many occasions is the C drive. You may even try clean installation of Windows in this case.

Changing the graphics card

One of the better solutions is just changing the graphics card. Upgrading it when you change the card will be even better. The new card will be more capable of handling the laptop, in case the current configuration remains unchanged.

Changing the motherboard

If, the problem of the blinking of the serious enough then changing the entire motherboard would be a great idea. It will solve all the problems in one go. However, it will be a costlier option to executive for some people. But one has to be sure that the problem is being caused by the motherboard and that the change will help.

Apart from that you can also check the monitor first with an external device to see how it works with other computer or laptop. Checking the wiring to see to it that there is no loose wiring is also a good way out.


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