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Posts I do Not Want to See on Social Media

Updated on January 27, 2020
Carola Finch profile image

Carola is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about health topics and current social issues.


Overall, I love social media. Some aspects of it can be annoying such as the constant name suggestions the mediums expect us friend or follow. On the whole, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit can be fascinating. It is enjoyable to find and share information with my friends and followers. They are invaluable in showing me what is on people’s minds as well as furthering my research as a freelance writer.

I look forward to my morning scroll. First thing in the morning, I shuffle my pajama-ed body to my computer with tea in one hand. What treasures or ideas will I uncover today? There I am, happily munching away on my toast when a post will appear that is upsetting, or downright nauseating. Some posts can ruin my day.

Things People Should not be Posting on Social Media

Verbal and physical abuse

Nothing makes my day merrily roll along than seeing a video of strange teens hitting and kicking each other or someone yelling at staff at McDonalds because their burger was not what they ordered. Really gives me a happy McDay – not.

While these kinds of videos may help expose crimes, the need for staff training, or some other corrective measures, I do not want to see them in my news feed. The world seems to have become insensitive to violence, but I am not. I grew up with “spankings” that left me black and blue and bullies who ridiculed me. When I see people being hurt, it triggers memories of the physical pain and emotional distress I suffered during a dysfunctional childhood and adolescence. Argh.

Some people share violent videos with a "tsk-tsk, what is the world coming to" attitude. I find their judgemental, condescending manner nearly as offensive as the video itself.


People bashing

Some people use social media as a weapon to air their grievances and trash other people. They make fun of politicians and celebrities. I get that some of the raging may occur when people are angry or under the influence of substances, however, I am concerned about the aftermath of their posts. The people venting may change their minds in the future, but their posts are out there in cyberspace forever.

Social media may also provide opportunities for bullies and stalkers to threaten and harass the innocent. Using comments to rage or take revenge on others can have nasty repercussions. Relationships will become strained or broken. People get hurt.

Pushing causes and lifestyles

A rant about how everyone should go vegan or support a cause has the opposite effect than the person posting intended. I am more likely to be turned off the topic than be supportive.

Inspirational stuff

Some posts are “feel good” about the accomplishments of people with disabilities. The problem is the reason why these articles make people feel good. Some will post that seeing the challenges disabled people face made them “so thankful for all the things they have” that these poor disabled people do not have. I do not like to see disabled people depicted as objects of pity or as limited, lesser human beings.


There is some personal information that should not be shared online. Sometimes people are looking for sympathy because they endured what they see as injustice. They may be seeking people who will validate their anger or help them indulge in a pity party. Social media is not an appropriate place to air dirty laundry, which can ruin people’s reputations and strain or destroy relationships.


Showing off and Self-Promotion

Some individuals are really into the selfie thing and post albums of themselves dolled up and layered with makeup. Some of them are embarrassing. I blush for them. How I wish they would take their photos to Instagram or a modeling agency rather than my timeline.

Self-promotion is a tricky thing I know. I do not mind people telling me that they are going to start a small business or sell certain products. However, I do not appreciate seeing product displays and invitations to related “parties” on my timeline on a regular basis.

Political wrangling and sensitive topics

I have an international following, with many in the U.S.A. I am in Canada myself, and not that interested in politics in my country, let alone what is going on south of the border. Surely there are more appropriate places in social media to discuss political and other issues than my news feed.

Boundary violators

On Facebook, I do tell people now and then that I do not want sparkly hearts and witty sayings in Messenger. They keep on doing it anyway, much to my chagrin.

Many Twitter profiles these days, including mine, say “no DMs.” I can understand why. Direct messages can be a pain. I do not mind people who feel compelled to say, “Thanks for the follow” so much. Courtesy is always appreciated in this cold world. It does irritate me, however, when people ignore my request for no DMs and use messages to promote causes, sell their books, or demand to become “friends.” Sometimes people get a little too nosey for my liking as well (no, I am not looking for a hookup). My time is precious to me. I do not want to waste it on unwanted notifications.

Fake news

As a breast cancer survivor, it infuriates me how much fake news there is about causes and “cures” for cancer. There is also a lot of misinformation about other health topics. When I see a questionable post, I look up the website name on the Internet. There is often some information identifying it as a fake news website. If the subject interests me, I usually check out the topic as well by finding more reliable sources.

Cut and paste requests

These postings usually start with something like: “I bet no one will read or share this post.” I want to tell them that in my case, they are right.

The crude, vulgar, and offensive

OK, yes, I am an old lady from a conservative background. I do not enjoy graphic words describing bathroom body functions and the f-word. Vulgar posts on my newsfeed will result in people being unfollowed fast.

Concluding thoughts

I wish I could say I was not guilty of some of these things at some point, but hopefully, I am getting better at the posting thing. Most people seem to be unaware of how annoying, aggravating, and offensive some of their posts are.

I recently heard a term that describes social media as a social vampire that can suck up precious time. If people would think before they post, reading my newsfeeds would be a much more pleasant experience.


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  • LornsA178 profile image


    4 months ago from USA

    I agree with you. Those kinds of posts made me want to sign out immediately from FB. They are wasting my time.

  • Bushra Iqbal profile image

    Aishatu Ali 

    4 months ago from Rabwah, Pakistan


  • launna wiley profile image

    launna wiley 

    4 months ago


  • Dana Tate profile image

    Dana Tate 

    4 months ago from LOS ANGELES

    I dislike the pics that show disabled people and someone writes... No one will like or share my post because I'm disabled... It seems manipulative and exploitation comes to my mind.

    I have a heart like most people but I don't enjoy being shamed into liking or sharing posts. Especially, when most probably aren't real. Social media is wonderful but is has shown the cruel side of humans when they don't have to suffer consequences for their actions.

  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 

    4 months ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    People post all sorts on social media this has been going on ever since the Internet so not much can be changed.


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