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Power On or Off? That is the Question

Updated on April 23, 2008

Should I leave my PC on or turn it off.

You wouldn't believe how many times I have been asked by my customers, "Should I leave my pc on or turn it off?" A long time ago I thought it was better to leave your computer on because of "chip creep", mean when your computer is turned on and off it heats and cools causing chips to "creep".

Now for the 21st century view. With rising energy's cost you would probably want to shut your computer off, enough reason for anyone. There are some other key points...

  1. Leaving your computer on will cause more heat and stress components

  2. Leaving your computer on will also cause more dust to build up faster.
  3. Having high speed internet leaves your computer open on the internet, shutting off keeps out hackers

In my opinion #2 is the most important. I have seen more damage for dust build up than anything else. Not only will it cause more heat, but dust can also conduct electricity which can fry components.

These are just my observation, but I do pass this information along to everyone that ask.


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