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PowerAMP Android Review - Power Amp

Updated on July 25, 2012
Copyright ©, used with permission.
Copyright ©, used with permission.

PowerAMP Review

The PowerAmp application is one of the best Android apps I have used so far. It is by far the best music app out of many I have tried. It has every feature I would ever wish for. If your in a hurry, read no further. Just go download the PowerAmp 5 day trial or even buy the full version for $4.99. I'm sure you will love it if you love listening to music on your droid as much as I do.

Copyright ©, used with permission.
Copyright ©, used with permission.
Copyright ©, used with permission.
Copyright ©, used with permission.

PowerAMP Features

PowerAMPP makes listening to your music fun and easy and offers numerous ways to browse and play your music. It has just about every feature I could ever want. This is one of those Android applications that has every feature you would want and then some you probably wouldn't have thought of, but then end up finding very useful.

I really love PowerAMP, so much so that I'm taking the time to review this great 'Droid app so others like yourself can also enjoy listening to your music on the go in style.

PowerAMP Feature List

  • Ability to browse your music via:
  1. All Songs
  2. Albums
  3. Artists
  4. Genres
  5. Playlists
  6. Top Rated
  7. Recently Added
  8. Or via the actual folders that your music is stored in
  • Create a queue of songs to play by browsing your music library via any of the above methods.
  • You can tweak the sound of the music via either a 7 or 10 band EQ, equalizer.
  • Are some of your mp3's lacking in volume? No problem! The 10 band EQ also offers a Preamp slider that will dynamically increase the playback volume of your songs. I really love this feature a lot and use it quite often.
  • 16 EQ presets
  • The ability to save your own EQ settings as a named preset.
  • Besides using the EQ to shape the sound of your music you also can use Bass and Treble buttons in conjunction with the EQ or alone.
  • Balance button.
  • Stereo X button that expands the stereo field to make it sound wider.
  • A limit button that will clip the output to stop distortion if a song is too much for your speakers.
  • View and edit MP3 tags.
  • View song lyrics while the mp3 is playing. (I haven't used this feature any)
  • A search feature. Type in what your looking for.
  • Repeat button - Repeat List, Advance List, Repeat Song
  • Shuffle button - Shuffle Songs, Shuffle Lists, Shuffle Songs / Lists
  • Option to display the songs recorded frequency, bit rate and format. i.e. 44.1 khz 320 kbps mp3
  • Simply click on the 1-5 stars icons while a song is playing to rate it. Then later you can browse your music via the "Top Rated" method.
  • You can easily create multiple playlists and name them as you like. PowerAmp also supports Winamp style playlists.
  • Displays album art which you can manually set to a specific picture on your device.
  • Several skins to choose from.

I have only touched on the major features here and I'm sure I've forgot a few. Then there are so many things you can tweak within the settings that if I were to cover those I would be writing this hub all day today and tomorrow. Yea PowerAMP is THAT feature rich.

Let me wrap this up by saying this. Right now I'm listening to Van Halen's Eruption (The Best Version) with the volume and the preamp set to the max on my Logitech Wireless Boombox speakers, and some other speakers, and it sounds totally awesome! PowerAmp's EQ and preamp let me adjust everything so it sounds pretty damn sweet.

While most MP3 players sound great it really comes down to the features a music app has. This is where PowerAMP kills the competition. Go download PowerAMP right now, check it out, then come back and leave a comment expressing your opinion of PowerAMP. Also be sure to leave your PowerAMP rating via the cool little stars below. PowerAMP rocks, right? Of course it does.

PowerAMP Screenshots

Please excuse the poor image quality. Since I didn't know how to grab a screenshot from android I had to take pictures with my digital camera to get these shots.
Please excuse the poor image quality. Since I didn't know how to grab a screenshot from android I had to take pictures with my digital camera to get these shots.
These pictures look out of whack due to my poor photography skills and are not representative of how things actually look in the app.
These pictures look out of whack due to my poor photography skills and are not representative of how things actually look in the app.
First half of the main settings screen.
First half of the main settings screen.
Second half of the main settings screen.
Second half of the main settings screen.
Advanced PowerAmp Tweaks screen.
Advanced PowerAmp Tweaks screen.

PowerAMP User Ratings

4.8 out of 5 stars from 5 ratings of PowerAMP Android Application

PowerAMP User Satisfaction Poll

Is PowerAmp the best music application for Android?

See results

By Anthony Goodley ©Anthony Goodley 2012 All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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Android PowerAMP Comments

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    • profile image

      steve prangnell 

      4 years ago

      I have spent the last year trying different apps out,and can confirm(that in my very 'picky', 'anal' and extremely fussy opinion) that Poweramp is simply the best sounding,and most reliable app out there..

    • profile image


      6 years ago


      Basically I'm very happy with PowerAMP (widgets, lockscreen and other UIs as well as the more advanced options over the basic Android music player).


      the app seems to be unable to make use of the metadata (artist, album, etc.) from my music library, which works fine for every other platform I use. Leaving me to only be able to browse via the "folders" menu. (As opposed to browsing by artists name, album title, genre, etc in the "library" menus.) Which is fine, but not ideal.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi thx... i will checkout audacity... it would be nice if poweramp has this option :)

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      7 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      @Samson What you are talking about is called volume normalization, making all your MP3's have the same volume level.

      You could open up all of your MP3's one at a time in an audio editing program like Audacity, which is free, to achieve this. Click effect then normalize.

      The only option that PowerAMP has that would help with this is the preamp slider located to the left in the Equalizer section. You can move it up for songs that are too quite and down for those that are too loud. You would have to do this manually as each song is playing. I often use the Preamp slider for many of my older songs that lack in volume. Hope this helps you out and thanks for commenting.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Is there an option to balance the volume? like some of my song are loud while some of them are really quiet... u know what i mean?

      It would be nice if PowerAMp have this feature... or Idk how to access this feature ...

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      7 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      @Peter and everyone else. If your going to leave a comment it isn't very helpful to others to say "I'm Annoyed by it.."

      Please be specific in your comments as to why you dislike or like PowerAMP otherwise I'm not likely to approve your comments going forward.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I am very annoyed by it and deinstalled it again.

    • MyWebs profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Goodley 

      7 years ago from Sheridan, WY

      @ArcAddiction It sounds like you have tried far more MP3 players than I did before I found PowerAMP. I truly believe it is the best music app for the Android.

      So far 100% of the 4 people who have voted in the poll agree it's the best Android Music Application.

      If you have used PowerAMP please rate it via the stars above. This is very important to me. Thank You!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hey there!

      I am crazy about music and I listen to linkin park as well as slow ghazals.. I am a great fan of Sony Ericsson walkman phones because of their sound quality :-) ( because of Megabass !! ) Anyway, I've tried many android music players.. playerpro, winamp pro, and others.. thought winamp to win the battle but was amazed to listen to poweramp! Awesome application!! :-) Purchased it last week and very happy!!


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