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Prank Calling Tutorial

Updated on December 22, 2009
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Prank Calling

Hi everyone out there in cyber land!

This is a tutorial to prank call anyone in the US

First off this tutorial is to use for fun only. Do not harass people by calling them over and over, I'm not liable for any trouble you get in if you do harass people with that being said lets get this thing on the road!

My favorite program to use is Icall! There is a link to get it down on the bottom of the page :D So go download Icall and set it up on your computer. It will ask you to setup a account. So you setup the account and are rearing to go now what? Do you want to talk to the person using your real voice or do you want to soundboard them or do you want to use a voice changing program?

If you want to use soundboards to prank some one you're gonna have to set it up so your mic is what you hear. With my Audio Device its called Stereo MIX, Others it could be called What you Hear its different for everyone. If it is nether of these go google your audio device and see what it is,

If you want to use a voice changing program your gonna have to pay for it and the best one to use is a program called Diamond Voice Changer and the download link will be down at the bottom of the page

Now back to ICall

Icall is a good program to use. It is untraceable and people cant call u back on it and its FREE with a 5 minute limit to calls so lets see the pros and cons on it!


Free/Easy to use/Untraceable/ Easy to set up multi Account


5 Minute limit to calls/Random Auto Disconnects that require you to reloggin or create a new user name/Annoying Ads before it calls anyone


Skype is a good one to use also if you want to prank random businesses  for free using google 411. But that's about it. If you want to prank call Mobil phones or landlines to houses you have to pay to use it the google 411 number for skype is 18004664411

Skype Pros

Easy to use/Google 411 to any business in the world with no time limit


Pay to call mobile and land line numbers


Prankdial is a fun one to use. No downloads required to use it and you get 2 free tokens a day! You can do a lot with there recordings! :D Also you can put in a number and make there caller id show any number you want :D!!!!! Also they have what called the evil operator were it will connect 2 numbers of your choosing to each other! It records all of the pranks for you to download.

Prank Dial Pros

Evil Operator/ Recording Option/ Many pranks to chose from

Prank Dial Cons

You have to pay after you use your 2 free tokens/ If you use the 2 free tokens it will have an ad after its done with the prank( not the case if you pay for it)

The best place that I have found for soundboards is Ebaumsworld but you could also go to prankdial and set up ether skype or Icall with the mixer as what you hear so it will stream it thru Icall and skype and you don't have ot pay for anything and you can have all there great pranks for free except the evil operator :D also realm of darkness has some good soundboards also :D

Hope you like my guys tutorial and if you do opt for soundboards use the chris hansen one it will be in the link section bellow


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    • profile image

      NK 5 years ago

      Here is a funny prank call that I made up:

      Kid:(putting on a professional adult voice)Hello,would it be ok to do a quick survey on food matters?

      Snobby lady:Yes,of course,what would you like to know?

      Kid:Well,firstly,are you a vegetarian?

      Snobby lady:Yes,indeed I am.

      Kid:So what are views on the subject?

      Snobby lady:Well,I think it's terribly wrong to eat animals,and it's so upsetting.

      Well that is true,of course,but since the lady is a teacher,she will be talking about it in class,although the kids will not actually need stuff like this in the future!

      Kid:OK,thank you for your time,but can I tell you something important?

      Snobby lady:Yes,go ahead.

      Kid:(in a deep American voice)No one does chicken like KFC!

    • twisterdude1009 profile image

      twisterdude1009 7 years ago from WV

      Ty so much Carol! I love to prank call people and I get a lot of questions on how to do it like I do so... I decide to write this tutorial :D

    • Carol the Writer profile image

      Carolyn Blacknall 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Great hub! I could have some fun with the voice changer. Thanks for writing this. – Carol