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No weaving with out Yarn Sizing - Why?

Updated on February 24, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Sizing Machine.

Sizing Machine.
Sizing Machine.

What is Sizing.

The dictionary meaning of sizing is ' a glue like substance used for filling the cloth or paper '.Here we fill that glue called as size which is a preparation of a mixture of four or more any given flour with a anti static agent in fixed proportions in fixed quantity of water and boiled under fixed pressure to a fixed time and pumped in to a stainless steel trough with fixed copper tubes carrying steam to keep the size mixture under constant temperature in which the warper beams of 7 to 12 creeled are drawn through fixed rods seperating the sheet of threads so as not to get entangled in the process.The size mixture that adhears to the yarn sheets when it is cooled after will be like a dried glue and if this happens to threads that are entangled it will be a wastage unacceptable in further process.There fore the rods inserted seperates the sheets of threads containing more than 5000 threads that come as sheets to get sized.The sheets of yarn which pass through the glue in the trough where the size mixture is boiling is made to pass through several hot cylinders placed one over the other in zig zag order and as the yarn sheets pass over these individual cylinders gets dried.The dried yarn is wound on Beams called as size beams which are carefully wraped after tying the ends in equal groups and kept for further processing.

This is a process that is fabric design engineered skilled process called as Drawing In prcess.

The Drawing in process can be simply described as a operation that makes the sheets of yarn go up or down as the warp sheets and the process of taking the sheets of yarn up or down is by a frame of healds with eye lets that take the yarn through them.The sheets of yarn may be gray or colored which depends on the fabric which may be a fabric with stripes of several colors to get the desired design of stripes,however this operation is better done when applied to special type of weaving machines.This simple operation is a fabric engineer's job or the Weaving Master's Job.

The yarn sheets that are drawn completely are nicely tied and are now ready for mounting them on weaving machines of several types.The Weaving Master is the person who decides where these drawn beams have to go and on which type of looms or weaving machines and on how many to get the right quantity of the fabric.

The Weaving Machines are just a beauty to see them working.I tried to place a YouTube but that Embed from my Picasa Album was not accepted by this Hub,nor was there a choice to place the html of the YouTube.

However I shall try to post that YouTube later.


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