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Precautions for Using a Mobile Phone

Updated on August 4, 2016

Mobile may be danger as well

Now a days everyone of us is using mobile without any safety precautions to follow or to study about the benefits as well as drawbacks of using a mobile phone. A mobile can catch fire in hot weather because of charging as well as because of keeping in the pocket and goes up the level of temperature line and make hurdles. In hot places keeping mobile on charging needs so safety and look after, often we keep mobile on charging behind our pillow which is the most danger place, because of this act the mobile shall be so hot and will cause a mobile blast or your mobile will catch fire so easily and will be source of great loss for you. Some important things for mobile safety is given below;

  • Don't keep mobile on charging when it indicates the full caution of the battery.
  • Don't keep mobile on charging for hours in hot weather
  • Don't keep mobile with yourself in pockets in hot weather or sunny hot areas.
  • Always remove your mobile from charging after it shows full
  • Always clean the catches of application from mobile in routine
  • Must remember if Facebook application is installed in your smart phone, so facebook is recording you each and every-time


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