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Precision Touch Stylus Review

Updated on September 20, 2015

Set of 10 Colorful Stylus's - Arrival and Unboxing

When I received these stylus's in the mail, I felt like a kid on Christmas. Opening the box and seeing the package of brightly colored stylus's almost felt like opening a new box of crayons or markers for the first time. Now, I know that they don't actually write in different colors but it was still a lot of fun to see them all line up in the package.

I could tell that the packaging was reusable and I cut above the zip seal thinking that I was opening it correctly, but apparently that's not right because my package won't reseal. I actually think I wasn't supposed to cut it at all; so when you receive yours make sure to carefully open it so you have the benefit of the reusable pouch. I was able to put them all in a sandwich bag so that works for me.

Precision Touch Stylus - First Impressions

After opening up the package I immediately noticed just how light the stylus's are which is a really nice touch. They are very easy to hold. The tip is also very soft so there is no chance of scratching up your device.

They are 5 inches long which is a good size, they fit nicely in my hand. They are not cumbersome at all and very comfortable to hold.

The cloth photographed also came with the pends. I assume it is to clean the screen of your device, but I guess it could also be used to wipe down the tip of the stylus.

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Using the Stylus

I used the stylus on my Samsung Note 4 and had no problems with it at all. I quickly tried all of the pens and they worked fine.

I was impressed that I did not have to press down hard at all. Even though there is a soft tip, it is very accurate and responds with a light touch.

We have many devices in our house with touch screens so it is a relief to have enough stylus's to go around. I'm sure my husband and daughter will be using them too, so there is no need to worry if a few go missing from the pack.

You can use these stylus's with an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle or other touch surfaces.

Final Thoughts

Overall I really like this set of stylus's. I love that there are so many and all of them work perfectly. They are also very affordable! You could easily spend the same amount for just one stylus and in this set you get 10. Overall a great value, a great product and highly recommended.

I received the products mentioned above in exchange for review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pm4d1d8bfe25c66a7e16bcce2a99a5fd92


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