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76 Premium Tumblr Themes

Updated on March 26, 2011

The Ultimate Guide to Premium Tumblr Themes

Tumblr provides one of the simplest ways to start and run a blog. Tumblr is loved by many, and is especially popular in the creative communities of design, fashion, music, film, and photography. In addition to being perhaps the simplest blogging platform, it is also one that is simple to desigm for and customize. However, if web design is not your think they have 650+ different themes to choose from which are super-easy to edit and customize to your liking. Among these hundreds of themes are a collection of premium tumblr themes. These premium themes cost some money, usually between $9 and $49, and usually offer extra features as well as superior design elements that will leave your blog visitors impressed and wanting to come back.

I have compiled what I believe is the most comprehensive list of premium tumblr themes, their price, and where you can buy them. If you find that I am missing one, please let me know in the comments section and post a link so that I can find it and at it. Enjoy!

Essentia Theme

Essentia is a 2 in 1 theme offering both light and dark palates for the theme.  The theme makes use of a wide first column with integrated social media profile links as well as a integrated flickr support.  Essentia is really easy to use, and also comes with the option for Disqus commenting.  Buy Essentia for $12 at Themeforest.

Stratocaster Theme

Stratocaster is simple, clean, and elegant.  It comes with 3 different layout options, and can be installed in less than 1 minute.  Stratocaster is $15 at ThemeForest.

Meteoro 2028 Portfolio Theme

Meteoro 2028 is a minimalist but robust portfolio theme.  It lends itself well to photographers and designers who want to showcase their most recent work through their blog through photos, photosets (slideshows), and videos.  It comes with support for pages so that you could conceivably host your photography/design website all on Tumblr.  Meteoro 2028 is $15 from Themeforest.

Forma Theme

Forma is a professional looking tumblr theme that would lend itself well to both personal blogs as well as corporate/company blogs. Forma's design focuses primarily on content, and the theme supports all 7 tumblr content types. The theme is also versatile and customizable for those wishing to change the background as well as other elements. Forma is $15 from Themeforest.

Chameleon Theme

Chameleons are versatile creatures.  This versatility was translated directly to the Chameleon theme.  The design is clean and elegant and offers 20 different background gradients to choose from.  Chameleon also features a customizable sidebar where you can import your Flickr feed, Twitter feed, or even place ads.  Chameleon is $13 at ThemeForest.

Tumbl News Theme

Tumbl News is a beautiful theme made for the frequent blogger.  The theme is easily changed to feature your custom logo, background, and color choices.  Showcasing your Tumblr Likes, Twitter feed, Flickr feed, and banners ads is also a cinch with Tumbl News.  Get Tumb News for $12 from ThemeForest.

Themblr Theme

Themblr claims to be the premium tumblr theme that is one theme with infinite design possibilities.  The design is clean and striking.  On the back-end, the option for custom features is abundant.  For the uber-design oriented, the theme also comes with the PSD files for further tweaking.  Themblr is yours for $12 from ThemeForest.

Nuance Theme

Nuance is another minimalist theme.  It displays content on the front-page as blocks, and lends itself well to a portfolio/photoblog.  This theme comes with a great deal of options for personalization as well as well-documented code that is fairly easy to read and modify.  Nuance is $12 over at ThemeForest.

Cream Theme

Cream is an absolutely beautiful and extremely detailed theme. It freely uses textures, color, and typography to give it a playful yet still professional feel. The way you see the theme above is pretty much how you will see it on your site, with the exception that you will be able to customize the sidebar however you like. Cream isjust $12 from ThemeForest.

Vintage Sky Theme

Vintage Sky has a playful vintage feel.  It offers a great deal of customization as far as sidebar features go.  Many other elements such as the header and background images as well as link are easily changed to give it a bit more of a personalized feel.  Get Vintage Sky for $11 for ThemeForest.

Time Goes Back Theme

Time Goes Back is a phenomenal minimal theme that is simple, professional, and very sophisticated.  Time Goes Back is specifically for designers, photographers, and the like to showcase their portfolios.  The theme also supports pages and makes integrating a free Wufoo contact form easy so that you can use your portfolio to generate more business.  Time Goes Back is an absolute bargain at $11 from ThemeForest.

LiteFolio Theme

LiteFolio is another portfolio tumblr theme aimed at allowing freelancers to easily show off their work.  The theme features a picture slider as well as your most recent 10 works on the front page.  Each post page is formatted to showcase your work as well as drive users to contact you and follow you elsewhere, such as on Twitter.  For what you get, LiteFolio is worth every one of the $11 it costs at ThemeForest.

Gallera Theme

Gallera is a very elegant and sophisticated gallery theme that allows photographers to display their work in a very beautiful way.  This theme is one of the simplest online photo gallery solutions you will find anywhere.  Grab Gallera for $11 at ThemeForest.

Cherry Theme

Cherry calls itself the cutest tumblr theme, and it couldn't be more true. Everything from the color selection to the typography is playful and cute. The theme is very soft and happy. It is perfect to be used as a personal blog. Cherry is only $11 at ThemeForest.

Stitch Up Theme

The stitch up theme is very simple, but very unique. It has a more rustic feel and texture to it. The layout is great excellent and the prominent sidebar showcases your photo as well as your tweet stream. Stitch Up is just $10 from ThemeForest and is great for your personal blog.

SlimBlolio Theme

SlimBlolio is yet another take on a gallery/portfolio theme.  It's main point of differentiation is the ability to link up to a great deal of different profiles, as well as showcase specific work in the left sidebar, while the rest of the blog's content is featured in the right column.  Snag SlimBlolio from ThemeForest for $10.

Monochrome Theme

Monochrome is a fairly generic tumblr theme that is focused on the content standing out.  This is achieved by the color scheme and textures as well as the shadow effects.  You are at liberty to choose from 8 different background colors to give it a more personal touch.  Monochrome is yours for $10 at ThemeForest.

Marigold & Patchwork Theme

As the name might suggest, Marigold & Patchwork is an indie/artsy looking theme that plays with colors and textures reminiscent of earthy tones and organic objects.  The theme is beautifully designed and is moderately customizable.  If you are the artsy and organic type, Marigold & Patchwork will only cost you $10 from ThemeForest.

FanFarron Theme

FanFarron is another theme that plays heavily with textures and typography to create a more vintage look.  This theme comes with some great built in features for customization, as well as built-in banner ad spots for those looking to sell some advertising and monetize their tumblr blog.  FanFarron is just $10 from ThemeForest.

Elegantem Theme

Elegantem is a fairly eastern and artistic take on design for tumblr blogs.  It comes fully optimized for all tumblr post types right out of the box, and allows users to do some customization with colors as well as with font selection.  Elegantem is $10 at ThemeForest.

Crisps Theme

Crisps is a modern minimal theme that is very crisp, as the name suggests. The theme uses rounded edges as well as gradients to give everything a shiny and appealing texture. Crisps is a welcome change to the level of texture and color play we have seen up to this point. For the person just looking to have a thoughtful but light personal blog, Crisps is the premium tumblr theme to grab from ThemeForest for $10.

Mori (Forest) Theme

Mori considers itself an Asian inspired theme. It is reminiscent of a bamboo forest with both the textures and colors. Mori is marginally customizable, and great for a personal blog. Best of all, this theme is only $10 from ThemeForest.

Minimus Theme

The Minimus theme is far from minimalist. It mixes bright typography with dark textures to produce a theme that is both good looking but completely in contrast to itself. This theme is for sale at ThemeForest for $10.

Metro Lights Theme

Most minimalist themes play with white or gray scale backgrounds. Metro Lights is a lightweight minimalist theme that takes darker approach to minimalism. Metro Lights is excellent for the personal blog as well as the blog that desires to focus more heavily on their content than on design and customization. MetroLights is $10 from ThemeForest.

GothicDream Theme

The Gothic Dream theme design fits the name well. Many gothic-style elements such as the typography, color scheme, and background texture shape the experience. This theme won't apply to everyone, but those that like it can have it for $10 from ThemeForest.

Desire Theme

Desire is a pretty basic tumblr theme. It is great for both the personal and professional blog types, and features well commented HTML and CSS to make customizing the theme fairly easy. Desire is $10 from ThemeForest.

Casey Theme

Casey is a truly beautiful and clean theme. Everything from the typography to the styling of the different post types as well as the sidebar is wonderfully executed. The theme offers a completely customizable background as well as text, header, and footer color and text customization. This nice them is just $10 from ThemeForest.

Boxxed Theme

Boxxed is a bright and clean theme. It lends itself nicely to those wishing to publish photos on their blog. The background is transparent and styled into little boxes of color. The sidebar employs the concept of boxes in its styling of your Flickr feed. Boxxed is $10 at ThemeForest.

5 in 1 Theme

5 in 1 is a very basic looking blog theme with five different color customization choices. Use it for a basic personal blog, or a professional blog. It will get the job done either way. 5 in 1 is $10 from ThemeForest.

The Playground Theme

The Playground looks to be a sort of grid-based/scaffold style theme where the different content types take different forms and sizes to stack on top of each other and make up the whole page. It is clean and looks almost a bit serious in terms of color, type, and composition. The Playground is $10 from ThemeForest.

Pixelated Theme

Pixelated is another basic theme. Most customizations can be made to the sidebar, although there is some flexibility built in to the rest of the theme as well. Pixelated is just $10 from ThemeForest.

Monocromo Theme

Say hello to Monocromo. This premium tumblr theme is loud in both color choice, as well as in font and post styling. Monocromo is very lightweight and highly customizable, and offers a great deal of third-party integrations like Google Analytics, Twitter, Streampad Player, and FancyBox. Grab Monocromo for only $10 from ThemeForest.

CyberDream Theme

CyberDream is reminiscent of something that you would see on one of those old hacker thrillers from the 90's. The green color, motherboard textures, and the typewriter text make it an extremely good choice for the uber-geek blogger. The theme is minimal in its own right, and offers a few points of customization in terms of images and the header. Make CyberDream yours for $10 from ThemeForest.

All Down the Line Theme

All Down the Line is a simple vCard theme designed to give visitors a quick "About Me" as well as a quick look at some of your best freelance work. For just $10 at ThemeForest you can quickly and easily set up your own personal site to get your contact info out there.

Traction Theme

Traction is a three-column theme. The design elements are subtle yet striking, as well as soft and futuristic. The theme is available in both a light and dark palette, but boasts of 60+ different appearance options thanks to color and background customization. Traction is for sale for $49 from the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Vintage Scrapbook Theme

Vintage Scrapbook creates such a style with great color, text, and graphic choices. This theme makes itself very appealing to personal bloggers with a more vintage aesthetic. Vintage scrapbook is $49 from the Tumble Theme Directory.

Fluid 2 Theme

Fluid 2 is the follow-up theme the original Fluid (free) theme. It combines the same striking images and textures in the background with an absolute ton of custom features like a custom video player along with a photo viewer. Fluid 2 is also iPhone and iPad compatible and it comes with an awesome custom scroll bar. There is nothing not to like about Fluid 2, available for $49 in the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Generate Theme

Generate is the ultimate generic theme for tumblr bloggers. Just because it's generic doesn't make it bad though. The theme is simple and beautiful as well as highly customizable. The side bar is wide and ready for custom features like the about module, your Flickr feed, or your Twitter feed.  Generate is yours for $19 from ether the Tumblr Theme Directory or from WooThemes.

Solaris Theme

Solaris is an excellent one-column minimalist theme with both a light mode with a white background and the dark blue background you see above.  The custom integration of Twitter, pages, as well as some excellent icon work.  For only $9 from the Tumblr Theme Directory, this theme is an absolute steal.

Vogue Theme

Vogue magazine is an iconic fashion magazine, famous for their meticulous composition and photography. The Vogue theme is iconic in its own right and focuses on the fashion photo blogger. Vogue is $49 from the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Postcards Theme

Postcards is an ideal theme for the travel bloggers.  The postal textures and color theme makeit appealing, although this high level of design does leave little room for much customization.  Postcards is just $19 from the Tumblr Theme Directory and WooThemes.

Snippet Theme

Snippet is another flexible scaffolding theme built using JS Masonry to give the posts a stackable appearance.  The theme is subtle and clean.  It would make a great theme for the creative looking show of their photo and video skills.  Snippet is $19 from either the Tumblr Theme Directory or WooThemes.

Carte Blanche Theme

Carte Blanche is another great theme for the travel set, taking its design inspiration from retro postcards. This theme is professional and customizable so you can blog the way you want. Get Carte Blanche for $49 from the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Videographer is the quintessential theme for people looking to showcase their video work via a blog. The theme is simple and powerful, allowing you to bring your video work in easily from YouTube or Vimeo. Buy Videographer for $49 from the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Carbon Theme

Carbon is an industrial style theme that is perfect for the Web 2.0 loving individual on their personal blog.  Carbon is $49 in the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Lost & Found Theme

The Lost & Found theme has a very raw and grunge feel to it.  This theme supports the Disqus commenting system, allows for the integration of custom logos, and comes with support for Google Analytics.  For music bloggers, Lost & Found would make a great theme for just $19 from the Tumblr Theme Directory or WooThemes.

Inspire Well Theme

Inspire well is a grid-based theme, making all of the different pieces of content look like bricks in a wall.  The theme supports auto-scrolling, allowing viewers to never have to click "next" or "back" buttons to find more posts.  Inspire Well would function well as a sort of inspiration index where the blogger would posts photos, videos, etc. relating to a specific topic or focused on their work.  This remarkable theme is for sale in the Tumblr Theme Directory for $49.

Scribble is a simple and fun tumblr theme that makes for an excellent layout for personal blogs. The design looks hand drawn. The icons complement the over all design well, and the sidebars are completely customizable. Scribble is very affordable at just $9 at the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Scaffold Theme

Scaffold is a simple and minimalist grid-based theme employing JS Masonry to give it the scaffolding effect.  Customizing the theme is extremely easy from your tumblr dashboard.  This theme would make a great showcase for your own work, or a curated collection of inspirational work you find on your trek around the web.  Scaffold is only $9 in the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Backburner Theme

Backburner comes in 3 primary styles and boats of 40+ potential styling options.  The theme is lightweight and highly customizable in terms of header images and colors.  Backburner also comes with a great deal of baked-in goodies including Tweet and Like buttons for posts and pages.  Backburner is yours for $19 from the Tumblr Theme Directory.

National Park Theme

National Park is a beautiful theme, mixing a minimalist aesthetic with the inspiration of nature.  The color palette of the theme is extremely attractive, as are the icons denoting the different content types.  A few really dynamic options are available in for your sidebar.  National Park is $19 in the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Sunrise Theme

Sunrise is a bright and cheery personal blog theme.  The colors and icons are playful and would suit the optimistic blogger well.  Grab Sunrise in the Tumblr Theme Directory for $49.

Zurich Theme

Zurich was primarily created as a theme for those that like the Helvetica typeface.  The theme integrates all post types as well as the ask and submit functions.  Zurich makes a great basic theme for the casual personal blogger.  Get Zurich for $49 from the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Rank & File Theme

Rank & File is an awesome 3 column theme that is reminiscent of a magazine.  The first column is for the content.  The second column showcases the author's recent likes.  The third gives the visitors information about the blog, the authors, and linkage to other social profiles.  Rank & File is very versatile and customizable.  Get this great theme for $49 from the Tumblr Theme Directory.


Shutterbug is a minimalist photography theme with a light and dark theme option.  Photo bloggers can upload their photos, and even have them displayed in high resolution.  The theme also supports meta data for photos, allowing photographers to post what equipment they used. Shutterbug is just $49 for a high-quality and well designed out-of-the-box photography site.  Get the theme from the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Sonic Theme

Sonic is the theme for blogging bands and music bloggers.  The colors, textures, and overall design are inspired by the good old rock and roll.  Sonic supports all of tumblr's post types.  The Sonic theme sidebars are awesome allowing users to post tour dates as well as link up to their flickr, twitter, and profiles.  Sonic is $49 in the Tumblr Theme Directory.

My Corner Theme

My Corner is a bright one column minimalist theme.  The theme makes sure that everyone's attention is front and center directly on your content.  My Corner is $19 in the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Go Fetch Theme

Go Fetch is a colorful, fun, and whimsical personal blog theme.  The theme comes complete with bouncing icons.  $19 gets you this theme from the Tumblr Theme Directory and well as an extra dose of fun.

Contrast Theme

The Contrast theme is a really great 3 column theme aimed at the everyday personal blogger.  The first column plays host to the "about me" info and social profile links.  The second is a feature of all of the content.  The third column, which isn't really its own standalone column, offers the meta data of all posts along with social sharing links.  Contrast comes with a light and dark out-of-the-box design options and is $49 from the Tumblr Theme Directory.


MagTheme is an excellent attempt at replicating a physical magazine on the tumblr platform.  The theme supports all types of content and styles it in a grid-based form.  The theme allows custom logos and sidebar features, and features a great take on scrolling using an arrow button instead of a scroll bar.  MagTheme is $19 in the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Antiquity Theme

Antiquity is an antique styled theme with a somewhat modern twist.  The texture and color choice is antique, while the typography and general styling is modern and clean.  Antiquity is great for the vintage loving personal blogger and costs just $9 from the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Simplefolio Theme

Simplefolio is the quintessential portfolio theme for designers.  It is very minimal, but is very robust and vibrant in the right areas.  The front page features 9 of your most recent works.  This theme comes with support for pages as well as a direct contact form to generate new leads and business.  Simplefolio is $49 from the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Photofolio Theme

Photofolio calls itself the ultimate theme for photographers of all shapes and sizes.  The dark background should work well to contrast the vibrance of uploaded photos.  Photofolio is $49 in the Tumblr Theme Directory.

TumFolio Theme

Tumfolio is a basic design or photography theme.  The front page features sliders to keep everything on the front page.  Pages are integrated and can serve as a great way to generate new business and leads as a designer or photographer.  Tumfolio is for sale at WooThemes and the Tumblr Theme Directory for $49.

Southern Afternoon Theme

Southern Afternoon is a homely theme with some great sidebar customization options. Grab it for $49 from the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Nova Theme

Nova is a great two-column theme that claims to have 50 different possible layouts.  Of course, this is almost infinite considering they also allow customized background images.  Nova also offers and HD layout and infinite scrolling.  Buy Nova for $49 in the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Savory Theme

Savory is a very detailed tumblr theme with a great deal of custom textures and images.  Even though the theme is very detailed and almost perfect out of the box, there is still a lot of flexibility.  If you are so inclined, you can customize the background image and color.  In addition, you can integrate a great deal of social features such as Flickr and Twitter.  Savory is $49 in the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Well Liked Theme

Well Liked is a very basic theme.  It comes across as stripped down and minimalist, yet in the hands of the right person could end up very beautiful and robust.  Well Liked is a hands on theme if you are looking to take it beyond just the two-column white theme it is right now.  Well Liked is only $9 at the Tumblr Theme Store.

Paris Nights Theme

Paris Nights is another great theme for the travel bloggers as well as the Parisians at heart.  The background images give a vintage Paris feel.  Gran Paris Nights for $49 from the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Splatter Theme

Spallter is a dark and grunge-style theme with integrated Twitter, Google Analytics, and Disqus commenting as well as a customizable header background and custom page templates.  Splatter is $19 in the Tumbler Theme Directory.

Blank Slate Theme

Blank Slate is a super-clean and super-simple tumblr theme.  The theme features a static sidebar, a big content column, and a custom scroll bar.  Blank Slate is $49 from the Tumblr Theme Store.

ProLogue Pro Theme

Prologue Pro theme is lightweight, minimalist, and highly customizable.  Buy the theme in the Tumblr Theme Directory for $9.

Wordographic Theme

Wordographic is a really great theme for writers.  The theme is almost completely text based, lacking a lot of icons, logos, and animations everywhere.  The theme includes columns, flexibility in customization, and some other great integrations like Disqus.  Wordographic is only $9 at the Tumblr Theme Store.

Decadence Theme

Decadence is another home-run two-column personal blog theme from WooThemes.  It is lightweight, and customizable with some great customization options for the sidebar.  Decadence is $49 from the Tumblr Theme Directory and WooThemes.

Nautical Theme

The Nautical Theme is the best theme for swashbucklers, pirates, and sailors.  The theme draws upon old world nautical art, color, and textures.  If Christopher Columbus had a tumblr blog, this would be his theme.  Grab Nautical for $49 for the Tumblr Theme Directory.

Marber Theme

Marber is yet another minimalist one column tumblr theme that places the focus of the page on your top notch content.  The theme is bare-bones, but elegant and signifies each of the different post types with a simple icon.  Marber is $49 in the Tumblr Theme Directory.


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      7 years ago

      amazing list! thx

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      7 years ago

      Awesome! I'm beginning to favor tumblr over wordpress, just a little.


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