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Prepaid Cell Phone Best Text Messaging Rates for Texting

Updated on July 3, 2011

More and more people are staying away from long-term cell phone contracts in favor of the more flexible and increasingly available prepaid cell phone. Prepaid cell phone service is no longer thought of as the service of last resort for folks with a few dings on their credit. People are voluntarily opting for prepaid service.

Prepaid Cell Service and Texting

If you have a teenager or pre teen  in your life, the most important aspect to review when looking for prepaid cell phone service is the text messaging rates.  Teens don’t spend a lot of time talking on the phone anymore; they spend an inordinate amount of time texting (phone talking has been relegated to Skype and other such video services).

Texting has become so popular that even the older folks (post teen) are doing it.  To accommodate the more (ahem) mature crowd, phones such as Jitterbug and cell phone services such as the AARP Consumer Cellular plan has gained popularity.

Cell Phone Text Messaging Rates

If you’re considering one of the more popular cell phone services such as Verizon, T-Mobile or Boost for your teen, you should take a moment to compare the text messaging rates to make sure you get the best value for your dollar.  To help you in your quest for the best prepaid cell phone text messaging rate, listed below are the current rates for five of the more popular cell phone carriers (and one new kid on the block – Platinum Tel):

(click column header to sort results)
Pay as You Go  
.10, .05 or .02 depending on plan selected.
Unlimited texting $20/month
Verizon to Verizon unlimited texting $10/month
.20 per message
200 messages for $4.99/month
1,000 messages for $9.99 per month
unlimited texting $19.99
.10 send/.05 receive
Unlimited texting included in $15/month plan
Unlimited texting included in $50/month plan
$.25 for picture/video messages whether unlimited plan or not
.10 send/receive on Pay as You Go plan
Unlimited texting included in $50/month plan
Unlimited texting included in BlackBerry $60/month plan
Texting cost varies depending on plan. Ranges from .03 to .05 to send and free to .05 to receive
No international texting
Platinum Tel
.02 per text on Pay as You Go Plan
400 messages for $5/month or 1,000 messages for $10/month on Hybrid plan
Unlimited texting included in the $50/month Unlimited Hybrid plan

Since texting rates are subject to change, make sure to visit the cell phone service provider’s website for the most up-to-date rates. 

Prepaid Cell Phones and Budgets

The attractive feature about prepaid cell phones that the phones come equipped with the must haves such as Caller ID, Three-Way Calling, Voice Mail and some phones even have a full QWERTY keyboard.  Your teen won’t feel like she’s missing out, while you’ll be able to stay within the family budget by allocating a set amount each month for cell phone usage.  No more surprises when opening the monthly phone bill.

A prepaid cell phone is also a good way for teens to learn how to budget time, money and cell phone usage.  If they want to talk/text more than the amount of time available on the phone, they’ll learn to earn more or talk less.  A lesson that’s best learned early on in life.


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for this great help. Especially these days where every penny counts.