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Buy an LG EnV3 VX9200 Cell Phone and Accessories

Updated on April 9, 2011

Are you looking to buy an LG EnV3 VX9200 cell phone? If so, you have come to the right place. Featured here is the phone with or without contract, and all the accessories you are ever going to need for it, plus of course a wide range of the prettiest cell phone covers especially designed to fit this cell phone.

LG EnV3 VX9200

This fantastic little phone flips open to reveal a qwerty keyboard complete with a 2.6" internal screen. It has a 3.00 megapixel camera, a music player (that plays mp3, WMA, and unprotected AAC and AAC+ files), Bluetooth stereo capability and a Favourites key that lets the user connect with their 10 most frequent contacts at the press of a button.

The EnV3 also has a speakerpone, speaker-independent voice commands and large widely spaced keys for easier dialling.

There is built-in GPS navigation through Verizon Wireless' VZ navigation.

The integrated 3.0-megapixel camera and camcorder comes with Face Detection, Smile Shot, Panorama Shot and Image Editor to rotate, zoom and crop photos, and flash for taking photographs in low light levels.

It is reportedly much better than its predecessor, the VX9100, having a bigger internal screen and better keyboard layout.

This cell phone is excellent for text messaging.

This little video here lets you get a good look at the cell phone and hear a little bit about how it looks and feels to an expert user. As you can see it comes with mains cable and battery charging adaptor.

wqwerty keyboard and screen
wqwerty keyboard and screen

Front and back

Click on the images above to enlarge them.

Featured here are cables to connect your LG cell phone to your computer for easy file transference, and a choice of memory cards to update the existing card that comes with your phone. I've also included a new battery so should your battery ever pack up you will always have a spare one in reserve.

You've landed on this page if you were searching for cases online for your LG EnV3 VX9200 cell phone.

Coming in a range of attractive colors, with a budget to suit every pocket, I've highlighted what I consider to be the nicest looking ones available online at Amazon.

They are easy to clip into place and will help protect your new phone from scratches and general wear and tear from being moved around.

If you are buying this phone for a youngster, I am sure they would appreciate the pretty colours that will make them the envy of all their friends, as well as giving their cell phone the individuality that youngsters crave, without having to go out and dye their hair bright green or whatever the current trend is when young folk want to look different from their peers.


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