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Priceless Headphone for Less than a Fortune

Updated on July 11, 2014

Good gear means good music.

Listening to music has been a daily routine in our lives. In fact, we can only picture out a grave world without music—the silence kills.

Let’s be straightforward. Are you a music lover? Do you love listening to the harmony with headphones? If so, then you’ve found the very blog that will prove delicious to your melodious taste!

Searching for a good headphone is never easy. Earth is filled with crap and stuff. Fortunately, the answer to your prayer is right here! Sennheiser’s HD 201 will leave you ear-blown with its astounding sound experience—for an affordable price perfect enough for your tight budget of course.

The gear costs no less than $23 in most shops. Such a cheapo, right? Luckily, the headphones boast better qualities than its price can tell us. Personal experience pilots me in this.

It does have a powerful stereo sound, accompanied by a voice-rich response. Excellent for playing songs on a lazy day. Even the voice quality in Skype is banged-up. Games are no exceptions either. Honestly, I have no regrets in buying it even if my friends have Dre Beats. My headphone is somehow decent to rivals theirs.

Now let’s see the looks. The design is quite simple but stylish. The color is sleek, shining bright like a diamond. Yes! For me, it’s a diamond. It’s priceless!

Also, the leatherette ear pads are great cushions. I am able to stick it in my head for hours without feeling any pain or irritation. Being lightweight, the gear is convenient to wear around—anytime, anywhere.

Well, what do you think? Isn’t it great to have such a precious item sitting on your table? HD 201 is probably not the best out there but it still got what it takes to step up the game. Stressing out more is not necessary, magnificent mystery is for you to unlock.


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