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Print SMS Messages from Android

Updated on June 22, 2017

Saving Messages

So you find yourself in a position where you need to print a few messages out of a really long string saved on your Android phone. I found myself wanting to print about 20 messages out of 145, and again I can’t find a clear answer online so I made my own and will share with you now.

First, make sure your phone is connected to a printer. This is between your phone and your printer, you won’t be finding help for that here.

Second, you want an app. I used SMS Backup & Restore by Carbonite. It’s free and it works, so it met all of my strict criteria. That’s what I’m using here.

Step one, go into your messages and save the thread by using the “Select all.” Put a name in for the entire thread so you know it’s the entire thread, and save. Then go back and save ONLY the messages you want to print in a separate file. Use a descriptive title that’s different from the one you used for the entire thread, and save.

Save Messages

Once everything is saved – you will have an .xml file – delete the thread.

Getting Messages Ready to Print

In your messaging app, go to your menu and tap settings. Under general settings tap “Restore Messages.” You should get a menu with a list of your saved .xml files. Tap the one that has only the messages you want to print, and tap restore. When you look in your messages, the thread of messages you want to print should be restored.

Now open the SMS Backup & Restore App. Tap “Backup.” Select “test messages,” give the file a name if you want, and you can opt to backup MMS messages and include Emoji or not. Tap “Selected Conversations Only” and tap Ok on the popup screen. Select the conversation you want to print. Use your back button after you’ve made your selection to get back to the prior screen. For convenience, I used local backup. Once you pick your location, “back up now.”


Printing from SMS Backup & Restore

Once complete, go to “View backups.” Tap your backed up messages that you want to print. To change the order of your messages, tap the three dots next to the name (number), and select “Sort by date” to have the oldest messages appear first. Tap again and select “Print Conversation” to print.

Backup with the App

Finishing Up

After you get your printout that you need, go back to your messages, tap settings, restore, and select the entire thread and restore it to your messages.


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