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Print a Book Fold Document

Updated on February 12, 2013

Book fold printing is when you print two pages on each side of a sheet of paper. The pages can then be folded over to form a booklet.

Book fold pages use a landscape orientation. The pages are printed in the order that they appear in the booklet and not as they appear in the document. This makes it easy to form the booklet after printing by just folding the spine and stapling it.

Setup a Document for Book Fold Printing

1.  Open the document you want to use

2.  Click the Page Layout tab on the ribbon

3.  Click the Dialogue Box Launcher arrow in the corner of the Page Setup group

Dialogue Box Launcher in the Page Setup group
Dialogue Box Launcher in the Page Setup group

4. Click the Margins tab

5.  Select Book Fold from the Multiple Pages: list

6.  If the document is to divided into separate booklets, select the number of sheets you need per booklet from the Sheets per Booklet: list

Select the book fold setup
Select the book fold setup

7. Click the Paper tab

8.  Select the paper size you want to use from the Paper size: list

If you select A4 then each page will be A5 sized when folded. Select A3 for A4 sized sheets when folded

Select the paper size for the document
Select the paper size for the document

9.  Click Ok

Print a Book Fold Document

You must print a book fold document in duplex mode to print on both sides of the paper. If the printer you are using does not have duplex printing functionality, you can still print the booklet by feeding each sheet of paper in twice.

1. Click File > Print

2. Check the Manual Duplex box

Select manual duplex printing
Select manual duplex printing

3.  Click the Properties button

4.  Ensure that the option to print double sided is selected. This can sometimes be called duplex or flip

5.  Click Ok to return to the Print dialogue box

6.  Click Ok

Word will print the first side of each sheet of paper and then prompt you to flip the pages over for printing on the other side.

After printing the pages can be folded down the centre and stapled together to create the booklet.


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    • profile image

      Saint 5 years ago

      great. I was having problem printing ma document in bookfold....thanks to you, I have now gotten around it.