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Printer Drivers Download

Updated on June 21, 2010

Printer Drivers Download

In today's digital age there are numerous brands and models of printing devices. The main categories are: ink-jets, dot-matrix, laser printers and multifunctional. The home user will most commonly own an inkjet printer as they are relatively low cost and superior in print quality to the cheaper dot-matrix style. Laser printers and other newer technology will typically be found in office environments. Whatever the type of printer, you must have the proper drivers for your printer to be able to successfully communicate with your system and function with your software packages.

Locating Printer Drivers

Before you can find the proper driver for your printer you must identify a few things. First and easiest is the brand. There should be an easy to find brand label or logo, as the manufacturer wants this seen to spread awareness of their product. Next you should be on the search for a model number. This is sometimes listed right next to the brand name. If this is not the case, look for a sticker on the back or bottom, which will contain the model number and serial number along with other numbers you need not worry about.

So you have located the brand and model (ex. HP Deskjet 6940). To locate the proper driver you could visit the manufacturer website and search around for your printer models driver page. You may have to dodge advertisements as every manufacturers ultimate goal is to have to purchase a new product. But with time and effort you may locate the driver you require. Alternately you could try to Google search for the driver and hope for the best.

Automatic Driver Updates

What if the frustrating search for your printer drivers could be avoided? Not only for your printer drivers but any device or peripheral device drivers. Thankfully the authors of Driver Detective have made this possible. With a few simple clicks, Driver Detective will scan your system, search its massive database of over 2 million drivers and located the most up to date drivers for each of the devices in your system. Always have the driver updates you need at your fingertips. That time consuming search will be a thing of the past. I highly recommend giving Driver Detective a try. You won't be disappointed. To learn more, visit the link below.

>> Download Printer Drivers <<

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    • pcdriverupdate profile image

      pcdriverupdate 9 years ago from VA

      thank you for the comment. The download should be fairly small but it depends on your location and connection speed for how long it will take to receive. I also hope you find it useful.

      Best wishes.

    • tring-sandra profile image

      tring-sandra 9 years ago from UK

      These sites allways takes a lot of time to download software but i hope that this site will provide me full &amp; useful information.