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Pristine Pictures - 1080p projector

Updated on September 14, 2010

There must be something about HD projectors because of which you are willing to pay your hard earned dollars. Yes, it’s just one simple word. Clarity. Crystal clear clarity. Some of the best projectors produce images so clear that you will be surprised when the realization that you are in a room and not in the location of the movie or video you are watching dawns on you.

1080p is the recognized standard for High Definition movies and videos which have 1080 vertical lines. When you look closely, you would have seen that a video is a set of images with small differences that change really quickly. The resolution of each of these pictures is 1920X1080 pixels and they usually change at the rate of 20-25 frames per second. However, the best projectors can have even 30-35 images or frames per second.

There is no doubt that 1080p projectors are expensive. But, given the popularity of them they must be worth every dollar you spend. Having a 1080p or HD projector at home is like owning your own private theater. With the amazing quality that is surpassed only by the latest amphitheater projectors, you can have your own screening every night of the week and with the onetime investment in it, you won’t be spending on tickets for the movies.

Projectors come in various types but the two latest and most popular ones are LCD projectors and LED projectors. Among them, LED, albeit more expensive, is the preferred one because of the better contrast, the brighter backlight for a superior viewing experience and because the LEDs are self sufficient and do not need replacing. 

When purchasing something as expensive as a 1080p projector, it is important to look out for warranty before making the purchase. You wouldn’t want to be let with a broken projector within a few months of buying it. All the major companies, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic and Sony offer at least 2 years warranty with their HD projectors and that can be extended for a very reasonable price. 

There is no denying that HD projectors are expensive and for most people an extravagant luxury. However, when it comes down to using them, they give the best results and are definitely worth the money. If you find something that is going to suit your needs and fits well in your budget, by all means go for it. It is one product you wouldn’t regret buying. 


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