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Upgrade to Pro Tools 9: Pros and Cons

Updated on February 12, 2011
Pro Tools 9
Pro Tools 9

In November 2010 Avid released Pro Tools 9 for consumers to drool over.  This release changed everything for audio engineers.  Pro Tools has long been the industry standard for professional audio and one of the only complaints was the necessity of having to use Digidesign hardware, now avid.  Pro Tools 9 finally lets audio professionals choose their own hardware or use a computers sound care and core audio.  This feature is really good for writing music say on a plane where you can truck along a lot of gear but still want to either have something to do or be productive on the flight.

If you do not already have Pro Tools then the $599 price tag may scare you but you get what you pay for. It is about $100 more than Logic which is the other front runner in the audio industry. Avid is offering an upgrade to Pro Tools 8 users either Pro Tools LE or Pro Tools HD can be upgraded to Pro Tools 9 for $250. Should you upgrade to Pro Tools 9? If you want to purchase another interface, mix on the go, not worry about delay compensation, get the free mp3 export option without paying $20 like in Pro Tools 8, or just plain need more tracks for recording or mixing then go for it. If none of these advancement hit you right then maybe you should wait till Pro Tools 9.5 or Pro Tools 10. Just cause the newest one is out doesn't mean that you have to upgrade, the advantages were not as significant as the changes from Pro Tools 6 to Pro Tools 7 or From Pro Tools 7 to Pro Tools 8.

Avid's Pro Tools will continue to be the industry leader for time to come. So if you are ready grab Pro Tools 9 and see for yourself.


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