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Problem Solved: Itunes purchased Songs Only Play Part Of the Song

Updated on March 9, 2014

Problem Description

I like most human beings these day like to utilize smart phones. I personally like the Iphone. I find it to be more advanced that other phone platforms. The ironic thing is I don't like Apple computing products. But I've owned a couple Ipods in the past and a few years back dumped Blackberry for IOS.

The problem we seemed to have was that some songs, not all, would play about 80% of the way and then the music would stop. If you look at the device the counter is still moving and if you wait the device will move to the next song. At first I thought it was my Iphone but this last Christmas my daughters both got Iphone Touches and were experiencing the same problem. Interestingly enough it was on some of the same songs but not all.

Picture 1

Select the Music Tab in ITunes to manage music being sync'd to the device
Select the Music Tab in ITunes to manage music being sync'd to the device

Picture 2

Uncheck the sync music box and you can delete all the music from the device
Uncheck the sync music box and you can delete all the music from the device

Picture 3

Select Remove to remove all the music from your Iphone
Select Remove to remove all the music from your Iphone


I literally spent days (meaning way over 24 hours) doing internet searches trying to find how to make this problem go away. There are a lot of problem that are similar to this out on the web, but I never actually saw this exact problem. And most solutions for Iphone problems are to just do a restore. I find that to be a pain in the butt though. I have so many email inboxes and different calendars that's its worth it to me to actually find the solution to the problem rather than starting over on the device.

So what I did was really pretty simple. I connected the phone and the Ipods to the PC and started up ITunes. I let it run through the sync, just in case there was an update to any apps or anything I didn't have before. I then went to the phone on the left hand side. This pulls up he summary tab for the phone. Go into the Music tab (see picture 1). At the top of the music tab is the check box for "Sync Music" (picture 2). Uncheck this box and you get a Window that asks if you are sure you want to do this because it will remove all songs and playlists from the device (Picture 2). Hit the remove button. Then apply and sync.

Now your device has no music on it. Hopefully, and I should have started with this, you've downloaded everything off the cloud to your computer and put it in your library. If you haven't now is a good time to do that.

Go back into the music tab and recheck the box for Sync Music. Select whether you want the entire library or just selected Playlists, artists, albums and genres. If you pick this option make sure you scroll down and select stuff from the other lists (like Playlists or Artists). Once you have it configured the way you want then do another sync.

Test the songs that were not working. One of my daughters Ipods I had to do this twice to get it working right, but now all our purchased song from ITunes play without issue.


So in reality I didn't actually figure out what was going on but I have a theory. I think that the songs got corrupted during a sync (sync could have been interrupted) and for some reason the phone held that info. This was in-spite of me even deleting just the song from the phone and syncing. It was just doing the same thing. When I delete all the music information from the device it must delete all the Meta-Data related to the songs and therefore fixes the issue.

Maybe a suggestion for Apple is the ability from the phone to "reset" or permanently delete all music info off the device.

If someone else had this same issue and did something different I'd love to hear from you. Put the solution in the comments below.

Cleaning Up the Iphone

Make sure you pick how you want the music configured on your phone
Make sure you pick how you want the music configured on your phone

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About the Author

Just your run of the mill IT Director working in HealthIT. I have always been interested in technology but frankly am more into programing and system analysis than end user devices. Take my poll and leave me a comment.


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