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Common Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4

Updated on January 10, 2015


The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone has been one of the most awaited phones to be released along its lineage. It has been a smartphone which many people desire to own. Its release was received with aplomb all around the world. Many android users were ready to test out the high-end hardware, quad-core processor, 13MP camera, a 5-inch 1080p display, a slim and lightweight design among other notable features.

Much as the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone was anticipated, there have been some hiccups with the user experience. Common problems associated with the smartphone have caused disappointment and near suffering for Samsung Galaxy S4 owners. Highlighted in this article are the common problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4. These problems can be classified as critical problems or those problems that are just but a nuisance.

Common Problems Noted With the Samsung Galaxy S4

First on the list of common problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is the flimsy plastic rear. It has been a complaint brought to the fore by the owners of the smartphone. The plastic cover has been said to be flimsy and not worthy of being on a smartphone. The battery cover compares poorly to the overall quality and aesthetics seen in smartphones of similar stature.

Secondly, Galaxy S4 owners have complained that the battery on the phone drains very quickly. The magnitude of the problem has been such that the battery will drain even when the smartphone is not in use. Software glitches have been identified as the cause. Some apps remain running in the background even when the smartphone is put in sleeping mode. Wi-Fi and other apps should be turned off when not in use to preserve battery life. Apps such as Google Play Music drain battery power inexplicably. However, battery life problems are typically resolved with bug fix updates or major Android updates.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone has been an improvement to its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S3 especially the display and display properties. Having said that, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has problems with the screen turning blue when tilted, oversaturation of color, and blurring with fast motion. These problems are both a bother and decrease the user experience of the Galaxy S4.

The camera is impressive and provides numerous features. It is not any different from the camera in the Galaxy S3. Performance wise; the camera is not very different with the slight change being the increase in the megapixels of the sensor. The only problem with the camera is the slow response to change of modes.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Issues

Another of the common problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is the limited internal memory. Bloatware consumes much of the internal storage of the phone. Limited internal storage compromises the user experience of the Galaxy S4.

In conclusion, each and every smartphone out there in the market will have problems associated with the make of the smartphone. The common problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4 are irritating and disappointing rather than disastrous. Therefore, it is expected that Samsung will move swiftly to provide quick fixes to the common problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.


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  • androidfan profile image

    Rajesh Bhuin 4 years ago from India

    I can add another problem. The learning curve for the people who came from other background is a bit longer.