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problems with Straight talk cellular service

Updated on December 22, 2009

Poor or potentially fraudulent celluler services

"If you have experienced poor service, lost finances,or over charging your credit card or bank account from Straight talk in any state, Let me know so we can eliminate this problem together! Read on for more details!
"If you have experienced poor service, lost finances,or over charging your credit card or bank account from Straight talk in any state, Let me know so we can eliminate this problem together! Read on for more details!

Help Me Help us ALL....Together!

I went from a yearly service to Stright Talk pre paid because I needed to cut communication costs from my previous cellular plan from another company. As I researched I came across Straight Talk pre-paid which offers unlimited minutes anywhere in the U.S. as well as unlimited texts, and internet for $45.00 per month....WOW! I was previously spending $340.00+ every month for 3 phones and my laptop, and only one phone had unlimited minutes.

   Everything was fine until I went to pay for my next month for a total of $49.83 with all the raxes, service fees, etc. They told me my card was declined, so I asked them to try again, then a different card, and on and on. I then received a "late unusual" call from my bank, as well as my separate business bank in which both banks informed me that (first bank) $199.32 had been deducted from my account and these four simutaneous transaction popped a red flag, all from Straight talk. Then, the second bank also informed me of two simultaneous transactions for a total of $74.70 had been deducted from that account! Holy Smokes! All within one hour for a grand total of $274.02!!! Ironically I do not have any service whatsoever $6, even though I paid 6 times over for a bill that should have only been $49.83

    This is not all, after contacting these people 7 different times, with the fact that both bank statements show deductions/payments made to Straight Talk out of Florida, Straight Talk tells me they have NO Record of any payment, although they DID confirm ONE of the six payments made ( in which they told me the other five were declined) and that one phone would have service restored....still, NO SERVICE. I asked for supervisors during each call, only to be given the run-around with out any contact with a supervisor until the 5th call to them, I tought "finally" but then I laughed because when the man put me on hold to get a supervisor he returned to the phone and introduced himself as the supervisor, same guy!

     Any how, I have submitted complaints to the Federal Trade Commission, as well as the MN Consumer protection Agency AKA: Attorney General's Office, and  the MN State Utility Commission. If you, or anyone you know has had Problems with Straight Talk/Trackphone/Verizon Wireless and did not receive fair, or any service at all, please let me know. With each account of each problem reported with these companies, we can put an end to this by simply responding to this Blog, as I will send all batch reports to the above listed organizations.


Brad Streets



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    • profile image

      Tommy Birch 2 months ago

      The customer service folks do not speak nor understand fluent English making it very irritating when calling with a problem.

    • profile image

      Peter McNemar 10 months ago

      So i had bought a phone over a year ago well it had problems with in the one year warrenty time that i had bought with it so i got a refurbished phone from straight talk and ive had that one for 6-7 months now worked just fine until this morning when i woke up it wouldnt turn on. contacted customer support because with the refurbished phone it had a warrenty sticker on the box . and i got informed that the warrenty applies to the activation date of the orginal phone and that the phone was defective and that i needed to buy a new phone. so their level of care for their customers is shitty and i do believe having a warrenty sticker on an item that will not cover the item for the time period stated on the sticker is false advertisment and i did ask the rep about that and he completely ignored the question.

    • profile image

      David purcell 10 months ago

      And I work reslly hArd and when my phone told me I can't watch movies any more or play games I was mad. And thin it feel to a virus. CAn u please put my lost time and data back on my phone please . Money is hard to come by

    • profile image

      David purcell 10 months ago

      And I work reslly hArd and when my phone told me I can't watch movies any more or play games I was mad. And thin it feel to a virus. CAn u please put my lost time and data back on my phone please . Money is hard to come by

    • profile image

      october013 3 years ago

      I have been using this service for almost 3 years now and I have had it! I just lost all my voice mail messages. It is so hard to understand Customer Service and they are just about the slowest people I have ever dealt with. I have had trouble in the past and by the time it is figured out, I have a headache and very pissed. Then I get the usual "Turn your phone off and on" crap. Take your battery out, wait 2 or 3 days. Now the supervisor you get to talk to is just someone who happens to be close and available. Needless to say, I am looking for another carrier now. There are a lot of choices out there now and I am not staying with this CRAPPY-ASS COMPANY!

    • profile image

      sam meeks 3 years ago

      Like I'm a 9yr customer and the unlimited net has turned into some 3gigs high speed then your phone is useless. A 300$ ZTE crashed in 18 days an Noo refund or replacements. The service reps are totally stupid!!! After 9yrs they don't even care when I let them know after this phone I'm going to use boost. At least they usually have a local office!!!!!!! They are going to have the same thing happen that GEICO went through.... LOSS OF LONG TIME CUSTOMERS DUE TO POOR SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      rickiebyler 3 years ago

      I have had straight talk for five months now they downgraded my service so no signal most of the time and drops most of my calls they dont mind taking my money but Will not take care of the customers

    • profile image

      anonymousgirl 3 years ago

      This happened to me too. I was auto paying for the service, I owed verizon and they tried to take my money in the bank I didn't know who was stealing it from me so I had to put a stop payment and also change my bank account. Then they decided to cut me off! UNFAIR!!!!

    • profile image

      kimbo 4 years ago

      My straighttalk phone shows that I have net 10 , then when I get a wrong number it says to pay fastlink account? I'm connected to Verizon, an I use a straighttalk $30. calling card. I get a restricted number 5 that comes up that I cannot find no info on. I go to use my internet an can hardly go anywhere because it says the site is not secure. I have many certificates on my phone that I cannot do nothing with. My Bluetooth never seems to work an my phone always says im not connected. When listening to my messages the number 4 where you can hit an it will replay the message now does nothing more than make the message im listening to draaaggggg out real slow but not going back to the beginning just from where the message is still playing. My phone says nothing about it being straight talk an that's what I bought. It also looks just like the ten dollar phone they have at wall mart now. What the heck is going on. I would have to guess the government is taking over all phones now. Or atleast that's the way my phone an computer are acting

    • profile image

      MyTalkingTom 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      Rich 4 years ago

      S.T. UNLIMITED is a crock. U have unlimited internet data until U reach their limit then they cut it off. They all need to go to prison and study the word unlimited there!!!

    • profile image

      mat 4 years ago

      Ive was a ST user for 2 years & they have good coverage. First they shut my phone off because I went over data usage. (they advertise as unlimited. That's false advertisment) Well I just got ST again and they said they needed the last 4 numbers of my social in order to port it. No way. So got a new number so they wouldn't have that information. To dangerous & why would a prepaid carrier even need that? You can't even understand most of them!!! Screw that.

    • profile image

      Lori Lattin 4 years ago

      They just charged three of our debit cards totaling about $300 in pendings and said they were declined. We had to go buy a card. This has been an ongoing problem for months now. They reverse the charge and say our card was declined. I will gladly report them, can you tell me who I should report them to.

    • profile image

      kermit 4 years ago

      I have had this damn st phone for a while now and get no costumer service. For 2 days now my phone says searching for service and I have the 45 unlimited plan and just refilled it the 2nd so I should have no problems. Eell I called them basturds and they were extremely rude so I asked to speak with the superviser and he said im not transfering u. I freaked out on him and still have had no help. If anyone has had this problem and got it fixed please FB me at kermit and mzpiggy.

    • profile image

      Jeremy 4 years ago

      I currently have tested straight talk as well, i get a dropped signal, even though im live literally 300 feet from a AT&T tower which the sim cards run on. Also i get throttled at 1.5GB instead of the 2.5GB advertised. i like my unlimited but getting throttled to 2G speed which is 2x-3x faster than dial up sucks. I am currently switching to H2O wireless due to the fact just this month they started offering unlimited data again which they haven't since 2011 when the data limit boom happen. they use AT&T towers as well and dont state a limit to were they throttle people that i know that have it says when they do get throttled its frequent or even to 3G speed which can range from 5x-25x speed of dial up. Which is more tolerable than 2G. This is my opinion based on research on different companies.

    • profile image

      cstarr 4 years ago

      Ive read most of the comments and they are all similar. My problems are similar. I cant get a ringtone or any sound from youtube etc. I have been thru the cs gauntlet at st and walmart. neither one will honor their warranty. I need a phone but I dont want to give either one my money. If there is a class action lawsuit count me in. BothWalmart and Straighttalk need to be included.

    • profile image

      harry masters 4 years ago

      I have purchased 2 straight talk phone and they don't work despite spending 8 hours on tracfone trying to set the straight talk phones up. Agree with the customer service not being able to speak english, asking for repeated 3 minutes quiet time, and never getting them working. Have tracfone wireless good signals but nothing with Straight Talk. Look like so many of us are having the same experience. up to date 15 day so meny hours on tracfone to and it is not working. PS i need HELP

    • profile image

      Jessica 4 years ago

      In response to the very first entry made by Brad: I am having almost the EXACT same problem as you had. I made the terrible mistake of trying to re up my minutes via phone with my debit card. They claimed to have been having a computer crash after they swiped my first card, so I tried a different card. Same I got tired of having to sit on the phone and said I would call back later that evening. I called back to try again...keep in mind on the first call I was assured that my first two tries were unsuccessful and that my cards were NOT charged. So on the third try, hooray I finally got it to go minutes were loaded.....Little did I know...they had charged my cards a total of 3 times!!! Now, after even having my bank try to call, myself having called them 10-12 times, I have gotten a DIFFERENT explanation each time. THEY WILL NOT CREDIT MY MONEY BACK TO MY CARD. They keep telling me of all this red tape I have to jump through.....and its their mistake!!!! And I sure don't have 3 months worth of minutes.....but they have taken from me 3 separate times...$49.42. I was hoping they would just credit my account after having gotten their initial charge of $49.42, but no go..they are actually trying to lie and say that my cards were declined...but I have a transaction history that shows their charges...and that they have settled on those charges. So, I am now broke and they could care less. I think that its ridiculous..the whole damn process and the fact that they keep changing their story each time I call and transferring me, hanging up, or giving me BS is just unbelievable that they seem to be getting away with it. PLEASE HELP!!

    • profile image

      Richard O 4 years ago

      I was told that I would be able to bring my own phone over to straight talk. So i went thru the process and no service was able to given to me. I called and called to only get the run around and different people telling me to wait 24 hours before the phone would be come activated because it was waiting on a p hone number. How you pay for a service and access code but you are waiting on a phone number from Friday at 6pm until Monday at 8 pm still no phone number. I told them I wanted a refund for all my money paid to them.... Both for the network access fee and also the service plan fee becuase they was not able to give or provide me with any type of service at all... For them to have a local office in Flordia they dont speak any type of english and they all have an accent. I am futhermore convienced that they are just taking peoples money and not providing them any kind of service.

    • profile image

      StraightTalker 4 years ago

      spent last nite trying to sort out the fact that Straight Talk CHARGED MY DEBIT CARD 4 times for 1 card!

    • profile image

      M RIVERA 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Lisa Anderson 4 years ago

      I have just gone back and forth over 50 emails with this company! I bought the phone and pay for the service plan. I went to walmart to get a monthly unlimited card and they were out so I settled for the 1000/1000 $30 card instead. But it wouldnt activate the phone? so I emailed, I was told it was the card and all I could do was get another one. So I did. Another $30 card. But THAT ONE did the same thing??? 23 emails later after them first claiming there was no record, it was invalid, they can't do anything and finally that it was not compatible with my phone type??? really? then maybe you should have asked what phone I had? ... they agreed to give me 14days of service for the 2 $30 cards. BOLLOX! I said no they will give me 30 days of service PERIOD! So I got 14 days of service and then argued again when it was deactivated. I'm out the second card and ended up paying $60 for 14 dys of service. I will NEVER deal with straight talk again!

    • profile image

      Chris 4 years ago

      My wife and I have had straight talk for about a year and a half now. Recently we upgraded my wife to the iPhone 4 and that is were our problems began. I called in to activate and after 4 hours was told i would be given a call back by another tech within an hour. So I hung up and called right back. This time the guy was smart enough to ask me what kind of phone I had. The serial number wasn't good enough for the first 5 reps to figure out I had an iPhone. So i get transferred to the "iPhone dept." 5 mins phone is working. Great, on to the next issue. 2 months into the iPhone service I go buy a service card and call it in. The automated machine takes my pin like all the other times but for some reason transfers me to a CSR. Apparently there is a pin issue and i have been in a wait 4 hrs and we'll try again loop for 3 days now. Talked to multiple supervisors who failed to override anything. I have delt with ST's CS before and already knew what I was in for but this is ridiculous.

    • profile image

      Chase 4 years ago

      I'm positive that you all are retarded

    • profile image

      marsha 4 years ago

      got a straight talk phone and cant sead out my picture messages it just says no message balance available i havent even used the thing yet people for straight talk dont know what the hell they r doing just got the run around gonna change my services

    • Dan Corona profile image

      Dan Corona 5 years ago from Murrieta, California

      Well there is a lot comments here. I purchased my phone from Walmart and the phone failed within the one year warranty period. I called their customer service and the first 3 times I received long waiting period message and it then hang up. I waited about 1 hour between calls. The 4th time I was on hold for 40 minutes before speaking to a rep RJ. Their policy on warranty is to mail the phone call and wait for a new phone. I asked to talk with a manager and I was on hold again for another 49 minutes. The manager MaryJo said that was there policy. However, she said if I purchased another phone she would give me one month of free service. I purchase the phone and spent hours on hold with waiting to talk to a customer service rep. When the rep answered, I was told I would lose the 16 days I had already paid for. The only way to receive the free 30 days was to wait until I have used the 16 days. Why didn't MaryJo tell me that so I would not have to wait for hours on hold? Bottom-line their customer service hold time is unreasonable. Their reps appear not to be very knowledgeable and they have very few options to help their customers.

    • profile image

      Futamarka 5 years ago

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    • profile image 5 years ago

      I have trouble getting into my voicemail

    • profile image

      Heather 5 years ago

      I can tell you the whole story (I have been having problems with them for a week with my latest issue), but I have had problems with them triple charging me, deactivating my phone for no reason, so on and so forth. My latest issue has been due to getting a new phone, not being able to activate it with my old number. MORE to this story, too. But what I found interesting is that the SAME thing that happened to me. I had a very rude person on the line, when I told her I didn't want to deal with her anymore, she supposedly transferred me to a supervisor, and came back on, pretending to be her supervisor. This company should be shut down. They are awful!

    • profile image

      cwgrl65 5 years ago

      Well it sounds to me like I am having the same issue as a million other people ... ST told me my replacement phone was on way 9 times now and each time I call back and they say it is in processing in warehouse still... then today I speak to someone in Florida to be told it just got created yesterday and and then I got irritated and she hung up on me... I will be looking for another service and trying to figure out how to get the month I paidf for back since I have no use for the darn phone that will not work... I am trying to figure out who to report tham to.

    • profile image

      bob51 5 years ago

      My Straight Talk Samsung T528G phone wouldn't charge and I had to send it back. I spent literally hours on the phone with Straight Talk customer problem after another. They tell you they are looking up your account, then two minutes later, they are still researching the problem. Then half an hour goes by before you even get close to an answer. These guys do not have their act together. First they were going to send me a new phone right away without waiting for the old one to come back first--not their usual policy. But in fact they had only half ported my old phone number, so my old phone couldn't receive calls anymore and I needed a new phone right away. Then they changed the story and said they would have to contact the warehouse and see if they would authorize sending a replacement phone right away--"sometimes" they would make an exception if they felt it was O.K.! Upshot of all this was that I decided I would no longer do business with Straight Talk and arranged for a complete refund--which takes 30 "business days," not 30 calendar days. But then they sent me another phone when I had told them I didn't want one! Must have been another mixup at the warehouse. Then they wanted ME to pay for shipping the replacement phone back, but I insisted that they provide me a preprinted shipping label. Upshot of it is I am still waiting for the refund nearly two months later and spent three hours with their customer service people this morning trying to straighten it out. On the first call I was hung up on because the woman didn't like my complaints. Next call they put me over to corporate headquarters in Miami, and I was again disconnected after being promised help. Finally got through to someone at corporate headquarters on my THIRD call of the day, after being asked by someone in their Philippines office to provide them with the FedEx tracking number to prove that I had sent back the defective phone in the first place!!! Even then, the gent at the corporate office told me I wouldn't be refunded the full amount because "unused airtime is not refundable." However, the phone was defective and I never even got a chance to use the airtime! These guys should be put out of business. I'll be lucky if they do in fact send me the refund.

    • profile image

      Allie in Oregon 5 years ago

      Yep, yep and yep. I have had similar problems with my straight talk phone and am very disappointed in the service. At first I thought it was the best deal and straight forward no suprizes service. That was the case at first. I canceled my Verizon service because i got tired of huge unexpected bills. I bought my refurbished LG straight talk phone for $10 online. I had no trouble with the $45 dollar plan except that the internet access was shoddy. every time i tried to visit a website it would kick me off and tell me that my phone didn't have the memory to perform the task. so i paid for internet and didn't really get it. I then switched to the $30 plan since I was paying an extra $15 for nothing. That was a mistake. Twice in the middle of the month i ran out of minutes but when i added up my call log info my minutes used only added up to about 400 minutes! How is that!? I got the run around with customer service if I could even get through and when i did speak to somebody the accent was so strong that I had a hard time communicating with the person I was speaking with. I ended up having to buy a re-up card in the middle of the month. that has happened twice and this month my minutes are lasting but somehow my phone has no service. Wow, that seems kind of fishy! I have no way of calling customer service except from someone elses phone and the website is absolutley no help at all. I never got a response to my plea for help via e-mail. They've taken me for probably 90 extra dollars at this point and I've only been using them for about three and a half months. I should have known it was too good to be true. I hope they discontinue their services or significantly improve on the problems listed above from all of their cheated and dissappointed customers :( Please DO report them. Times are too tight for anyone to be throwing away money on scams like this.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 5 years ago

      I bought a $45 unlimited plan, got the text that says thank you for adding airtime, and everything works, EXCEPT I CAN'T RECEIVE TEXTS! I shut the phone off two different times since the night this happened and it still didn't work so I called for customer service and too many people were using customer service so they couldn't get to me.

    • Social Neter profile image

      Social Neter 5 years ago

      I'm screwed! I have tried for 2 days to get ST to communicate with me. They say they can't port my number because of the zip code. I realize I have wasted $60.00 for a SIM card and month of service! I am contacting the BBB and will try to reject the cost on my credit card, but I am sure it is all useless. The BBB gives them an A+ rate. What a joke!

    • profile image

      jennifer 5 years ago

      so i got an unlimited card and i recieved a message stating i had 4 days til it expired same day i tried to use my phone and it seid pre paid services had been disabled what does this mean

    • profile image

      christir1159 5 years ago

      I have been a raving customer for about 2 years.. I've have told many

      people the straight talk was the way to go, but I have changed my mind in

      the last 2 weeks.

      A couple of weeks ago my phone got dropped and my screen went into a

      complete white screen.. well that is my fault... no big deal. But it

      did prompt my first call to Straight talk. I told the lady what was

      going on and she informed me that I could not retrieve any of my

      contacts... that they were lost forever. I asked about the sim card and

      she said that each phone's card was only used for that phone, but I

      could get my number and minutes transferred to my daughters phone,,,, Well

      I got minutes, but no phone number change.

      Second call... 2 weeks later I have bought another Straight Talk phone

      and call to get my number back and minutes transferred. Well, guess what

      they say I can't get my number because the phone is deactivated. So I

      pick up the phone and make the only call I can make on it which is the

      send, send and the phone goes to my sisters voicemail.... not deactivated

      (Weird). Anyway... I tell the lady that and I'm on the phone with her

      For well over an hour... then she says that it is done and that I need

      to make a phone call and it should go through... and it does. Yay!

      Except.... wrong number.

      Third call about an hour ago.... I need my number so I can get my

      contacts back.... some of them I only speak to a couple times a year so

      it will take a while. "Ma'am we will have to deactivate your phone and

      you will receive a new sim card in about 5 business day."

      Okay this message was sent on September 19, 2012.. no response. But I did call customer service that night and spoke to one of their rudest but probably the most honest reps that they have that stated that I "personally" would never have my phone number again.

      The next day I contacted the customer service to get corparates info and was transfered to a manager that said I could have my number but I did have to wait for a sim card and I wanted to believe it was true so I went with it.

      On September 30th I contacted the managers again to learn that the sim card was not sent!

    • profile image

      BCooper 5 years ago

      My entire family left ATT the first week of August for Straight talk. Neither of our two smart phones can access the internet. The biggest problem is my wife's phone. We bought a new phone and airtime card and transferred her phone number (which she has had since 1996). Everything went fine until we tried to add airtime for September (yes the phone worked fine for the first month). I tried to add air time five days before time was up, and he phone deactivated. We have called everyday now for almost two weeks. Each time we have been lied to over and over again. They reactivate it for 24 hours at a time. We have been sent three SIM cards and tonight the phone has deactivated again. I hope a class action law suit is filed against this band of liars and Walmart for backing the product. We have had this phone number for a very long time and it looks like it will be lost due to Straight Talks negligence. I highly urge you not to use Straight Talk. This situation has been very painful for my wife and my entire family.

    • profile image

      DMMartin 5 years ago

      I purchased a Smart Talk Android phone and a $30 service card at Walmart. After Smart Talk was unable to activate the phone for four days I gave up and returned the phone to Walmart. They would not refund the $30 service card because it had been activated. After hours on the phone with Smart Talk customer service again and being refused a refund or dis-activation of the card so I could return it to Walmart I was given the the corporate office 800-876-5753. I spoke with a gentleman there and was given a case number and instructed to mail/send the card and a copy of my receipt to Tracphone Wireless Inc, 9700 NW 112 Avenue, Miami, FL 33178.

      I was told I can expect a refund by check within 30 days....we'll see....

      they must be under a lot of heat for their poor customer service.

    • profile image

      MaríaM 5 years ago

      I got the $ 60 int.plan that sucks save you money stay away from this straight talk.

    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      I have had my Straight Talk phone for almost 6 months now. The service it sketchy, but it worked in rural areas of Louisianna where my Verizon phone just couldn't get a signal to save it's life. So I bought it as an Alternate phone only for when on business trips. Now I have reduced my Verizon utilization and started using the Straight Talk phone 100%. I have had no issues with dealing with Customer Service. I contacted them via email about porting a number and deativating my auto-service; they were willing to help, but I ended up canceling that request at the last minute as I still had two months left on my Verizon account before I could transfer the number. I still have had any issues with my phone other than coverage locations. The phone I bought only had about 2 bars at my house, 1 bar on the other side of my house, but at least it worked. Then all of a sudden last night, I have zero bars and no signal whatsoever. My daughter also has a Kajeet phone, and her service went out as well. My Verizon phone still had full bars, so whatever service ST & Kajeet are using, had an issue together. I was told it was an AT&T service, but I'm inclined to believe it is more of a Sprint Network, as they just basically suck ass. Either way, for the money, and just for a back up phone, you can't go wrong.

    • profile image

      John Pitman 5 years ago

      3 nights ago,I wasn't able to make a call. ST said I was out of minutes.

      I have the unlimited everything plan. Now it happened again tonight.

      Same time approximately. Both times required long phone conversations with so called customer service,before my phone would function. My service date is 4 days from now,and I have auto draft.

      I am a paramedic,and use my cell to talk to the hospital about sensitive subject matters that don't need to be sent over the radio.

      I have been with ST for 2 years without problems. What is going on now???

    • profile image

      wes 5 years ago

      My wife and I have absolutely no service on our straight talk phones in a place where we had full 3G last week. We went on a small vacation last week where our phones worked fine. Last night customer service sent me on that battery in and out run around then wait 24 hours this is just frustrating.

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      My wife and I have had Straight Talk phones for two years now, a cheap flip phone and a Nokia E71. We currently live in Indiana, and the service is generally fine (I believe our models use Verizon and AT&T). I signed up for ST living in Montana, where there were basically no other prepaid options besides Verizon Pay-as-you-go. On my Nokia, I have no problems getting email and installing Opera Mobile to use the Internet pretty well. As many people on here say, it's customer service that gets to you. I hate calling them but have only had to a few times. They are currently unable to transfer my ST phone # to another and are sending a SIM card in the mail ("within 5 business days"). We'll see what happens. Overall, considering the price for service, it's been worth it. But not by much.

    • profile image

      mary lee 5 years ago

      I as well would love to be in on law suit . After buy phone on 5-18-12 that there web site said work in my area phone dosen't work, phone keeps telling me I have error code 34 or you can only make emergency call . I've called and called all I get is the run around.

    • profile image

      Lauren 5 years ago

      If you go into a law suit I want in on it. After spending 250$ on a phone it does not work. So they push a replacement on me that also doesnt work. After being forced into 4 replacement phones they still refuse to refund my money because by forcing replacement phones on me they delayed me past their "30 day ONLY" refund period. My problems with my overpriced phone are: Shutting off and overheating during calls, 3G quitting working, and eventually freezing and crashing during all usage and it not sending or receiving texts even in areas with full bars. When I called asking for a refund the area manager of customer service (who barely spoke english!) actually YELLED at me for my troubles they have given me!

    • profile image

      OB1 5 years ago

      selling straighttalk airtime/minutes at its very low price..

      3 months costs 100 USD only..its payback time at straighttalk...grrrrrr

      mail me at

    • profile image

      David - Lexington, KY 5 years ago

      Straight Talk customer for over 2 years. Had 3 phones with them at one time. One for my wife, my daughter and myself. Now only have one left. Transferred other 2 to Virgin Mobile after problems with Straight Talk.

      Only good thing about ST is the Verizon network they use. It has good reception in our area.

      Customer service has almost always been courteous but usually can't solve the problem. I really believe they get little or no training and their English is very poor.

      Yes it is a good value if everything is working but if you ever have a phone problem like my wife had you can forget it.

      If you are ever charged incorrectly don't expect ST to fix the problem. I have one issue where they charged me 3 times for a ringtone download for my daughters phone. It never downloaded to her phone and instead of crediting my account as promised they charged me again.

      After 7 or 8 calls and lots of time with their customer service it still wasn't fixed. Fortunately my credit card company refunded the charges promptly.

      ST is a bargain carrier but also a gamble. If everything works correctly you get a bargain if not then don't count on them fixing the issue. You do get what you pay for.

      A big PS: My mom called 911 from her ST phone when she fell at home last night. She got a recorded message which said to enter a 10 digit number. Not sure what happened with this incident as it only happened today but I will definitely be following up with our local emergency dispatch people to see where the problem lies.

    • profile image

      Hate Straight Talk! 5 years ago

      I have consistantly had problems with their service and costemer service. Absolutely no help what so ever. Word of advice ONLY USE PRE-PAYED PHONE CARDS. NEVER TIE YOUR CREDIT CARD TO A NO-NAME COMPANY. Do not trust your credit card or bank account routing number with this comapny only use month to month top up cards. It is the safest rout. By the way simply update your phone's android version to boost network speeds.

    • profile image

      straight wack 5 years ago

      We need to start a class action lawsuit on this scamming company. They slow my data for a month and said at least I still have data smart people use your bank card and if they want to play game just file a dispute! !!!!

    • profile image

      Amanda 5 years ago

      I agree with EVERY negative comment I've read here. For those of you who haven't had problems with Straight Talk, consider yourself one of the lucky one's and don't mock those of us for whom dealing with this "company" has been a nightmare. They "GUARANTEED" me a refund for my phone, I paid for shipping to send it back to them, then, when they received it, the called my message phone number (instead of calling me directly) and left a message that they could not refund my money and were shipping the phone back. You know when I called to check on it, they not only couldn't (or wouldn't) let me speak to the manager who approved my refund (I asked for her by name!!), but they had no record of the information I was given!!! As usual in life, if something seems too good to be true, IT IS!! This "company" is a joke! Everything about it is shady and unprofessional! They should be stopped from taking anyone else's hard earned money! EVERY time I have called them, I've gotten the runaround and now that I see I am not the only one, I don't question calling them all OUTRIGHT LIARS!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Lisa 5 years ago

      I have had a Straight Talk phone for the last 3 years. I had Virgin Mobile before that, which has horrible coverage in my area. I've been very happy with the Straight Talk phone I had, and the service on the Verizon towers has been excellent. The only problem I've encountered is today. I upgraded my old phone to an Android model (Samsung Galaxy Proclaim). It worked yesterday, but today it won't let me make or receive any calls or texts, and the 3G symbol has disappeared. I'm currently chatting with a ST representative via email in the hopes of figuring out what the problem is. I really love this phone, and it worked perfectly yesterday, so I hope that I can get the issue resolved. Other than this present issue, I've been extremely happy with Straight Talk.

    • profile image

      Jill 5 years ago

      My daughter has been using ST for about 6 months. We just love the $45 amount unlimited everything. My husband and I pay $180 a month for Sprint and dont even have internet. She has the Samsung Galaxy and has had zero problems. We live in Georgia and have not had any service problems (phone or internet) what so ever. I do the auto re-fill and have not had any issues there either. I Love ST!!!!!

    • profile image

      ned 5 years ago

      I have had straight talk for over 2 years, dropped verizon as they wanted $150 for my wife and I to have their service, had been with verizon for a long time, I have never had a problem that took over one short phone call to fix. Service has been great, phone works great as long as you make sure your phone has a C after the model number so that it works on verizon towers. Going to buy the Samsung Galaxy proclaim this week, it is $179 at straight talk and an android phone.

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      Anne, I feel your pain. I have used Straight Talk for about two years now - with two phones (by choice) - and today I have been without service for about 10 hours. Like you, my cell is my job, basically. Without it, I might as well be unemployed. Roche posted earlier about a clause in the service agreement that makes me think I might be being punished for streaming too much online content. If that is the case, then it is time for me to move on to a new phone...

    • Sara Phillips profile image

      Sara Phillips 5 years ago

      I am having a huge issue with my straight talk phone right now. I for one am pissed off because the androids can not be used down in lower Alabama. Secondly, I was on the phone with my mother and i told her to hold on that i was sending a text to someone and then my phone suddenly resets.. ever since then it keeps resetting and never going to the main screen. I even took the battery out and my sd card and got a wild idea to plug it into the wall without the battery in it. Needless to say without the battery my phone keeps resetting and i dont know what to do because the service people are horrible and not at work at the moment.. yes this is happening to me right now. it started almost a hour ago.. this is my only contact for family and honestly its driving me nuts because i keep trying to find a way to get it to stop and it wont..... any advice???????????

    • profile image

      Anne 5 years ago

      I'm sad, I've used Straight Talk for over two years (and 3 phones) and never had a single problem with them until today. Randomly, I had no service this morning, despite having amazing service last night. Took my battery out and everything, still not better. I have to wait up to 12 hours for email tech support, but I have a job that needs me to have cell service. Sadly, this may be the thing that makes me change companies again.

    • profile image

      terri 5 years ago

      i have been a costumer with straight talk for over 2 years now and i went to walmart to buy a service card and i called to put the minutes on my phone and they told me my card was already used so i went back to walmart and sense i lost the recipt they told me i had to deal with it through staright talk so i called straight talk and they told me sense i lost me reciept they cant do anything about it and they wont give me my minutes and walmart wont give me my money back it is not fare that i lost out on money and time on my phone this company is not right they wont help you they just give you a hard time and keep telling you they cant do anything for you i guess i will be going to a different company

    • profile image

      vilmafernandes 5 years ago

      please help me to get a clear sound from my friend on wow internet calling card

    • profile image

      Geema 5 years ago

      Straight talks customer service is definitely out of India ok? So don't be surprised when you are dealing with good english. My experience was horrible. I switched from MetroPCS for two reasons. The internet was horrible slow and although I loved the unlimited text and calling, once they started charging me $2 for using my credit card to pay my bill, I was done. So I signed up for straight talk. Now straight talk is charging .95 cents for using your credit card to pay your bill! WTH?? Why are these companies charging for this?? I have to agree with the other posters, the cell phone range is horrible. Yes, dropped calls, terrible reception, it's awful. But that's because they are piggy backing on the Sprint network, and if you know anything about the sprint network, it's horrible. I am definitely missing my clear network with MetroPCS. But I'm sick of these companies all finding ways to sneak in extra fees and call them taxes. From the airlines to the cell phone companies, this country government needs to seriously regulate these big businesses. But big businesses own the government so we ain't going to see that unless we get rid of the dirty leaders we have in office.

    • profile image

      nina silver 5 years ago

      Awful customer service. do not buy replacement insurance as I the maling label in 2 hours after reporting. been six days since dropping in ups dilevery,checked with customer service last night They say they never sint the mailing label and have no record of me ever calling. Guess I will nto recieve any replacement even tho I bought the insurance. Nina

    • profile image

      roche 5 years ago

      File a complaint with the FCC

      Every form filed against them helps

    • profile image

      roche 5 years ago

      I received an email today from a recruiter at a job I recently applied for. She stated that she left me a message on my phone this morning. I am still waiting for the message 10 hours later.....

      I have worked very hard the last year and half to obtain all the requirements of this job. Good thing she emailed me or I would of never known.

      And as far as texting goes, I don't receive them in a timely manner, my friends and family don't get my texts, who knows where they are going.

      Further research and I found out this:

      "We will presume you are engaging in a prohibited use, in violation of these terms and conditions, if you are placing an abnormally high numbers of calls, or repeatedly placing calls of unusually long duration (as compared to other customers on the same service plans), or if your talk, text or data usage is harmful or disruptive to the Carrier’s network or services. If we determine, at our sole discretion, that you are using an unlimited service in violation of the Straight Talk Terms and Conditions of Service, or in any other manner that we deem to be unreasonable or excessive, then we may terminate individual calls or data connections or, after providing notice to you, terminate your service, decline to renew your services, or offer you a different service plan with no unlimited usage components."Term and conditions

      So for if any reason they feel as if they need to block your messages or calls they can and they will!

      I have used straight talk for over two years now, their service has been getting worse and worse. After reading the terms and conditions I will now be switching providers, no matter what the cost.

    • profile image

      Bryn 5 years ago

      I have not had any problems with straight talk, infact i suggest them to everyone. Not only is it an excellent price and no contract but the service coverage is excellent. No one gets service at my house with t-mobile or sprint or at&t and i have never had that issue. Given it could depend on the phone as well. Its unfortunate others have not had the experience i have with straight talk.

    • profile image

      kyle 5 years ago

      i paid for the all you need plan ($30) online and the page said failed so i attempted thus again and same response so i tried one more time for the three times a charm rule and low and behold FAILED... so then i took time out of my day to go purchase a all u need plan from the local walmart and my credit card was declined, i called my bank and you would never guess it but i was charged for the three 30 dollar plans online, my account history when i checked my credit card online still says pending but i cant get my money back after trying to reach straight talk for some assistance, my only response was "sorry, our servers are down. call back in two hours." i tried and tried and TRIED!!!!!! waiting two hours at a time and every freaking time it was "sorry, call back in two hours." i feel like this is a scam and im not very happy with this customer satisfaction! I hope this helps... cuz i know it doesnt help me to sit back and complain about it.

    • profile image

      DevineDecree 5 years ago

      I don't know if this is a waste of time just like using straight talk services or not but I've wasted the past 6 months with them so I thought I could take a few minutes to share my " story or experience " with these crooks.. First off , there unlimited data is straight B.S. with a capital B and capital S lol My girlfriend and I decided to go with straight talk to save money. I have 2 kids that need cell phones and my girlfriend has a son and he needs one as well, so I was spending around $500 a month on cell phone bills threw other major companies. I wont mention any names but this cut my bill in half. Not only did it cut my bill in half it cut our cell phone use in half as well. Everything was fine the first 3 months, until we all went with smart phones!! We were all using data a lot more do to the way better internet and downloading stuff from the app store ect... When I first bought my smart phone 3 months ago, I bought 5 all together and everyone else in the family decided they wanted new numbers so they activated there phones without a problem, AT 1RST, but when I tried to activate my phone and keep my number, disaster struck. I run a computer business and this has been the number I have been using for 2+ years , so it was pretty important to keep the same number. Straight Talk told me it would be no problem to transfer my number from my old phone to the new one.. THEY LIED!!!! A couple hours after I called and activated the phone Straight Talk told me that the new phone would be on within the hour and everything was fine. 2 hours passed, nothing... I called back about 3 hours later, explaining to them that I need my phone on asap and that this is my business line, this is how I pay my bills, feed my kids ect.....Anyways they gave me the run around and ask me to give them 24 hours to fix this problem, so I did. After 24 hours, STILL NO SERVICE.... THIS WENT ON FOR 4 DAY!!!! After talking to at least 20 different people I finally was able to talk to a supervisor that told me they would credit me 1 DAY of service for the problem hahahaha I told them to keep there day and get my phone on or I was switching companies.. The supervisor was NO HELP AT ALL... I talked to a straight talk tech next and he explained to me that the reason they were having problems with my line was because they were having trouble getting my number switch to the new phone from the old one!!! I told every tech I talked to that if the problem was because I wanted to keep my old number to just give me a new one!!!!My guess is they just didnt understand me like I couldnt understand them most of the time.. So I told the final tech, to just go ahead and give me a new number and he had my phone on before we ended the call...

      2 WEEKS LATER...

      I go to check my email account on my cell phone, NO DATA... I get on my girlfriends cell phone, NO DATA... I call Straight Talk, they said," You have used to much data and we turned your data plan off, in order to gain access to your data , you must buy another $45 unlimited card"... WRONG ANSWER... I asked to talk to someone ABOVE THE SUPERVISOR... What happen to UNLIMITED DATA??????

      They turned my data back on..

      They past month or so has went okay. We purchased $45 cards for our phones on the 12th of last month. Today is the 24th, my girlfriend goes to get online to check her facebook, NO DATA... Tries to make a test text to my cell, NO TEXT, tries to make a test call, NO SERVICE AT ALL.... THEY CUT HER PHONE COMPLETELY OFF.... HOW CAN THEY GET AWAY WITH THIS CRAP????? I am getting ready to call them now and argue the fact that her phone should not be turned off... I will keep you posted.. If anyone has any information or tips or ANYTHING that will help me, or HELP US, please email me at


    • profile image

      Tinkerbell0224 5 years ago

      Straight Talk sucks! After two months I added more minutes to my phone and the internet stopped working, the phone would cut off and on at will, and would not hold a charge. Had all the foreign reps who could not help with anything, and after speaking to two supervisors, was told to either (1) buy a new phone and wait on my old one to be fixed (how dumb is that?), or (2) send my phone back and maybe in two weeks they would send me another one. Okay, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck! I asked to have the new phone sent to me first and they said no way. Why would Wal-Mart associate with such crooks? They changed their in store policy to include 15 day return only - no more 90 day policy as they know how bad the product is. Well, I guess you get what you pay for - crap!

    • profile image

      gods4me2 5 years ago

      We have both straight talk and trac phone. Both seem to have the same problems --- minutes and days missing! we bought the 30 dollar plan. First month was great I couldn't us up all the minutes for talk time as I don't use my cell that much. The second month half way through I was out of minutes and used the phone less than the month before! They do not have a log of your calls online for you to see how much time was used on each call ( Virgin Mobile does - my former pay as you go ) So next month I paid for the unlimited on the 8th. It is due to reload on the 5th how is that a months worth of service?!!! Boy friend has one to, yesterday morning his phone said he had 4 days of service, last night 0 days left!!! so they steal days from your plans. My daughter has a trac phone that was fine the first month and now it is doing the very same things that straight talk phones are doing - loosing days and minutes. Her trac phone " lost" twenty five minutes. I NEVER had any of these problems on Virgin Mobile. My service date was always the same day every month. I could check online and see all in coming and out going calls. this straight talk rip off does not even show you online what day you paid or reactivated your service - guess they don't want to see on their website that they are stealing from their customers!

    • profile image

      Kristi 5 years ago

      I used to have a great experience with straight talk when I first received my phone. I've had it for over a year now and I've been having problems receiving some of my calls, and i've been having bad service problems. People say my phone keeps on going in and out, that they can't hear me. Sometimes, my phone works fine, other times it doesn't work properly. Other than that, my phone always seems to be working good and to be in good condition. But it's just the receiving calls part that bothers me. My boyfriend says he called me and I didn't answer, but I never got the call. And when i'm trying to speak with people and they tell me your service is going in and out I can't hear you it ticks me off because I'll have four bars for service. If I could afford it, I would be going to a verizon plan but I can't so I am stuck with a 45.00 month plan with straight talk. For such a cheap price, I guess I shouldn't be complaining because you get unlimited internet and unlimited text and calls with this plan and also NO CONTRACT which is wonderful. But they always advertise they have verizon service, but verizon never has problems with dropped calls, service problems, and not receiving calls.

    • profile image

      october013 5 years ago

      I have been having trouble with my straight talk phone. My phone screen went blank. So I called CS and they were going to have me press a bunch of buttons. I told her no button in the world is going to fix this so they sent me a envolope to send it in and they did send me another one. WELL WELL WELL. I have tried for 3 days now to get activated and keep getting the run around. PUTTING IN CODES, TAKEING THE BATTERY OUT, TALKING TO A BUNCH OF DIFFERNT PEOPLE WHO I CAN BARLEY UNDERSTAND. I WAS FINALLY TOLD THERE IS A NETWORK PROBLEM IN THE AREA AND CALL BACK TOMORROW. I HATE THIS PHONE AND THE CS. I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN! COUNT ME IN IF YOU GO AHEAD WITH THE CLASS ACTION LAWSUITE.

    • profile image

      ec 5 years ago

      Straight Talk is a piece of crap. I bought to touch phones, different phone #'s. After the 1st month, both phones went down at the same time. So we called for help and they said the phones were defective....yet the next day both phones were up and running. All went well until today when both phones again went down. So i AGAIN called and the representative was instructing me numerous times to do things to the phones. Dah....the phones didn't work. They again told me the phones were defective and I informed me the chances of winning the Mega Million lottery were greater than two phones going dead at the same time twice. End result....they are mailing folders out for me to return the perfectly good phones in for an exchange. The most hilarious request...even though this make take weeks in getting mailers, returning phones, receiving phones, they want me to renew my service in 10 days when it is ready to expire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE THEY KIDDING?????

    • profile image

      Dp73 5 years ago

      Horrible Company. lets just say that after 30 days of my "unlimited service" not working, they gave me a 30 day extention of service that still doesn't work. I have called a dozen times each to straight talk and tracfone corporate office for them to pretty much tell me i should just buy a new phone from them. They really don't care about keeping customers. Buyer beware.

    • profile image

      Darlene 5 years ago

      I go in each month a purchase a $45 card (or $30 if I'm broke) and the ONLY problem I have is that I swear near the date my card ends I lose a LOT of calls. Probably coincidence.... I don't understand HOW you can get charged extra if you are purchasing a card each month from a walmart. I have internet if I need it and have never had a problem texting. You can't go wrong with Straight Talk

    • profile image

      pendleton oregon 5 years ago

      my computer (as I'm trying to bring up straight talk) reads! block sign in page and everything I try to do to get there is blocked. And that's because the War Games that are going on here in pendleton has been playing a very big part in our communication system. As I tried to call straight talk because my daughter phone is not working an she is out of town, they told me she needed to change her phone number and zip code. hmmm how odd he said to me that it would only work in my town our zip code. hmm how odd. it worked for her when she was 200 miles away from our zip code and mine worked in portland .3 hours or more away. More Government BS going on is what it is. either that or staight talk is a complete rip off. So what does everyone else think?

    • profile image

      Gary 5 years ago

      This company is the worst! My credit card expired. so i tried to add another one to get the auto bill going again. It wont accept it at all. Called CS and they said i need to call my credit card compqany because MY info isnt correct. Funny the card works everywhere wlse!!! No i have a useless phone tied to useless customer service!!

    • profile image

      tiffany hines 5 years ago

      i love straight talk i get the 30 card it lasts me a month its awesome no problems so far had it 2 yrs

    • profile image

      Allen 5 years ago

      I was going to get one of these ...but NOT NOW! Thanks guys. Im glad you all posted at least you saved one person from this horrible fate.

      Why dont you file with the federal trade commision as a group. everyone post their email and start a list. This is F BS. i cant believe they get away with this. I would also file it against walmart. In florida you can go on line and file easily with the department of aggriculture. they are in charge of any fraud or abuse of when it comes to these issues. I filed against Gulf power and it was resolved in 24 hours. Good luck to all.

    • profile image

      Gary 6 years ago

      I wish I had never went to this phone and service. First, the phone was not activated for several days and then was told some settings had to be changed. At this point, I was able to dial out. I was eventually able to dial out, but then I discovered the phone was not receiving calls. I was told to leave my old phone and new phone on and the service would transfer to the new phone within 24 hours. What happened was my old phone was deactivated and my new phone was not turned on. I used the phone for business so this company has costed me alot of money. Some settings were then changed to finally get calls after a week. The signals is always very poor and there are alot of dropped calls. When you use the phone indoors forget it!! It wont work. Just today, I had a bunch of people call me at my condo and my phone NEVER rang, yet I have all these missed calls. This company should not be allowed to operated. I hope that I can switch this phone to another service.

    • profile image

      Brandi 6 years ago

      Every other month they disconnect my phone! Say it was never on auto refill or say the phone was never setup with them! I also had a problem with my first phone and they had to ship another out. Took a while and then had problems with registering and getting it on auto refill. Problems with credit cards, registration or the best one...our computer difficulties. I'm so fed up, I wish I could just make them disappear!

    • profile image

      Lissa 6 years ago

      Has anyone had their phone hacked? I've never had a problem with them until I upgraded phones on Friday. I tried to activate it and it didn't work. I called. They said wait 24 hours. I did. No luck. Called again and they said wait 48 hours. No luck. Called again and they told me my SIM card did not match with their system and that I must wait for a new SIM card. Now...over the last few days...I have had nearly all of my friends that I talk to regularly tell me that someone is answering them from my number. They also have gotten into my Facebook account. The girl that claims she lives in California and was sent the wrong SIM card keeps fouling up in her replies in text. This is all a lie somehow and all began with a new phone..... Everything's pretty chaotic now. I found it fishy when I upgraded and tried to activate my new phone line that they never (out of 4 times) asked my security questions. So...does this mean ANYONE could have a Straighttalk phone and call claiming they want my number put on their phone? With no security at all? That is not effin okay!!!!

    • profile image

      Tommy B 6 years ago

      Whatever you do stay away as far away as you can from straight talk phones. Nothing they say is straight talk by any means. Im not going to go into all the details but some on have and have done it well. Believe me I have figured it out. Nw lets get right down to the nitty gritty. Its time to ban together in a class action lawsuit against Trac phone Straight Talk owned by Trac phone and Walmart for knoing what is going on. Ever heard of a Nigerian Scam? Well Smart Phone is a Nigerian Scam. Why? Because you buy the phones the phones do not work but for a minamal few and hers the facts. Its hours on the phones trying to get the simm cards do not work or the phones do not work in certain areas but the real catch is that since the phones do not work yand you have paid for air time to the tune of 45.00 or 30.00 dollar cards for airtime which is NOT refundable. Walmart will return your money for the phones while you loose all the airtime and the money you spend for it. Now lets look at this. Phones work or not I bought 3 and a

      have been having words with 8 or 10 people who do not live in the USA They say they do but they do not. They say they are from 5 different countries they say they will send you simms chips to fix your phones and they say they will send them next day air . They also promise to extend you airtime for all the problems and then you start the same crap over and over. Then while you jump the hoops supposedly the airtime is running. I say lets ban together and sue because with all the foriegn bullshit artists who are involved we are losing money with people staeling it right from us and acting like they are not responsible for the theft they are committing. Also a formal report of a compliant with dates facts copies of receipts and yes even recordings of discussions with them can be useful in a United States federal court case because they are breaking the rules and laws concerning FCC which is the Federal Communications Commission. If emails are legal send me email at Enough is enough.

    • profile image

      Chad IN 6 years ago

      Ended up forgetting to add airtime before my phone deactivated, after buyinng a new card and loading it, my phone remained deactivated. After calling "Straight Talk" and speaking with their "Customer Service" (if that's what you would call it, it took them roughly 8 hrs to figure out the problem. Then after 5 days or so, I wake up to find my phone was once again "deactivated" so once again I call their customer service line and explaing the issue, get transferred yet again to a "supervisor". I was told once again, there was an "error" in their system and it would take 24 hours to process the ticket. So after the alloted time, I call and am transferred to a "supervisor" he re-activated my phone, told me to turn it off and back on, and try to make a call, if that didn't work to wait 1 hour and try again. I then ask him about any compensation, he basically ran me around the bush, when I asked to speak to another supervisor or his boss, I was informed "we are the floor supervisor" I asked who "we" were and he wouldn't explain it, he just kept repeating himself. After about 10 minutes of me trying to ask him to either transfer me to someone who spoke better english or to his boss, he kept repeating he wasn't allowed, when I asked why, he reffered back to he processed my claim and the issue was resolved! Eventually I hung the phone up and called back, knowing that I would be directed to a different supervisor. This has been the worse experience I have ever had with a company! I think if a company is going to supply a product to a country, then that company had better have their customer service port based within that country to better assist their consumers! This could be the only company that employes people within another country, yet makes their employee's call themselves by english given first names.

    • profile image

      Burbankj 6 years ago

      verizon wireless does not own straight talk. they use vzw's towers, thats it. and they pay to use them

    • profile image

      Hillary 6 years ago

      I had my first straight talk phone for one year before deciding to upgrade, we gave my old phone to my little sister who has had it for another year. I have their touch screen. It lasted about 2 months before the texting stopped and I had to return it. Their customer service does need to be worked on but so far it's been two years and I absolutly LOVE straigh talk! It's saving me so much money and does everything I need it to!!

    • profile image

      mickie 6 years ago

      I am having trouble with my phone!! Can;t no one hear me and the texts are taking forever to go out. This has been going on for 2 days!!! HELP!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      SalmonKing 6 years ago

      @Christal - if you teather your phone to a computer or pad and use it to access the internet they will shut off data - it's in the fine print.

      Other than the totally unhelpful Indian based service, I've had nothing but good experiences with Straight Talk. My Nokia e71 that I bought refurbished for $50 downloads my email and is an OK internet browser on ATT's 3G network. It's no iPhone, but for the price and the price of service, it's hard to beat.

    • profile image

      Hopping Mad 6 years ago

      Issues with Straight Talk (and Nel Net):



      1)Customer for 3 years with (Nelnet and/or StraightTalk

      2)Used to be good reception from anywhere

      3)For the last year Nelnet couldn't make a good connection on ANY of my calls

      4) I switched back to Straight Talk...

      5) Reception on calls still not good

      6) VOICEMAIL: You can NOT turn it off now.

      7) I receive B.S. calls from weird numbers that use up my voicemail minutes.

      8) INTERNET: Not accessible, I have a Samsung T528G

      I'm using up my minutes and going back to one of the big boy phone networks.

    • profile image

      Amanda 6 years ago

      @Matthew trying dialing *22891 from your phone to reset it.

    • profile image

      Matthew 6 years ago

      i haven't had much trouble with straighttalk but there customer service sucks, bad. but recently I refilled my phone cause i let it lapse, and i payd by phone. my usual is the 45 dollar plan, while i was trying to pay for it the automated mechine i was working with, you all know him the computer that trys to make the experience seem like your talking to a real person. we get to the end of the transaction and he spouts off "total cost will be nine hundred ninety nine billion, nine hundred ninety nine million and zero cents, is that ok?" I don't care if it was a joke im not about to say yes to a potentially legally binding financial agreement like that!! so i bought the second plan and now i don't have service at all, it shows i do but it wont let me call or text or anything. VERY VERY PISSED!!!!

    • profile image

      marissa 6 years ago

      PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM STRAIGHT TALK!!! I had this service for one month and my phone was defective....fine no problem...ill call CS and get this dealt with right away. after two weeks of me talking to 9 diff reps who if u ask me all sou ded like the same b*tch....i finally slammed the phone down and stomped off too walmart. these people would not help me! They kept asking me to reset my profile and other repetitous crap that was not working! I lost my cool several times thats how frusterating these people were. so walmart rep tells me its been 14 days that straight talk has to be the one to generate the replacement or refund.....he gets on the phone with them and 1 hour later after he slams down the phone on these scammers he talks to his manager and walmart ended up eating the cost of this phone to save a customer....they didnt have to do that. but im glad they did or i was out 249 dollars! I now have tmobile prepaid and im happy:-D

    • profile image

      George 6 years ago

      Please DON'T BUY Straight Talk! The carrier supposedly is Sprint but ST CS will not confirm this or give you a phone number for customer service with Sprint, even though ST blames Sprint for lack of connectivity in my house. The CS is HORRIABLE. Of course, they barely speak English but they can read and that is all they will do is read to you from the script. Again don't buy Straight Talk!

    • profile image

      frances wynn 6 years ago

      we have just been on a 1 month roller coaster with straight talk, just to straighten out one phone, as the other one has not been resolved yet, we have spent 10.5 hrs on the phone with straight talk customer service(joke) over a month period of time, and my labor rate is 25 dollars an hour, and i need to find out who to extract the money from for my time on the phone, also after all the trouble and time, our other straight talk phone is still not fixed, and still has no svc.......a month! yes a month!!!!!!!! either i get who im after or i post billboards across north carolina letting the general public know who straight talk is!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      lisa 6 years ago

      my phone works great except i can't call no one i have poor signal all the time

    • profile image

      chevy1976impala 6 years ago

      My service completely "dropped out" twice so far, and I have had the phone three months, with autopay. Both times, the problem was solved by entering reprogramming codes. Solved both times by the first (Indian) operator I spoke to. So it's just been a nuisance so far. I love the new phone, its an LG 511C, and the first touch-screen I've ever owned.

    • profile image

      Christal 6 years ago

      I purchased a Straight Talk smartphone for my daughter and set up auto-refill to pay for the unlimited data plan.

      Three weeks ago, the data service was shut off. My daughter called them to report the internet was inaccessible, but gave up after being transferred through several non-English speaking representatives whose command of English was so poor she couldn’t understand them. She still had phone service, so she assumed they would fix the data when her service refilled.

      Straight Talk sent me a notice that they were processing the credit card payment on January 21st, and notice that they had refilled the service on January 25th. My credit card statement reports the charge went through on January 23rd. However, the phone was deactivated on the 23rd.

      When I called to find out why the phone wasn’t working, they said it had been shut off due to “excessive data use”. When I asked how somebody could use too much data on an unlimited plan, they refused to explain and said they had to question the user about her data use. I explained that would be difficult, considering she couldn’t use the phone, and was told the phone would not be turned back on until she called them and then hung up on.

      So, it was obvious that they had arbitrarily turned off her data service, with no notice to anyone, and then drafted money for the next month of service, knowing that they were not going to provide service. I think that’s called FRAUD.

      Their customer service is absolutely horrible. Every time you call, you are transferred from one representative to another and none of them speak English well enough to carry on any semblance of a functional conversation. Frankly, I suspect this is an offshore company hiding behind a Miami address. Every person I have spoken to (bar none) talks in heavily accented Indian.

      I am currently filing complaints with the FCC, the Florida State Attorney Generals Office and the Florida Public Utilities Commission. I would recommend nobody deal with this company.

    • profile image

      jusbugsbunny 6 years ago

      straight talk on facebook one on one chat with americans...get any problem a rebeliver...almost gave up on them...s/t rules

    • profile image

      j.s 6 years ago

      Had Straight Talk for over two years.No problem with service only with payment using debit card.To remedy problem i started buying activation cards from Wal Mart.Recently i bought a new phone off their website and the trouble started.The phone came in about 3 days but i had to purchase another $45 dollar card in order to activate even though i still had time left on the old phone.After hours and hours of trying to activate it myself i called customer service.The headache began.They first informed me that this phone would be switched to a different carrier,unfortunately one that doesnt work at all in my area.Then i was told that i would have to change my number in order for the service to work even though its the same service i had previously had,just a different phone.After a couple of days of back and forth with customer service that has to be the absolute worse in cell phone history for a number of reasons including the language barrier,I sent it back.Waiting to see the outcome on the refund scenario.Now one week later after reactivating my old phone i am not receiving any incoming calls.They are ok if you purchase a phone from Wal Mart and get it working but if you ever upgrade or have any trouble with your phone it will go downhill very fast from that point on.My advice is to stay away from them,deal with someone you can see face to face,a company you can go into a store and have someone help you with the service.It makes it a lot easier.I guess its true,you get what you pay for.A hard lesson learned!

    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      My daughter had been having bothersome problems with her ST slider phone and had to reinsert the battery to fix it. Then she bought a Samsung Galaxy from ST. That phone locked up the contacts and texting after 2 weeks. I took it back to Walmart and exchanged it for a differant phone same model 10 days later it locked up the same way. I called ST and they said replacing the SIMS caard would fix it. They mailed me a new SIMS card and the phone worked, for 7 days, and it locked up again. When I called ST and demanded a refund at first they said they could only replace the phone I insisted a differant phone of the same model would solved the problem they said it was more than 30 days and couldn't refund by policy. I talked to his super. and he agreed that the only reason it was more then 30 days is because I followed their instructions and agreed to a refund. I mailed the phone in for the refund only to have it reurned in the mail with quote it was more than 30 days. I called ST again and went through 3 level of super. and finally they sent me a mailer via fedex to return the phone in. I returned the phone and 2 weeks later got it back in the via fedex with the statement you guessed it it has been more than 30 days. When a called ST they admitted there was a "issue" with this model and offered a differant model which I refused insisting on a refund. The 2nd time they offered a refund I got the ext. of the phone that person had. 3 days in a row I called to talk to her and she was unavailable. I have contacted the BBB and local TV consumer reporter made comments on their facebook page and comments on several blogs including yours

    • profile image

      oldandwise 6 years ago

      ferheramia have you checked out Page Plus?

    • profile image

      ferheramia 6 years ago

      I was trying to make a call after new years eve and there was no signal. I could text but not rcvd/ or get any voice. So in the end after trying CS, no one home btw. I ended up pressing *22890 and did the process. It actually worked after that. I still ue steaight talk and its much cheaper than anything else out there.

    • profile image

      Poor service 6 years ago

      I got my Straight talk phone 2 days ago. First of all they were going to let me keep my old number from Net 10. They did not. So now I have to start changing my number on everything. And to top that off, the phone works when it wants to and this is the second phone in 2 days. I got a different phone cause I thought it was one certain phone that had bad reception. So this afternoon I will bring it back and just lose my $30.00 for the minutes and go back to Net 10. I had no trouble with Net 10.