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Process to generate random pin number in excel: The easiest process to create automated random pin number using Excel

Updated on January 21, 2013

In our work-field, we often face the necessity to create some random numbers for various reasons. Sometimes it is for making a pin number for accessing something or a random password for someone to access a website, or a code to get certain service from someone or somewhere. But it is not that enjoyable for the users to enter the numbers one by one and create the codes. Excel has the solution on the problem in a few easy steps in the quickest way. Let’s see how it can be done.

Get yourself ready

For the process we have to use a computer which has Microsoft Excel installed in it. Moreover, we are working on a spreadsheet which contains personal information of some employees of an imaginary organization. Now, here we are here to allocate some pin number for them to access that company’s database.

Steps to generate random pin number in excel

Step 1: Select the first cell where you want to see the first pin number to appear. In case of this example it is in column F2 which is contained under the ‘Pin Number’ field.

Step 2: Click on the Formula Tab from the Ribbon of Microsoft Excel.

Step 3: Click on the lower part of the Math & Trig option.

Selecting cell and formula sector for it
Selecting cell and formula sector for it

Step 4: Drag the menu appeared and select RANDBETWEEN

Selecting RANDBETWEEN from Math & Trig list
Selecting RANDBETWEEN from Math & Trig list

Step 5: At the appeared box of Function Argument, which appears right after clicking on RANDBETWEEN, mention the lower limit and the upper-limit of the pin numbers in Bottom and Top blank boxes accordingly and click on OK. In this case, as I have decided to get a pin number of 8 digit, I have mentioned the lowest number of eight digit in Bottom Section and then the highest number with eight digit on Top section.

Step 6: The first box will show the first random pin number of eight digits in the cell now. Drag the Cell’s corner down to activate the function in the following cells.

Declaring the upper and lower limit of the digits to get the random in-between numbers in the cells
Declaring the upper and lower limit of the digits to get the random in-between numbers in the cells

How does the process works

RAND is basically a function to generate random numbers in Microsoft Excel, but the function works only to randomize number from 0 to 1. So, instead of that, we have used RANDBETWEEN, which gives the flexibility to the user to choose the range for the Numbers to be generated by directing the software through mentioning about the Bottom and the Top limits of the numbers.

Think more

DO NOT FORGET TO PASTE AS VALUE when you are copying the data from this specific spreadsheet to some other spreadsheet.Otherwise, the value of the number will be change as you paste the cell in any other spreadsheet as it will execute the formula automatically.


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