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Product Comparison: Alarm Lock Trilogy DL3000 and Kaba Ilco Eplex E5200 Series

Updated on October 13, 2013

December 27, 2008

Both Kaba Ilco and Alarm Lock have been making keyless locks for commercial hardware applications for decades. This is a highly competitive market, and many companies in the United States and elsewhere have produced offerings in the stand-alone, keypad-operated cylindrical lock area. An updated version of the Alarm Lock Trilogy DL3000, the DL3200, will be available sometime in 2009, offering 2,000 three- to six-digit user codes and a 40,000 event audit trail log, standard weatherproof, and other significant product enhancements. This article will compare the Kaba Ilco Eplex 5200 with the existing Alarm Lock Trilogy DL3000.


Both the Alarm Lock and the Kaba Ilco use standard AA batteries; both offer models in Schlage C "classic" (SC1) keyway or several popular interchangeable core preps; and both are based on an architectural grade 1 cylindrical lock chassis. Both locks require software to access full audit trail and time zone capabilities.

Price Point

As of January 1, 2009, the Alarm Lock Trilogy DL3000 in standard satin chrome finish with a Schlage C keyway in the weatherproof version will have a retail price of $1055.00. They also offer an interior-use-only version that will retail as of the 1st of January for $1015.00.

The Kaba Ilco E5200 in the same configuration, (not designated 'weatherproof' but for indoor/outdoor use) retails for $800.00. To enhance product weather resistance, Kaba Ilco offers a weather cover.

Alarm Lock DL-Windows software CD with lock interface and USB cable retails for $220.00 (as of January 1, 2009). In order to use a computer to program the lock, the administrator can bring the computer to the lock and connect it to the lock with the cable provided, or Alarm Lock offers a Data Transfer Module (DTM) for additional charge that allows the adminstrator to transfer data from the computer to the lock and vice versa. The DTM is the size of a PDA, but it has no functionality except to transfer data from one device to the other, like a flash drive.

Kaba Ilco Advanced Control Software retails for $550 and requires a PDA set up to hot sync with the administrator's PC.

Bottom Line for Weather Resistant Lock with Software

  • Kaba Ilco E5200: $1350 (not including PDA)
  • Alarm Lock DL3000: $1275 (as of January 1st, 2009)

Perspective: User may buy many locks over time, but usually only one software interface package. If only one lock is ever to be purchased, the price of the software and interface device is much more of a factor than if more than one lock will be purchased, or may be purchased, in the future.


Door Thickness Range:

  • DL3000 - 1-5/8" to 1-7/8"
  • E5200 - 1-3/8" to 2-1/4"


  • DL3000 - 2-3/4" standard, 2-3/8" available
  • E5200 - 2-3/4" standard, 2-3/8" available


  • DL3000 - non-handed
  • E5200 - non-handed


  • DL3000 - US26D Satin Chrome, US26 Bright Chrome, US3 Polished Brass, US4 Satin Brass, US5 Antique Brass, US10 Satin Bronze (DL3075), and US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • E5200 - US26D Satin Chrome, US26 Bright Chrome, US3 Bright Brass, US4 Satin Brass, 676 Black with Satin Chrome accents, and 744 Dark Bronze with Brass accents


  • DL3000 - UL listed, 3-hour fire rated
  • E5200 - UL listed, 3-hour fire rated


  • DL3000 - Key-In-Lever (KIL) model furnished with Schlage C Classic keyway cylinder and extra tailpiece to accommodate use of certain Sargent, Ilco, and Corbin original equipment cylinders. Models can be ordered to be compatible with standard Best compatible small format interchangeable core (SFIC) and Kaba Peaks, Schlage, Corbin, Medeco, and Yale large format interchangeable cores (LFIC).
  • E5200 - KIL model furnished with Kaba 90 keyway or Schlage C Classic keyway cyinder and extra tailpieces to accommodate a wide variety of other manufactuers' cylinders. Models can be ordered compatible with Medeco/ASSA/Yale, Sargent, Corbin, and Schlage LFIC and all the Best compatible SFIC formats listed above.


  • DL3000 - 5 AA batteries, estimated life: 80,000 activations
  • E5200 - 4 AA batteries, estimated life: 180,000 activations


  • DL3000 - all metal, 12-button
  • E5200 - vandal resistant solid metal


  • DL3000 - programmed through keypad or by computer using DL-Windows software. Communicates via cable provided with software.
  • E5200 - programmed by PDA using Kaba software. Communicates with PDA via infrared light.

Users / Audit Trail:

  • DL3000 - 300 users, 3 user levels, 1,600 audit trail events
  • E5200 - 3,000 users, 30,000 audit trail events

Time Zones:

It is hard to compare these because the manufacturers' terminology does not match and because their softwares take different approaches. In the Kaba system, the administrator assigns up to 16 time periods, called "schedules" to an unlimited number of "User Groups." In the Alarm Lock system, the administrator assigns up to 250 time periods, called "Time Zones" to up to 150 lock states, that is for example, "Unlock", "Enable Group","Disable Group", etc., that are called "Events." The Alarm Lock system allows 4 User Groups.

  • DL3000 - 150 event schedule
  • E5200 - 16 access schedules, 32 holiday/vacation blocks

Remote Release:

Both locks offer a remote release option; it is included with the DL3000 and available at extra charge with the E5200. Remote release is not a particularly popular option because to use it a wire must be run to the lock from the remote pushbutton. That means an electric through-wire hinge and a wire raceway drilled through the door from lock to hinge side. The very reason people usually get battery operated, stand-alone access control locks is to avoid this very thing. Usually if remote release is desired, an electric strike is installed.


Both Kaba-Ilco and Alarm Lock offer good technical support and comparable warrantees on their products. Both are rock solid companies with good customer service track records. They produce products of similarly good quality and roughly the same low percentage of defective returns.

Yes, a 30,000-event audit trail is nice, but let's be honest: who is ever going to review 30,000 events? How many days would that take?

In the end the choice comes down to number of users. If a system is not going to grow past 250 users or so, the DL3000 is fine. If the system is already at 250 or so users, the E5200 is the obvious choice. If number of users is not a consideration, then it may come down to a detail like appearance, available finish, or keyway compatibility. For one door and a hundred users, either lock would work out just fine.

© 2008 Tom Rubenoff


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