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Product Review: Aiphone JA and JF Series Intercom

Updated on July 16, 2011
Aiphone JF-MD Master Station
Aiphone JF-MD Master Station

In keeping with Aiphone's tradition of quality products that are easy to install, their JA and JF series audio / video intercoms more than live up to their reputation.

The JFS-1AD boxed set includes the JF-DA door station, the JF-1MD master station (see right) and a power supply - a 'hands free' color video intercom one-door system in a box.

The JF series features fixed camera door stations for affordability whereas the JA series features door stations that "pan" and "tilt", that is, you can move the camera up and down and from side to side using a rocker switch on the inside station(s) to get a better view. The JF series accommodates 1 door station and up to 2 inside stations; the JA series accommodates up to 2 door stations and up to 3 inside stations, and also features CCTV interface with up to two independent cameras.

The JA-2MCD boxed set includes the JA-2MCD master station, the JA-DAC pan-tilt door station and a power supply. Another 'hands free' color video intercom one-door system in a box, this one with pan and tilt capability. To provide CCTV interface, add JAW-AZ input module.

The JA series boxed set is expandable to 2 door stations and 3 room stations. To create a system for 2 entrances, simply add another door station. To create a system with up to 3 room stations, add 1 of the JA-2HCD sub master stations for each additional room.

The JA series also features the optional JA-2MECD master station with Picture Memory feature that stores pictures of people who activate the door station. In this way you can know who stopped by while you were gone. The recommended number of stored pictures is 16. Using a motion sensing camera, Picture Memory can also be used to store surveillance stills.

Both systems offer optional vandal resistant door stations.

Basic Electric Strike System


To install the JFS-1AD or JA-2MCD intercom sets as is, out of the box, all you need in addition to the components is a two gang electrical box and 18/2 mid cap, non-shielded, PE, solid conductor wire (Aiphone part # 871802). Aiphone extends the warrantee period on its products if you use their wire.

To add electric door release to your intercom, so that you can push a button to let visitors in after seeing who they are, you must have some kind of electric locking system that can be released by a switch. Aiphone intercom master stations come with normally open contacts suitable for releasing a fail secure electric strike or other fail secure electric locking device. In the illustration (above right) the Aiphone master station would take the place of the normally open switch. To release a fail safe electric locking device, such as an electromagnetic lock, Aiphone offers the RY-3DL relay unit that can be purchased separately.

For applicatons that require multiple inside stations, 4-conductor or 6-conductor wire will be required to connect the interior sub master stations with the main master station.


When a person comes to your door, and they press the "call" button on the door station, the camera in the door station is activated and your visitor's image will appear on the master station in your office or residence. Press the "Talk" button to talk to your visitor; press the button marked with the key to activate the electric strike and let them in.

If using more than one inside station, you can use the inside stations for room-to-room communications.

These systems are good for single family residences or single occupant offices. Since the masters communicate, these systems would not be a good choice for multi-family or multi-tenant applications.


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    • profile image

      Morgan 8 years ago

      I love these systems they are so reliable and easy to install. Great product!