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Product Review On Slick Studio Headphones

Updated on June 7, 2013
This is the Slick Studio Headphones
This is the Slick Studio Headphones | Source

Headphones Are Better Than Ear Buds.

I really love my new "Slick Studio Headphones"! They really are awesome. I am not really one for wearing ear buds, as they always keep falling out of my ears, even though I have tried a few different kinds of ear buds. So while I was on a shopping trip at the Biglots store, about Three weeks ago,I rambled on over to the headphones, and let me tell you what, they had a pretty good selection of headphones. Different brands, and different types and styles, as well as colored ones.

I was looking for a good set that was a decent price, as well as comfortable to wear, and sounded really good, except you don't know how they sound until you get them home, and try them out. I have to tell you though, the Slick Studio Headphones are really nice, and they only cost me $8.00. Plus they are extra padded for comfort. Which I really like. So I guess I really lucked out then. But I do have to tell you, I always read the packaging first, and then I compare to the other products. So this way I can make the best choice, because after all I will have to live with the product for awhile.

Okay now I will do my best and try to describe the headphones to you. The headset part that holds the earphone pieces , is extra wide, and does not hug the head. The earphone pieces themselves do not have the inner indentation, and they sit on the ear really nice, opposed to cupping the ear. Which can rub on the ear after wearing them for a period of time. This is one of the reasons I chose this headphone set. The cord which plugs into the headset as well as the plug is really nice. It is more like soft rubber, instead of hard plastic that gets all tangled up. The plug itself is 3.5mm. Also the cord is really long. I am 5ft tall, and the rubber cord seems to be like 6ft long. I usually tuck the excess cord into my pocket, so as I do not trip over it, and it does not get in my way when I am doing stuff.

The product is made in China, and is designed in the USA. It is distributed by Southern Telecom Inc. Brooklyn NY. They do have a customer service support with a toll free phone number.

I use my headphones a lot. I use them on my cellphone to listen to music while I am cleaning the house every Sunday night. I also use them when I am on my laptop and my notebook to watch movies and youtube, as they just sound so much better. The Music is so crisp , clear, and the bass is really good, but not overly heavy, just right. I have the headset on listening to music as I write this review, so I can better describe it to you. I am listening to Justin Beber's "Baby". I can't say enough about my " Slick Studio Headphones. And they are just so comfortable, you forget you are wearing them! I also have to tell you that everyone that tries them on and listens to them, wants a pair of them. Now I wish I had bought another pair of the headphones, just so I have them.

So the bottom line is Slick Studio headphones are a nice little headset for the buck! I would recommend them to everyone. So check your local Biglots, or look for them online.


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 4 years ago

      Very cool. I always like to put headphones in the kids stockings for the holidays. I am going to look for these when I shop.