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Product Review Samsung Flight II

Updated on June 15, 2011

Image taken from Let's Go


Solid Phone with a few weaknesses.

The Samsung Flight II, an update to a very useful phone. Functionality has been greatly improved as the new version of the Flight now sports a landscape qwerty keyboard and the same operating software as the Samsung Mystic. The touch screen is responsive and bright. The phone looks similar to it's predecessor, but also has sleeker styling.

The widget function and your Phone Desktop allow you to keep the things you use most (i.e. Text Messaging, Alarm clock, or facebook mobile) at a finger-tips reach. This convenience gives the phone flexibility letting the user customize to their heart's content.

Samsung did something very smart when they added a headphone jack to the flight. Now the user can buy a standard set of ear buds and plug them into the jack. This feature makes using the Flight as a music player very economical

No longer is the micro SD card trapped underneath the SIM card slot, although you still have to remove the battery cover to change out micro SD cards. (given you are given a USB cable that doubles as the charging cable it should be no small feat to use the cable to transfer things to and from the phone.)

Something Samsung missed out on with the upgrade of the Flight was adding a flash to the camera. The original Flight was seriously out classed by lesser phones that could take better night pictures due to having a flash. Something for them to think about on a future upgrade.


New keyboard layout makes the phone a lot easier to use for texting.

The newly rejeuvinated OS brings the Flight II up from it's beginnings making it a bit more useful than it earlier incarnation.

The new charger that comes with the Flight II allows you to charge the phone from anything with a usb port, but also supplies a converter that allows for charging from a standard outlet.

New headphone jack that allows use of standard earbuds


Micro SD card still buried beneath the battery cover

Camera still flashless.

Final Thoughts:

All in all the Flight II is a great upgrade from its original incarnation. It is powerful enough for people who don't need an Android powered Phone or an iPhone. It's something the everyday user can feel comfortable using and it has features that are useful and familiar. The failings of the upgrade are minor nit-picks a best. Things that are an inconvenience, but don't really detract from the phones functionality. What they improved they got right, what draws away from the phone are small things that they just left alone.

Overall I give the phone a B. There are better more expensive phones out there, but nobody is going to be laughing at you should you be using this.


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