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Programming Tips for students

Updated on December 26, 2014

Programming Languages

In this article we will learn about the programming, as we know that there are many types of languages. Which are being used in programming, something are being used for website development and something are being used for desktop application. There is a list of famous programming Languages and in these some of them are Object Oriented Programming Languages. We will also learn about the OOP, it is little bit complicated. The few of them are;

Java,, C++, PHP, Python, etc. In this article we will also learn how to use stack technique to develop a game.

How to do programming?

There are many questions which arise in our minds, when our teachers assign us tasks.

  • How to complete the task?
  • Which language is suitable for this task?

Same like these questions there many problems. One thing is important we should know how to make our own algorithms. Algorithms are used to solve problems; biggest and worst problems are being solved by algorithms. It is important for a Computer Science or IT professional to know how to create algorithms. Because there are many algorithms which designed for us, but sometime those algorithms are beyond the problems. IT professionals design algorithms according to the problems, it is easy to design algorithms when you know the problem and studied it completely.


Love to do Programming
Love to do Programming

Algorithms in Data Structure:

It is necessary to study the Data Structures, because there are algorithms which make minds to study the problems and create algorithms for newly born problems. It means that due to the Data Structure we will have alternate solutions for problems. Data Structure is defined to store data and do supported operations to manipulate data. As there are many known and famous techniques, which are: Lists, Stacks, Queues and Binary Trees. These four are called Classical Data Structures.

Process Models:

To complete the projects, develop website it is necessary to complete them using a process model. As there are many process models like WaterFall model which is the most famous process model. We should use any process model which suits to our projects and easy to use it. Using process models developers develop projects of any kind step by step. And it is easy to work on any kind of project step by step. When we complete first phase in WaterFall model so we can go for next phase, in WaterFall Model it is necessary to complete the previous phases to work on next phases. If the developers have any kind of problem in previous phases and these phases are not completed so it will be impossible to go for next phase. But there are many other process models as RUP, iterate process models. Which are easy to use and complete projects, but one thing which is necessary for you to keep it in your mind, that choose process models according to your project.


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