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Programs That Will Make Your Computer Run Faster

Updated on January 25, 2013

Why Would You Want Your Computer Running Faster?

Isn't it obvious? Your computer is bogged down by evil viruses and start-up programs that are causing your once-great and once-quick PC to go down the tubes. Here are some programs that can help to alleviate those nagging issues that can make your life terrible and inconvenient. So here are some programs that you will want to use, and I'll explain why.

Also, here's a note of interest. THEY'RE ALL FREE PROGRAMS. Hidden gems, freeware that will save your computer's life.


Ccleaner works to remove any registry issues and start-up errors that may be causing your system to run slowly. Basically it gets rid of anything that might be slowing down your computer in ONE CLICK. Pretty amazing.

Revo Uninstaller

This program works to uninstall any unwanted programs programs from your PC. Including extra antivirus programs that are actually fighting each other for dominion over your PC, which in ironic effect, causes you to be the loser in the end.

How this program works is it takes the place of the Windows Uninstaller that you've known to love/hate over the years. It not only uninstalls programs but it COMPLETELY removes them from the registry and any POSSIBLE traces of their existence. Say, perchance, you have an AOL toolbar for your Internet Explorer that you have come to hate, and don't like how it bogs down your internet experience. Well, open up Revo Uninstaller and click on AOL Toolbar and that item is HISTORY. It will no longer exist on your computer in any shape or form.

Well, can't I just uninstall things myself, manually?

Sure, you can, and you can delete all the traces from the registry and in the Windows folder by hand, but why, when a program can do ALL OF THAT with a simple click. It's a no-brainer. This program is meant to get rid of programs that are slowing down your computer.

Tune Up Utilities

This program will show you want glaring issues your computer has, including such Control Panel errors as Authentification modes, Windows Update errors, and ANY other issue that is plaguing your computer. The good thing about this program is that it doesn't require you to do anything about any of these perceived errors. It's just letting YOU know what's potentially wrong, and that it can fix it. If you aren't sure or don't understand what it's trying to tell you, then a quick google search is in order. It doesn't do anything mythical or fantastic, but it does what it does exceedingly well.

You can find a free 30-day trial at their website by performing a google search. I don't list the link here in case they decide to change it. Broken links are bad.


This is a pseudo-antivirus program. It's more of an on-demand scanner, destroyer than a constant protection like most antiviruses. MalwareBytes works by scanning your entire computer based upon its extensive and frequently updated database of viruses and problematic registry values that could harm you and your personal data. During the scan it will tell you how many problems it sees, and at the end of the scan, it will tell you how it will fix the problems, as well as what the problems are, for your records. It is all exported a text file so you can read about how many errors your computer had at your leisure. All in all, a wonderful program.


This is just like the windows built-in de-fragmenting program, except it's easier to use and make more sense to the average user.

What is defragmenting?

Whenever a file is place on a hard drive, imagine putting a book in a library. Over time, the book expands and the pages of the book get lost in other areas of the library, and that compounds with other files, and it just becomes a general mess. The adequate word for it all is Entropy. Disarray. Chaos.

But Defraggler will clean up your library! One click of the button and all those books will be in their right place and with their correct pages, and depending on the size of your hard drive, if may take a while. Sometime I've run into hard drives that are huge, 1 terabyte or larger, and full of gunk, junk and and other unk, and it just takes a while to move everything around it its proper place. Thank God for Defraggler!

What to do with all this?

All of these programs will help your computer start running like it SHOULD be. Computers are like cars. They are in constant decay. BUT. On the software side of things, there are ways we can stem the flow of decay. These are all programs that do that, and are trusted to do it well. As a computer technician I use them time and time again. I hope that you will use them too! Now go forth into the world, and have a wonderful day, In Jesus' Holy Name Amen!


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      5 years ago

      So we all would like a faster computer and non stop streaming Utube videos and programs that start faster. So we increase CPU's and add extra memmory simms. Still slow after a while.

      No more for me. So here is what i came up with. I have an older pentium 4 computer. with a 3 gb CPU. only 1 gb memmory, more gives problems. Running XP and IE8. Programs start in a few seconds, Utube videos run without stops or starts. Can copy 1 gb of files in about just over a minute. How? On your system there is a Pagefile or virtual memmory file. If you increase thei file size to run 1700 min and 4000 max it will speed up things. Forget about all the so called speed up programs. Just spend a few dollars and download a simple addblock program for your browser. This will block all those annoying adds and videos that slow your Interneting down. Do not attempt to clean or empty the Prefetch Folder as this contains leadins to give you faster access to programs and websites.

      Finally here are the setting I use to give my poor old computer plenty of space to use it's brain and give me all the speed without problems I will ever need VIRTUAL MEMMORY SETTINGS

      Windows XP

      Control panel – system – advanced – performance - settings

      Then adjusted the option of "Adjust for best Performance".

      Then in Advanced – change - virtual memory settings change them to Initial 1440 and Maximum size 3800. Then just press the SET button.

      Windows 98SE

      Control panel – system– performance – Virtual Memory

      virtual memory settings change them to Initial 0 and Maximum size 2000. Make sure File is on I:\Drive.

      Then Re-Start Computer

      Note: Make sure all files and folders can be seen, How?

      Windows Explorer – Tools – Folder Options – View

      Untick the “Hide Protected Operating Files” Option


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