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Progress for the business world

Updated on April 29, 2014

Fuel for progress

Invention is the fuel of progress in our global community. Early civilizations were more compact, closer together, enabling one to conduct their lives on a daily basis in a more personal manner. You could easily go to the local town markets and interact with consumers to promote your business and facilitate sales. As time passed, the edges of the map were expanded and new territories were explored. This opened of new settlements for population growth. This forced people to invent new ways to reach their potential consumers. A telephone becomes vital for communication. Trains were needed to cross longer distances to be able to meet face to face so that you could conduct your business. Motor vehicles were a vast improvement over horseback in reaching destinations. Businesses needed to streamline their work product and make it more efficient. The invention of the computer created an opportunity to leap into the new age.

Taking the place of other items

A computer is an essential tool for modern business. Originally, when you needed to perform mathematical equations you needed a calculator or did the work by hand. When composing a letter, brief, or any document, you needed to do it by long hand, or use a typewriter. If you wanted to communicate with another person, you had to do it face to face, or over a telephone. Anytime you need to do research, you were required to read books, or go to a library to investigate your topics. All of these functions can now be done with a modern computer. Originally, the computer was used in business to aid in the process of completing your tasks. Now, we all have personal computers at home or laptops, which serve similar functions. Wherever you are, if you have access to a computer, you can compose written documents, do equations, and communicate with others. Whatever business you are in, the use of a computer is integral to your success.

Large companies

A computer is a single keyboard, screen, and processor. You can sit at your workstation and complete numerous tasks. However, in the business world, you still need to interact with your coworkers and consumers. A large company has unique and specific data that all employees must utilize when working towards accomplishing their goals. In order to maximize efficiency, businesses created a central server. This would act as the main computer for the company. Individuals would work at terminals that accessed the main server to complete their tasks. Every terminal, essentially a keyboard and screen, would be connected to the main server, and would all have access to the same data. However, businesses needed more. They required their individual workers to be able to perform tasks at their workstations. A terminal emulator solved this problem. Instead of each workstation simply being a keyboard, now software enables each station to connect to the server, as well as maintaining an individual processing capability at each workstation. You can run applications from the individual computer or applications that exist only on the mainframe server. Terminal emulation has allowed business to keep their companies moving forward.



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