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Project Fi Vs AT&T: Data Speeds

Updated on December 17, 2015

Project Fi 4 Months Later

It's official been 4 months I have been on Google Project Fi. I don't want to bore my audience with the same old things about this service. For me it just works. Not only that it works for me like it is supposed to. This is the best part.I live in East St. Louis Illinois and my coverage and bars with Sprint and T-Mobile were mostly the same. At&t to me in my area isn't all that what I thought it would be. So what I haven't talked about is its data speeds between using WiFi, T-Mobile and Sprint. While I have run some speed tests, I also added another carrier to the mix. I have used At&t for a little while now while I had some time away from Project Fi. Below you will see videos as well as screenshots of the data speeds

WiFi Speeds on Project Fi

Depending on the speeds of your internet connections and hotspots for WiFi, this may vary. While I do have an At&t modem using At&t U-Verse internet in the house. The connection speeds were still slow. Only reaching 144MBPS. According to my FiSpy App on my Nexus 6 and my network settings on my PC. For my Fi coverage on Nexus, I was getting 1.0mbps down and 584 kbps up. On At&t Go Phone it was 627 kbps down and 1.1 Mbps up. So WiFi speeds were very ugly.

Project Fi Vs At&t

Data Speeds on Sprint VS At&t

This test I turned off my wifi and used that networks. Sprint on Fi and At&t data. So I ran the speeds and Sprint was 4.6 Mbps Down and 4.5 Mbps up. It was pretty even but still very slow. Next up At&t data speeds were 1.3 Mbps down and 1.3 p. Even slower.

Data Speeds


T-Mobile Vs At&t

Next I switched networks on Fi to T-Mobile. T-Mobile speeds were as followed it was 25.8 Mbps down and 7.8 Mbps up. At&t speeds moved a little, but nothing to threat T-Mobiles speeds. Its numbers were 1.4 Mbps down and 2.3 Mbps up. At&t speeds still couldn't keep up. T-Mobile had beaten them all.

Google VS At&t

Which One Wins?

In the end, it seems that Google's Project Fi speeds are something to be reckoned with in the mobile industry. The next improvements need to be Fi coverage. As I have read about it and not all consumers have or had great coverages. But even with having less coverage, there is always WiFi to help users to keep and stay connected. Google is hard at work with fixing more bugs and connectivity and for as At&t in my area, well At&t needs to improve as well.



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