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Promotional Flash Drives Guide

Updated on September 21, 2010
Promotional flash drive
Promotional flash drive

What is promotional flash drives?

As the name suggests, promotional flash drives are customized flash drives manufactured for promotional purposes. It is either given or sold to customers as a gift or promotional product. What differ it from other flash drives is that you can put your company logo or pre-load company documents into the drive to give additional impression to customers. With the prevalent use of flash drives nowadays, it is more common to see such drives in promotional sectors of companies. As flash drives are becoming more and more popular in our daily lives, the purpose of advertising is easily fulfilled if we give such flash drives to customers. Another factor would be the drop in the cost propels companies in demanding more of them.

Promotional flash drives are perfect means to advertise your logo and increase customer awareness of your trademarks. People are thrilled to receive such kind of gifts, whenever they use the flash drives, they are reminded of your company and with the pre-loaded locked data about your company in there, they can understand your company better, thus increasing the business opportunities.

The guide for choosing promotional flash drives

Flash drives are easy to use, portable, can be manufactured in many shapes and forms. It is increasingly becoming must have computer accessory and people carry them wherever needed to use the stored data. When we choose promotional flash drives, there are certain things to consider:

1. choose the right style: the materials, color, size are the first things to consider. There are many different designs out there and choose one that is most appropriate to show your company logo and culture. The size doesn’t necessarily have to be small for branding reason. You can contact your supplier about the style and ask them to send a sample before deciding to produce in bulk.
2. choose the right capacity: you should know that the bigger capacity costs more money. So choose the right capacity based on your budget but don’t just choose the ones with lease capacity. In order to have space for your company documents and enough for your customers use, you should consider which one is the right choice for you.
3. choose the right logo: if your company logo is too complex for a small space, you should look for the alternative one to make sure the logo is clearly visible on the flash drive.
4. choose the right price: the cheapest isn’t always the right option. The flash drives tend to make a good impression on your customers, so while considering the cost, you should also think about the best price.
5. be sure to meet the deadline: the suppliers can produce flash drives on a rush basis, but the cost could be higher, because they outsource the manufacturing to people in developing countries, think about the deadline and order as early as possible.
6. choose right printing option: the company logo can be engraved and embossed or painted, make sure that you choose the right option while thinking about the cost.

Where to buy promotional flash drives

Promotional flash drives are easy to find on the internet and order online. Pick the right merchandize with good reputation and as many styles as they can offer. Usually I will turn for ebay and amazon for a popular style and decide which one to choose. Then I’ll order sample to see if it fits my need, and then I’ll order in bulks.


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