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Pros And Cons Of Retina MacBook Pro

Updated on June 21, 2013


If you are an expert or a professional, you do not need to be more convinced on why the MacBook Pro is an amazing machine. But if you have a limited amount of income and you are a consumer, you would want to learn as much about it as you can before investing money in it. Where the line of MacBook Pro is marketed toward the professionals and other graphic designers, Retina MacBook Pro also has several advantages over the thinner MacBook Air and smaller MacBook Pro for the consumers. Let’s study a few pros and cons of the all new Retina MacBook Pro.

Pros Of Retina MacBook Pro

  • Battery life

Working unplugged is not at a problem with the new Retina Macbook Pro. According to Apple’s estimation, you can experience a 7 hour of battery time under normal use.

  • Power of processor

Retina MacBook Pro laptops are powerful machines with amazing Mac memory. The i7 Intel quad-core processor allows it to run smoothly. Very few freezes or ‘beach balls’ are experienced while using it. Coupled with solid state drive, this laptop responds very quickly to all the commands. Also, the irritating and annoying sound of fan while having number of tabs opened or watching videos is no longer a problem.

  • Thinner body

Retina MacBook Pro laptops are quarter-inch thinner as compared to the regular MacBook Pro laptops of 15-inch. The Apple Company has managed to still cram a number of useful hardware in this small frame. The thinner body makes this machine very easy to transport and much easier to lift while moving around.

  • HDMI out

Retina MacBook Pro supports the HDMI out, making it the first notebook by Apple that supports it. HDMI port makes the process of connecting the laptop to monitors or a TV very easy.

  • The retina display

It is the display that almost everyone has been talking about and for a good reason; the display looks amazing. Retina display is easier to read, more detailed and much sharper than any other display. It is amazing to even imagine how Apple packed around 5 million amazing pixels into such a small screen of 15.4 inch. The screen has the pixel resolution of 2880x1800, which means that it has more pixels than a regular HDTV.

Slimmest body of Apple Retina MacBook Pro

Cons Of Retina MacBook Pro

  • Heating problem of Retina MacBook Pro

While using the Retina MacBook pro, the bottom gets hot even under normal conditions. Multitasking makes this heating problem even worse. This does not mean that anything gets burned inside but the machine gets annoyingly hot. The same is the problem with charger; the brick gets really warm as well if it is plugged in and charging the laptop. This problem may not bother most of the people but if a dog or child is near the laptop and come in contact either with the laptop or the charger, it may be hurtful and the user should exercise caution.

  • Thunderbolt is not useful

Apple introduced the Thunderbolt implementation in the February 2011. It has been more than a year but with most of the customers, Thunderbolt has not really taken off. Few manufacturers have started to make the Thunderbolt peripherals too. It would be nice if Apple include an extra 3.0 USB port with its efficient Mac pro memory instead of 2 Thunderbolt ports.

  • Not enough third party applications that support Retina display yet

There are not many applications that support Retina display but this is just a temporary problem.

  • Using a different charger

Apple has introduced Magsafe 2 chargers with Retina MacBook Pro laptops. The revamped chargers have aluminum tips, but ports do not support the previous MacBook chargers. It becomes a problem especially if the user has multiple chargers.

Heating issues


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