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Pros and Cons of Using Technology In Daily Life

Updated on March 21, 2014


New gadgets, mobile devices and sleek portable laptops and desktops continue to become more of a significant part of daily living. Even automobiles are fully equipped with computerized engines and features. It's becoming harder to live and to move forward without using some kind of computer gadget or tablet each day.

The most obvious of computerized gadgets may not be so obvious. People are surrounded and use computerized appliances every day. Kitchen and bath appliances, Smart TVs and even furniture are computerized.

The Cons of Computerized Equipment

There are endless benefits to modern computerized technology but I will speak about the Cons first.

There are a couple of Cons that come to mind and the first con I'll speak about is fixing something yourself or temporarily fix it until you have the time to bring the broken equipment in or be home for a service person to come and fix it. In the past I've replaced bulbs in TV sets, I've opened and disassembled a stereo/portable radio box to fix it, I've fixed vacuum cleaners and temporarily fixed pipes/hoses until it got fixed by a service person. My life did not stop because something went haywire because most of the time I was able to fix it myself or made do until it got properly fixed. I've even had family members help me fix my car until I could bring it in to be serviced properly and the car got me from point A to point B.

I would never think about opening up a Smart Phone, Smart TV, iPad, iPod, tablets, digital camera and I would probably hesitate to try and fix a computerized vacuum cleaner or refrigerator because I feel it would lead me to a computerized board filled with chips. I may understand what I'm looking at but I hold no skill to actually fix what I'd be looking at.

The second Con that comes to mind is learning how to use computerized gadgets, appliances, mobile devices and desktop/laptop computers. It is useless to own a piece of equipment if you don't know how to use it. Learning how to use new technology is a huge challenge to many people. It can be intimidating, time consuming and can become very frustrating.

At the start of 2013 I set a goal for myself to learn how to confidently use all the computerized gadgets, tablets and computers I own. I own about $7000.00 worth of computerized equipment that I did not use because I did not know how to use them so I buckled down and learned. Now I use all the gadgets, tablets and computers every day. Because I now know how to use the computerized equipment I've added hours of extra time to my day, I'm more productive and I spend a lot less time in driving my car. Technology has helped me live a more balanced life and I caught up to the 21ST Century way of living.

Do you attempt to fix computerized equipment?

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I Now Embrace Technology

The Benefits To Computerized Equipment

After learning how to use computerized technology the list of Pros outweighs the Cons. The thought of living without computerized technology makes doing daily tasks daunting tasks.

1) The first Pro I appreciate very much is that I pay my bills online. I like sitting in front of my desktop computer to pay all my bills in about ten minutes time. No checks to write, no stamps to buy, more time to pay bills and I never question if the bill was paid on time because of immediate confirmation number supplied.

2) Banking made easy. In 2013 Citibank made the transition of banking without deposit and withdrawal slips. At first I freaked out by the change but once I got use to banking without deposit and withdrawal slips banking is a lot easier and a lot less time consuming. When I get paid my paycheck is sent to my bank account by direct deposit. If I receive a check from other sources I can take a picture of it and the check gets deposited to my checking account. Again, no need to sign the check nor go physically cash it. Computerized technology at its best.

3) Working and doing business online. I use to go to the local card store and pay $2.00 to have important paperwork faxed but now if I need to fax paper work I scan the paperwork using my printer and email the paperwork as an attachment. This is a task I do all the time and it is a huge convenience and saves me time and money. I also submit work related information after I complete an assignment at the company portal website. After I do a job I sign into the company website, submit the job information and confirm. I use to drop off large envelopes at the post office weekly but I don't need to do that anymore. Many times I submit the data using my iPad when on the go.

4) I now shop online and just a few years ago I never saw myself shopping online. I love it. The two platforms I shop at most are SavingStar and Amazon. Christmas time 2013 I bought most of my Christmas gifts online. I received free shipping, additional 20% off on most items and got cash-back shopping through my SavingStar account. I saved time, energy and gas money. Because of my positive experience with Christmas shopping online, I see myself shopping online much more often.

5) Research. Any time I have a question I don't know the answer to I do either a Google or Bing search, start reading and within an hour most of the time I got my answer. I've made many changes in the past few years and using the Internet to research has helped me make decisions faster and making decisions faster helped me move forward faster. In my opinion the Internet is similar to having a personal assistant.

6) Video chat with family and friends who live far away. Of course chatting on the phone helps keep you closer to loved ones but video chat helps keep you even closer. FaceTime on iPhones, iPods and iPads, Google + Hangouts and Skype all work great to talk to someone face-to-face.

7) Social Media help people stay close with far away family and friends too. Reading posts, sharing and viewing pictures and touching base by commenting help people stay connected. Social Media platforms are very resourceful with posting news stories. If I miss watching the local news all I have to do is browse Facebook, Twitter or Google + and I'm in the know. Most of the time I browse Social Media platforms on my iPad in bed and that is when I usually catch up with today's news.

8) Using a GPS (Global Positioning System) to help me get from point A to point B without getting lost. I still use a GPS gadget I got as a Christmas gift in 2009 and it still works great. Another amazing computerized gadget that helps me save time and energy.

9) Pictures, pictures and pictures. I love uploading pictures to my Social Media accounts because when I get the chance I can either get them processed at the local CVS or Walgreens store or I can print the pictures out myself. Taking pictures using my iPod and iPad then uploading them directly to the web is another time saver.

10) Instead of clipping coupons from the newspaper I print out Internet coupons and use eCoupons to save money each time I grocery shop. Internet coupons and eCoupons are the future of couponing. Another way to save using coupons is to open up coupons on your Smart phone or mobile device and when you get to the register the cashier swipes the coupon code. For example when I shop at Macy's I open the email with the Macy's coupon in it on my mobile device and when I reach the register the cashier swipes the Macy coupon code and I save. Visit for free to print Internet coupons and eCoupons.

Has Computerized Electronics Enhanced Your Life?

The list above describes how computerized electronics has enhanced my life. At first I turned a blind eye when new technology hit the market but then finally realized I needed to update myself to the 21st Century. If I did not take action to learn how to use gadgets, smart phones and mobile devices like the iPad, I knew I would pay a dear price for keeping myself behind with the times. I finally adjusted and now would be lost without the help of modern devices.

If there is something that you could add to the list, what would it be? Please post it in the comment section.


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    • travmaj profile image

      travmaj 3 years ago from australia

      What a well documented hub with such inspiring ideas. Technologically I'm not exactly on the planet. I'll be re reading and taking on some of your great ideas. Thank you.

    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 3 years ago from Long Island, NY

      I am very much like you in that I like to fix things when they break. But I agree with you that the latest technological items we have today are not built for the end-user to be able to fix. I dread the day when my iPad battery no longer holds a charge. I know I will not be able to open up my iPad and replace the battery myself.

      As for the good things, I started paying bills without sending checks through the mail long before the Internet. My bank had a service back in the early '80s where I could call in with a touchtone phone and pay my bills.

      One of the things I love about technology today is that I converted all my accounts to paperless. So I no longer worry about statements being stolen from the mail. Many people don't realize that more identity was stolen from old-fashioned mail being thrown out with the garbage, than through online services. And with a good education and understanding of how to avoid computer viruses, online banking is extremely safe.

      As for the other things you mentioned, I don't know how I ever survived before I had my cell phone and my GPS.