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Protect your wireless network from unknow use

Updated on October 20, 2010

Wireless network security

The grounds we secure a wireless network is to stop people from utilizing the serves of our network who don't have license to use them. It is difficult to stop up a wireless network from hackers as equated to a cabled network. This is due to the fact that a wireless network can be accessed anyplace inside the reach of its aerial.

In order to procure a wireless network from cyber terrorists, we should take on proper steps to preserve ourselves against security matters. If you don't stop up a wireless network from hackers, you might end up without its servicing. The outcome might also let in the utilization of our network to set on further networks. To secure a wireless network from hackers, you should abide by these simple steps given below: 

1. Strategic antenna positioning :

The first you have to do is to set the access spot's antenna in a place which limits the reach of its signal to go further than the compulsory area. You should not put the antenna close to a wall and window.

2. Wireless Encryption protocol:

WEP stands for Wireless encryption protocol. It's a accustomed way for coding traffic on a wireless network. You should never jump it as that will let hackers to acquire instantaneous approach to the traffic over a wireless network.

3. Alteration of SSID or disable the broadcast of SSID :

SSID stands for service set identifier. It is the acknowledgement thread used by the wireless access point due to which the clients are able of beginning connections. For every wireless access point set up, select an single as well as unique SSID. Also, if it's attainable, hold back the broadcast of the SSID out over the transmitting aerial. It won t look in the list of provided networks, while being able to supply services as usual.

4. Disable DHCP :

By making this, the cyberpunks will have to decrypt the TRANSMISSION CONTROL PROTOCOL IP parameters, subnet mask as well as the IP address in order to hack your wireless network.

5. Disable or alter SNMP settings :

lteration of  secret as well as public community set.


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